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Synarion IT Solutions Engagement Models

At Synarion IT Solutions, engagement models are developed by keeping the fact in consideration that every business process is unique and an effective model should be responsive to the dynamic business requirements.

We are aware that the requirement of clients is subject to changes, either by choice or by chance. Our team works meticulously to formulate a flexible model which can adapt to the changes promptly, without causing any hassle whatsoever in the functioning of a business. The primary benefits of our engagement models are dedicated resources, competitive prices, zero heads and explicit costs. We always look forward to serving our clients with the best of all that we have got.

Some of the benefits of choosing Engagement Models of Synarion IT Solutions can be listed as follows –

  • Transparency in quotes
  • Free of complications
  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Secured Development Environment
  • Budgeted Rates and properly appraised Costs
  • Intimate Support
  • Complete Privacy
  • Standardized Approach

Our experience as an Information Technology solutions provider makes us understand your position. We are aware that you require having managerial control over the development process, and thus present you with a hiring model which enables you to hire web designers, web developers, mobile application developers and SEO experts as per your need. This model has been duly categorized into sub-sections to make it more customized for you.

Full-Time Hire – One among the most familiar of our hiring models, a full-time hire is preferred by most of the employees given the advantage of clear, direct and prompt communication with the person working for the project. It makes it possible for them to have holistic control over the development process. The client is free to hire any expert belonging to the field of web designing, web development, SEO or mobile app development as long as the project development continues.

Part Time Hire – As suggested by the name, in a part-time hiring model we will provide you an expert for rather a fixed amount of time, typically a minimum of 80 hours in a month for 5 days a week to work for the project.

Hire as per Hours – This hiring model has been specifically formulated to cater small projects and small business needs. Any expert, as required by the client, can be hired for a fixed number of working hours. The minimum number of hiring hours is 25. It can be further extended to an appropriate number of hours, as the business process and development requirements demand.

Fixed Price – This model is found to be suitable for clients having a well-oriented process for gathering scope, requirements and an acceptance criterion for the project. With an input of proper pre-requisites and acceptance, we help the client by executing a project on a billing and fixed-price basis. Meanwhile, we strictly follow the delivery schedule and provide phase-wise delivery. It is the most cost-effective and convenient model for clients adhering to a particular budget.

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