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It’s time to hire the best talented staff in a smarter way with our HRM Software

Today, Human Resource Management software has become an essential asset for any company with many employees. A tool that slowly becomes paramount importance as your enterprise grows, HRMS should always be developed by a reliable custom software development company, like Synarion IT Solutions. Our HRM software is primarily used to automate several different things, based on what the client wants. No matter, what your organization requirements? We offer best human resource management software that simplifies the organization tasks and offers complete value for money.

HRM Software Development

Custom HR Management Software Development

Synarion IT Solution’s custom HRMS takes on responsibilities like recruiting new employees, managing trainees, and assigning them to a mentor for their training. Our highly rated custom HRM Software takes in performance reviews of every employee every month to create an easy-to-read comprehensive performing tracking database. Employers can use this to look up their best employees quickly & it comes with many other benefits.

Experienced HRM

If you hire reputed and experienced HRM software development company for your Human Resource Management software, you will also get a Centralized Document Management system. These systems track invoices, bills, pay-slips, cheques and even calculate different taxes you have to pay every month.

Responsibilities HRM

If you're looking for a company to develop the best HRM Software for you, you won't find a better choice than Synarion IT Solutions. One of the most reputable companies in the field, we only develop the best custom Human Resource Management Software and ERP Software for our clients.

Enhance Scalability with HRM Software

If you’re looking for extraordinary HRM Solution for your organization, get in touch with us!

Access Anytime

Access HRM Software anytime from anywhere and take the advantage of intuitive and flexible mobile interface that will enable HR department, managers and consultancies to connect in a best way possible.

Real Time Reporting

Our HRM Software is known for its advanced real time reporting system which makes it a right choice for every organization. It provides the proper insights to facilitate corrective actions and organize HR Strategies.

Easy & Hassle- Free Management

Analyze easily and accurately all paramount HR functions and streamlined processes with our Human Resource Pay Roll Management Software. Our customized HR Solution track employee time, attendance and many more features.

Benefits of Having Synarion IT Solutions Custom HRMs

When you ask any custom HRMS developer, the needs and wants of clients are always different. While client A might need an expanded payroll management section, company B might be small and instead prefer invoice management and recruiting sections to highlight their software. Regardless of your preference, however, there are a few intrinsic benefits to having Synarion IT Solutions develop your HRMS that you always get, like:

Digitize Employee Database and Records

HRM Software custom developed by Synarion always comes with an easy system to digitize your company's employee database. Through this, you can look up somebody's performance reviews, pay-slips for a long time in a single go.

Give Employees More Convenience with an Employee Self Help Portal

HRM Software isn't just for business owners. We at Synarion IT Solutions develop HRM Software with an optional Employee Self-Help portal. Employees can use this to update their records

Payroll and Invoice Management

If you're a large company, it's a hassle beyond belief to process payments, invoices, taxes, and employee payments manually. Instead, it's a good idea to get the help of a custom HRM software from us that can automate these tasks, leaving you free to focus on more critical studies.

It's not about the benefits that HRM software gives you, but rather about whether you need one to maximize the efficiency of your operations. At Synarion IT Solutions, we don't just push out software that's the same for every customer. We tailor the product to our client's needs, and if you need a particular feature, we'll incorporate it into your custom HRM software at very affordable prices. We commit to ensuring that you're happy with the product you're paying for.

Synarion IT Solution's

HR Management Software

Synarion can build capable HR management IT solutions to aid the employee hiring process. This software includes features for background checks, tax verifications, drug screenings, and document verification.

  • 01

    Mobile recruitment & hiring application

    We can develop responsive and customization-friendly applications with e-signature features. Using these applications, HRs will easily hire employees directly by checking qualifications and contacting back on their phones. It is a significant step up from mail, as many applicants do not provide their most active ID.

  • 02

    Simplified onboarding and off-boarding

    Our onboarding and off-boarding application allow you to manage drug screenings and background checks on every employee. While the functional off-boarding software restricts sensitive data access to ex-employees.

  • 03

    Application tracking system (ATS)

    Application tracking information for specific candidates can be practical for HRs. You do not always find exceptional candidates, but sometimes they do not rightly fit in the post you want them for. But it is always respectable to keep them on your list if you need them in the future.

  • 04

    Human Resource management application for mobile and desktop platforms

    You can acquire a single system that combines the entirety of your HR operations. We will deliver custom software solutions that fit your HR management depending on the latest .Net platforms. We can implement a wide variety of related processes like-

    Leave and attendance management
    Employee administration
    Payroll management software
    Analysis streamlining and reporting software
    Expense management features for better inventory management.
  • 05

    Recruitment software that combines functional management

    You can increase your efficiency and automate the workflow to be productive. Depending on your needs, we will deliver a solution for recruitment to seekers, employers, and recruiters alike. Some must-have features of this application are-

    Recruitment simplification modules
    Interactive and responsive user interface
    Advanced reporting feature for streamlining applicants.
    Secure data access features with military-grade encryption.
    Seamless integration with numerous online job portals.
  • 06

    HRM solutions for seamless integration

    You can get one step ahead with a front-end solution that streamlines all functions of HR management. In addition, back-end integration with third-party and internal technology such as CRM, accounting, and more. You can achieve better business requirements with an accepting HRM system that integrates with-

    Social media platforms
    Bespoke MIS and ERPs
    The payroll of employees and accounting
    Management of complex but standard document formats
    Biometric sensing devices
  • 07

    Making legacy applications look modern

    You can re-define your pre-existing system to meet the ever-evolving needs of technology and time. You can build more substantial experiences with an employee but making your recruiting process more modern. For retention of employees and management of performance, you have to pay attention to these aspects:

    Sustainable technology application and management
    Embracing employee mobility
    Focusing on better experience with the employee
    Changing the recruitment strategy according to the situation
    And reduce the cost of operation to receive better value.