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School Management Software

In the contemporary era, now the world has become advanced, smart, and modern. Even the way of education has been changed and shifted from the traditional to the digitalisation. Those days have been changed when teachers use to take the attendance in the registers with red and blue pen.

Earlier faculty use to manage the indepth records of the schools, but now the era has been changed and only with one click schools can manage the education management process in a easy and effective way. Online School Management Software is boon to the schools and make the working process flow easier, faster, and manageable. School Management System developers design the software in such a way that it use to organise, manage and bring the systematic process for the school management with the implementation of advanced and latest technologies. This management software has turned beneficial for many schools and have brought fruitful result.

School Management Services

Synarion IT is among one of the leading School Management Software development company, we help our customers to integrate the Online School Management Software easily to enhance the education system. With our school information management system service turn your school into modern, advanced, and fulfill all the requirements of the modern education world.

Vision Of Our School Management Services

Our vision is to grow the education system and turn the teaching and learning system into more advanced and secure in all mediums. Synarion IT, School Management System Software is based on the comprehensive feature which is robust scalable and perfect for all the requirements of the users includes parents, students, and teachers.

We provide you the school ERP software which is a one-stop solution for all the members and it turns the work process into organized and faster. It helps to save time and cost. It is easy to access. school management system developers develop the high functional and enriched feature software for our customers to meet all the requirements of the schools and market.

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Features of Online School Management Software

Student Management

Fees Management

Exam Management

Attendance Management

Transportation Management

SMS Notification

Library Management

Hostel Management

Module of School Management System Software

  • School Administrative

    To maintain all the records and details of the school is a tedious task, Online school management

  • Fee Collection

    Now, the process of collecting the fees has become easier and faster as now parents

  • Account Management

    There is a lot of confusion while managing the account as user has to put an eye on the various

  • Student Details

    School ERP Software helps to manage the student details in a proper and organised way which includes

  • Employee Details

    The School management software helps to manage all the personal and professional details

  • Time Table Design

    Now, the process of collecting the fees has become easier and faster as now parents

  • Parents Portal

    Now parents don’t have to wait for the parents teacher meetings, they can view the academic

  • Certification Management

    To maintain the record of the certificates as per the student’s performance is also a big task.

Advantage of School Management Services

  • Easy to Use

    Online School Management Software is easy to use and operate. To use this platform user doesn’t need any specific course or skill to use this software.

  • Secure

    School Management Software is fully secure, the details in the software will be fully confidential and in a secure form

  • Affordable Cost

    The cost of School Management Software is not so high, the cost is affordable and in budget. The price varies from feature to feature.

  • Multiple Management

    School Management Software manages various users and task, by different performers.

  • Better Communication

    School Information Management System reduces the communication gap, it improves communication process between the users.

  • Back Up Facility

    Our School Management System developers put their high efforts and data plays a vital role, so we offer you the backup facility as data is mandatory.

  • Multiple Language

    Our School Management Software offers you multiple language support to the customers. It reduces the language barrier, everyone can use it in their preferred and desirable language.

  • Bulk SMS

    To remind the task with SMS is a difficult task, as to end bulk SMS is also a smart idea for updation and our Online School Management Software helps to send the SMS in bulk to the users.

  • View Report

    School Management Authorities can view the report of the employees anytime and have a look at their task.

Why We Develop Online School Management Software?

Saves Time

School Management Solution helps to saves time for students, teachers, and parents. It offers doorstep service and excludes a repetitive tasks.

Connect Parents

Open Source School Management System helps to connect parents and involved in the activities. It helps in the enhancement of parent's communication.


School Inventory Management System brings transparency in the system by keeping the updation of the education process.

Enhance Education System

Synarion IT Solutions, help the enhancement in the education process and system. It brings rich education system.

TESTIMONIALS What clients say about

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

I want to recommend strongly Synarion IT Solutions, for the school management software. They offer enrich and high functional school management software to our clients. They provide a one-stop solution for the school basic requirements.



Synarion IT Solutions is among the best It company, which fulfill all your requirements and offer you the software as per need.


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