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Maid Service App Development

By offering, maid cleaning service app turns the domestic service search easier and faster for the users. Opt for maid service app development as in this we offer robust, powerful, and one-click searchable on-demand home services app for our customers. Our home services website and app are based on readymade and on customization.

Features of Housekeeping Software

Leading Maid Service Software Development Company

While everyone is so busy in this modern world that people don't have time for their daily chores. To save time, they prefer a maid, but to find a maid in the urban area next to find a god. Those days are gone when people have to stand on the road and look for the maid services. To search maid easier and faster and to save time Synarion IT Solutions, the leading Maid Service Software Development Company offeringhousekeeping software for the users.

With the motive, to enhance the domestic services, we offer maid services system to our customers which includes maid service website and mobile app. Our maid service app developers put their high efforts to bring maid service website and mobile app as per our customer's requirements. We offer readymade and customized maid service system including a handy app clone which helps to generate the higher revenue by domestic services.

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Our House Cleaning Services

The best reasons to opt us for the House Cleaning Software
Child Care Service

We offer personal maid service to our users, as babysitting service is in huge demand.

Cooking Services

To search a well-trained chef or cook is not that much easy nowadays, it took hard efforts but now with online service app you can find the best cooks who are expert in their respective cuisines.

Elderly Care

Elderly care opens the opportunity for employment as now every family is searching for the maid who can care for the elders. A maid is essential for elders to fulfill their basic requirements.

Baby Massage

Offer baby massage service to your customers as baby massager is in huge demand. So with your customized maid service app turn the service easier and faster for your users.

Patient care

With maid service system makes the personal assistants search easier for the hospitals and people. Now make the search easier for the on-demand nurse service for the people.

Pet Care

Now, open doors for the pet care experts, people want to give extra care to their pets and now it has been seen that they are searching for the pet care experts.

House Cleaning

Maid service provider is the new demand of the customers, as life is hustle bustle, so they look working maid for 24 hours. They help in residential work.

Laundry Service

Laundry on-demand app is already on hype, at each step people are looking for the laundry service. So to fulfill their demands offer them laundry service or on demand maid for washing clothes.

For enrich feature Home service provider app development service

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Modes of Maid Service System

  • Fixed Price

    The hiring held on maid service website by knowing the requirements of the services and after knowing the requirements as per the market, admin offers the quote and that is final price. It saves time and bring transparency to the system.

  • Dedicated

    This mode is suitable for the large enterprises, in this mode you can hire the person and he can dedicatedly offer his service including AC repair, carpenter, etc to you for a particular period of time.

  • Hourly Basis

    The home services websites offers the service on hourly basis also, you can hire the service provider for the particular hours.

  • Different Panel working process

    of on Demand Service Software

    Register/ Login

    User has to sign up with essential details including name address email Id etc, after that the username and password will be generated via that they can sign in to the service provider app.

    Select Service

    After signing in user have to select the service which they are looking for including cook, home maid, Elderly Care, patient care, house cleaning, laundry, etc.

    Push Notification

    User gets the push notification feature as service provider app development has been designed in such a way that the alert and reminder can be sent to the customers, so they can’t miss the best opportunity.

    Cancel Service Booking

    Users have full authority to cancel the service booking as per their preference.

    Promotional Offers

    With On- Demand Service Software users can get the promotional offers as per their deals and usage, they can be rewarded and deal with the best offers and discounts in the market.

    View Bookings

    With On Demand home service app, users can view the booking which they have a book and can get the schedule their day as per it even they edit and delete it. They have full authority.

    Secured Payment

    The transaction on the on-demand maid service app is fully secured and can be held by any transaction mode.


    Users can contact at any time and from anywhere for any query, the team is always there to help the users out.

  • Different Panel working process

    of on Demand Service Software

    User Registration

    To offer service and reach maximum number of people, cleaner has to registration on the local service provider app with their essential details, which includes name and address.

    Manage Order Request

    Housekeeping software enable you to manage the order request from different users and user can schedule the appointments as per their preference.

    View Review & Ratings

    User can review the ratings on the on demand home service app to preview their performance.

    Booking Notifications

    Home service app development allows the feature to book view the booking of the customers via push notification feature.

    Profile Management

    The user can manage profile as per their management and the details which you want to show or hide in the service provider hand.

    Payment Receipt

    Maid service app developers build the secure platform as they can receive the payment receipt also, which ensure the security feature.

    Rewards and Earning

    On Demand Service software offers you an opportunity to earn rewards and earnings on the particular deals.

  • Different Panel working process

    of on Demand Service Software

    Manage Schedule Online

    Admin panel enable to manage appointments online.

    Dashboard & Statistics

    The handy app clone can manage the statistics and dashboard management.

    Manage Servicing and Prices

    On Demand Service Provider App offers admin the responsibility to manage the services and prices.

    Manage Users

    Maid service system helps to manage the users which are seeking for the services.

    Accept/Reject User Request

    Service provider app offers full authority to accept and reject the user request as per the availability and situation.

    Transaction Details

    Service providing apps development has been designed in such a way that the whole transaction details can be preview by the user. Sending/ Receiving is manage by the admin panel.


    On Maid Service Software the review and rating is manageable by the admin to deliver the right information.

Why Choose Synarion IT Solutions for the Service Provider Development?

Readymade Solution

To save time and money both, we offer readymade service provider app to customers. It is based on the essential features , and you only have to opt it and run it with source code. It is a handy clone.

Customised Solution

We offer service provider website as per our customer requirements, our app developers have an ability to develop the app as per scratch.


To support our customers, we offer 24*7 service via chat and call. Our executives are always there to help you out for 24*7 hours.

Confidential Details

Details are fully confidential on the service provider app, in any case we won’t leak the details to the customers.