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We are leaders in providing efficient and robust B2B and B2E IT Projects. Our work includes one of the top websites and web apps for the top brands of the world. We are not finished here we also develop projects for start-ups and medium level enterprises. It is just the tip of the ice berg which we offer here through our rigorous and adaptive integrated approach. Great things are achieved by dedicated feats done persistently towards the attainment of a goal.


Below are some of the steps taken by us for the development process

Planning your Idea - Some of the top brands show a keen interest in working with us as a business partner. Our expert strategist starts the work when everyone in the team reaches an agreement on the idea so that the whole team can work efficiently and immerse themselves into the attainment of the project.

Stages involved –

  • Contact
  • Conceptualizing the Idea
  • Research and planning of every aspect
  • Estimations and requirement
  • Project Contract

Prototyping & Analysis - Once the project is approved, we advance to the next logical step which pre-engineering process. This is where we design the base level of any given project, apart from it comprehensive analysis; the strategies are decided here which we have to adapt during the project. All the technical analysis, technical consultation and resource management plans with full specification are submitted for the project. This way, we can get the right idea by the use of prototyping and can get you the right structures for your business platform.

  • Internal analysis
  • Prototype
  • Creating Wireframe/ Storyboards
  • Resource planning
  • Choosing right development platforms and structures
  • Scope Sign Off

Design, user interface and user experience - Design is one of the essentials and it’s really important for the aesthetics and it gives user understandability. We assure that the projects made by us give you the most soothing digital experience and will easily integrate with all the other software’s you use. We try to make our user satisfied by providing something intriguing, intuitive, addictive and friendly experiences.

  • Demographics and various cases
  • Latest UI design features
  • Relevant user interface designs
  • Intriguing design with vivid colours
  • UX personalization
  • UX Metric Evaluation
  • Visual ready designs

Implementation & development - Advanced project management is done by using tools like GitLab and Hub staff that are essential part of the development process. We at Synarion IT Solutions try out best efforts to provide you the impossible and make dreams come true. We constantly update and optimize so you can get the best experience.

  • Release Planning
  • Coding with Stipulated Time Frame
  • Backend Development
  • Constant Updates
  • Optimized codes

Beta Testing and Quality Analysis - We take everything seriously, nothing goes without testing to do this we have a dedicated team for rigorous testing. We try to put everything in action by providing you the product to the beta testing as a test run. Each module of the product is distinctly tested for bugs by introducing multiple testing conditions and phases under different environment to provide you the best result.

  • Automated tests
  • Exterminating bugs
  • Real time testing
  • Feedback
  • Adjustment
  • Premier Quality

Deployment & Final Launch - We aim to provide you with nothing less than the masterpiece! This is what you can expect from us. After the completion of all the testing and going under various phase of quality assurance, experts deploy the final product on various app stores and internet. To see that the product is working all fine with normal standards of the internet and online stores.

  • Running on Live environment
  • Integrity assured
  • Post-deployment maintenance & support
  • Perfect Working Product

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