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Health is an essential factor, and it should not be compromised in any circumstances. In this hectic schedule, to focus on health is really difficult, and in this contemporary era no one has time to stand in the long queue and to visit to doctors. To save time our developers have brought the enrich featured and high functional Online Doctor Appointment App for the Android and IoS.

Synarion IT Solutions is known as the leading Doctor Appointment Software Development Company. Our certified developers offers you the robust and responsive medical appointment app for the patients and doctors. We have a melange of professional and dedicated team, who put their full efforts to deliver the painless experience app to patients, doctors and medical team.


Features of Our
Doctor Appointment Booking App

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  • Push Notification

    By the push notification, user can get the alert and updation of the Online Scheduling App including discounts, offers, deals and reminders etc.

  • Online Transactions

    Users can pay the fees online to the doctors via different payment modes, we have interlinked the different payment modes with API such as Paytm, MobikWik, Google Play etc.

  • Analytics

    On our Online Appointment Mobile App, user can preview the analytics and know the number of user on the platform and view their activities.

  • Live Chat

    Users can have a live chat with the doctors, as always video is not possible. For minor doubts they can have a interaction on chat.

  • Video Calling

    Our doctor Appointment App developers has integrated the video calling feature in the app, so patient and doctor have a discussion face to face.

  • 24*7 Hours Available

    Users can contact at anytime and from anywhere, bookings are available on doctor appointment booking system for 24*7 hours.

Key Benefits of an
Online Doctor Appointment Software

Need Help with
Doctor Appointment App Development?

Working of
Doctor Appointment Mobile App Panel

  • Easy Registration

    Patient can easily register on the panel patient scheduling system with the essential and basic details including name, Email ID, and contact number.

  • Easy Doctor Search

    User can search for the doctors easily with only one single click, they search the nearby doctors or with the name of doctor or hospital.

  • Book Doctor Appointment

    It is easy to book the appointment directly with the doctor, with the suitable timing medical system scheduling can book the appointment with doctor easily.

  • Online Consultation with Doctor

    The medical app offer you an opportunity to have a online consultation for the health, it is not important to visit to the doctor clinic.

  • Live Chat

    With the medical app Android and iPhone, patients can have a live chat on with the doctors and discuss their issues and take advice on chat.

  • Live video

    Same as live chat, patients can have a video call with the doctors via medical app and have face to face conversation.

  • Patient Request

    As soon as patient search for the doctor and select the doctor, they get the notification request of the patient.

  • Accept/ Reject Appointment

    After getting the request on the online medical mobile app, doctors choice to accept or reject the appointment.

  • View Patient Details

    On the hospital appointment app, user can view an in depth patient details which includes, name, medical history, treatment etc.

  • Edit their Schedule

    Doctors have full authority to the edit the schedule details of the patients as per their suitable routine.

  • Live Chat

    On the medical app, doctors can have the live chat with patients and suggest them the best treatment.

  • Live Video Call

    On Doctors finder app, doctors can have a live video call with the patient can view the wound as well as of patient, It bring clarity and improve the communication part.

  • Patient Management

    Admin handles the patient’s profile which includes name, treatment history and all the records of patients on the doctors finder app.

  • Doctor Management

    The doctor details including name, license, treatment, and all medical aspects details of a doctor is managed by the admin on the Doctors appointment app.

  • Report Management

    Report is managed by the admin, the report system of patients is managed by the admin.

  • Booking App Management

    The booking management is held on the online doctor app is managed by the admin panel. Process of informing doctor then again to confirm the doctors booking is manageable by the admin.

In spite of this there are other reasons

  • 24*7 Support

    We provide support for 24 hours. Our customers can contact us at any time and from anywhere. Our team is always there to sort out the queries even at the midnight. Customers are free to contact us at any time, without any hurdle.

  • Experience team

    Synarion IT, has a perfect blend of well-versed team. Our developers and designers both have a enrich experience in their respective fields. Our team has worked in the different domains and on various projects.

  • Dedicated Team

    We have a dedicated team from all around the world, our team motive is to bring the enrich and high functional medical web and app for the patients and doctor. Our expertise team put their high efforts to bring the doctor solution as per the customer and market demand.

  • On time Delivery

    Our medical office scheduling development team believes in delivering the project on timeline. Basically our motto is to deliver the project before the deadline.

Why Choose us
as a Doctor Finder App?

There are various reasons to choose us as a Dr Booking App Android and iphone but the major reason is we offer readymade doctor appointment app to our customers. Our readymade solution has all the features that a basic medical appointment app should have.

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