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Today in the sphere of automation and technology there is an intense development that is with the intention of offering the highly secured and accelerated Software Development Service for you. We are set to serve you expeditious with soaring accuracy.

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Synarion It Solutions is a pinnacle and competent Software Development Company in India with its remarks and is with highly skilled and efficient staff who understands their professionalism well. It is with many Software Development Solutions that can reshape your business with its apex services. We are involved in making software for your business like –

  • Hotel Management Software
  • School Management Software
  • HRM Software, Online Recruitment Software
  • Shipping Management Software

All these segments makes us a classy choice for our clients. 

Software Development – Commencement

Today, there is immense growth in technology. Everyone among the crowd is seeking new and advanced technology and Synarion IT Solutions is successful in the area of Software Development to meet your needs and is found to be the best Software Development Company in India.

Now, the question arises that what exactly Software Development is?

Software development provides a series of steps to programmers to create computer programs by allowing creating, designing, deploying, and supportive software in the process. The process, also known as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), includes several phases that provide a method for building products that meet technical specifications and user requirements.

This process makes up the phases in the software development life cycle and results in a Quality Software Product by maintaining and creating applications and frameworks.

The software itself is the set of instructions or programs that tell a computer what to do. It is independent of hardware and makes computers programmable. There are three basic types:

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    System software

    System software provides core functions such as operating systems, disk management, utilities, hardware management, and other operational necessities.

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    Programming software

    Programming software gives programmers tools such as text editors, compilers, linkers, debuggers, and other tools to create code.

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    Application software

    Application software helps users to perform tasks like Office productivity suites, data management software, media players, and security programs do.

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    Embedded systems software

    Embedded systems software is used to control machines and devices. The devices, and their software, can be connected as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Software Development Process

A common question is, “what are the steps in software development?” The precise steps will vary according to which of the development models have been adopted by the organization, but the outcome from any generic development plan will be the same for every software development process.  Every model and approach will include the same high-level activities in their development process model which makes us as the catchy Software Designing Company in India are:

  • Requirements analysis and specification
  • Design, Development, and Implementation
  • Validation and Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support
  • Evolution

Every organization that develops software should have a development roadmap or plan that sets out all of the development steps that need to be carried out. That’s true whether you are using a traditional ‘waterfall’ software development workflow, or an agile software development process. 

Our Software Development Methodologies

With the change in time, there are many different software development methodologies, with many forms of both traditional waterfall development and agile development. All these methodologies reflects us as the best Software Designing Company in India.

The waterfall model of development, sometimes known as V model development, was formerly the most common development strategy. In this software development framework, seven stages are followed in order:


Capture requirements


Perform analysis


Design the solution


Code the software


Test for bugs


Put into operation

Today, all the top development methodologies are based on agile principles and methods. Any agile software development methodology follows lean development principles that are designed to maximize efficiency and throughput and eliminate waste and this highlights us the the first class choice in the crowd of Software Developers in India. Agile software development models provide more flexibility where code can be deployed at any time, not just in regular increments.

A less common model is the spiral model of development, using a risk-based approach to guide the team to select the most appropriate software development models for a particular project.

Some Software Development methodologies are:


Waterfall Model


Agile Model


Incremental Model


RAD Model


Iterative Model


Spiral Model

Our Services

Our Software Development Services

Using software development to differentiate brands and gain competitive advantage requires proficiency with the techniques and technologies that can accelerate software deployment, quality, and efficacy. And Synarion IT Solutions is the tempting pick for any Software Development be it with general software for organizations or any customized solutions.

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Hotel Management Software

With the latest tech technology, we deliver powerful hotel management software to our customers. Our Online Hotel Reservation System uplifts the hospitality industry towards success and in the improvisation of the service. We at Synarion IT Solutions are offering you the best Software Development Solution, which manages all hospitality operation requirements on one platform. 

School Management Software

Synarion IT is among one of the leading School Management Software Development Companies, we help our customers to integrate the Online School Management Software easily to enhance the education system. Our school information management system service turns your school into modern, advanced, and fulfills all the requirements of the modern education world.

HRM Software Development

Today, Human Resource Management software has become an essential asset for any company with many employees. Our HRM Software Development is primarily used to automate several different things, based on what the client wants. We offer the best human resource management software that simplifies the organization's tasks and offers complete value for money.

Online Recruitment Software

With Synarion IT Solutions helps people to find their dream jobs without any effort. Our proficient team helps you to deliver a one-click search jobs portal development service. Our online recruitment software helps companies and recruitment agencies to find the right candidate as per the skills required for the job profile. We deliver the best recruitment software for agencies .

Sales Force Development

On this platform, you can handle all the working securely of your company. This platform offers you the solution which can be login from any corner of the world by the login ID and password and for the particular department, it is designed in such a way that it gets changed according to their profile. This platform can handle the whole organization working as well the data get a record and save on it as it has its server.

Shipping Management Software

Evaluate your shipping business with advanced Shipping Management Software. Our motive is to solve business challenges with our multi-feature shipping management system software, inclusive of modern and advanced features which include real-time tracking, integration of GPS locator, and many more. 

Technologies we work for our Software Development

In the development process technologies play a very major role and we are with the best Software Developers in India those works on the:-

  • Frameworks:like Zend
  • Design tools:Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator.
  • E-Commerce:OpenCart, Xcart,Magento.
  • Open source:Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress.
  • Database:MYSQL, Oracle, MSSQL.
  • Programming:AJAX, ASP.NET, PHP

These are some common types of technologies that are used in the development process of our software.


Why choose us?

Flashes of brilliance for choosing Synarion IT Solutions as a Software Development approach. At present time everyone is meant for the best. There are many options which are to be provided with many of the new and contemporary changes. To bring their choice the best among all Synarion IT Solutions is with many of the upcoming and adaptive changes. The company is with many of the digitalized solutions which are on your way and bringing you the best outcome for all your demands. Over the years, we have delivered solutions to our clients. There are many reasons why our clients choose us for our superiority and adroitness.

Our Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations, and our Custom Software Development Solutions aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements.

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    CRM Development and customization

    Customer Relationship Management Software is used for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. In the same way, our CRM customization designates a process of adding new or altering existing CRM features to make it a better fit for the needs of each particular business.

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    CMS Development and software consulting

    The Content Management System has also gained popularity as it is an application that is used to manage content, allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish. Content in a CMS is typically stored in a database and displayed in a presentation layer based on a set of templates like a website. In the same way, our the software consulting process has the basic steps, regardless of the business type or the company’s current software situation that understands your business needs well.

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    Database Management & Solutions

    Data management is the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively and the goal of Data Management Solutions at Synarion IT Solutions, is to help people, organizations, and connected things optimize the use of data within the bounds of policy and regulation so that you can make decisions and take actions that maximize the benefit to your organization.

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    Business intelligence Application Development

    Business Intelligence Applications are the software interfaces that end-users interact with to analyze data. Synarion It Solutions is the best Software Development Company, with its novel and technical section that explores the issues and techniques surrounding the creation of BI Application Development with a wide range of activities for statistical analysis, Data mining, querying and reporting, and business performance analysis.