Why Is Fantasy Sports Development is in Trending?


Why Is Fantasy Sports Development is in Trending?

May 07, 2021 | By SYNARION IT


Do you have some friends with a lot of sports knowledge or have you ever been involved in sports gossip? In both cases, you will observe they are highly obsessed with the game they like the most, and they are well equipped with the latest information regarding the team and the sports they support. Moreover, they start behaving like sports pro who knows everything, and if they were in place of the head coach or have been leading the team management, then they should have led the team to win the match. They behave like professionals and point out the flaws the losing team had.

Hence, to not waste the talent of these super-talented individuals, several companies have started fantasy sports app development. In these apps, these so-called sports pros can showcase their talent in managing teams virtually, and in return, they can win prize money if the team managed by them tops the chart. So, is it all about making teams and winning money in a fantasy sports app? No, there are a lot more contests available which we will be discussing further. Now, let’s check out how to participate in a fantasy sports app.


To know this from a better angle, let’s pick any popular sports that we all use in fantasy sports apps. In India, cricket has a huge fan base and almost everyone in the country has some basic knowledge of the game. Hence, developers also focus mainly on fantasy cricket app development to attract the Indian public to the platform. So, let’s choose any ‘X’ fantasy app with cricket to participate in. These apps offer their audience a lot of contests with multiple prize pools. After that the following events take place.

  1. Choosing A Contest

    The user picks up any contest at his/her convenience and interesting prize pool.

  2. Creating A-Team

     Then, the user is asked to make a team of 11 players for an upcoming match including players from both teams. Both the team players have some ratings out of 10 based upon their career stats.

  3. Team Combination

     Each user has an initial credit of 100 and they have to make a combination of batsmen (max-6), bowlers (max-6), all-rounders (max-4), and wicket keepers (max-4) using these 100 points only.

  4. Picking The Captain And Vice-Captain

     After creating the team, the user has to pick a captain and a vice-captain from the team they have created as the performance of a captain will give 2x points while the vice-captain will give 1.5x points. So, picking these two is a bit tricky and is mostly done on recent past performances of players.

  5. Joining A Contest

    So, when the user is ready with the team, he/she can join any contest available for the real-time match and can compete with millions of people participating in the fantasy app.

  6. Winning The Contest

     If the team combination used by the user ranks higher, then he/she can win the prize money which he/she can withdraw to their respective bank accounts.

To make it more interesting, different fantasy apps have come up with different features like creating multiple teams for the same contest to increase the winning percentage. Some apps have features like creating or changing teams at different points of a match too. The contests vary with different prize pools and participant numbers, which includes head-to-head contests too.


Fantasy sports is a legal virtual sport played across the world using different fantasy sports platforms. This is a skill-level game that requires activeness and analytics to create a team and win a contest. This tests the brain of a game lover and also helps them to earn big on these platforms. But, before participating in a contest, the user picks the app that suits him/her. So, what a fantasy sports app development company should do to create an ideal app for fantasy sports?

Addition of the Following Basic Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface

    The front interface or the overall interface of the app should be made simple so that even a beginner can start using the app without any issue.

  2. Wallet:

    Using the wallet to participate in contests avoids multiple transactions from bank accounts. Also, using the in-app wallet helps to join the contest in a fraction of a second.

  3. Multiple Payment Methods:

    The app should have maximum payment methods to recharge the wallet or to join the contest. This attracts more participants with versatile payment methods.

  4. Refer & Earn Program:

    Adding a method to earn some free cash is always a great trick to attract users. Refer & earn program helps users to initially begin fantasy sports without depositing any amount.

  5. Multiple Sports Options:

    Isn’t it clear that if a fantasy app development company includes multiple sports in their app, then it will attract more sports lovers? Yes, this is a great thing every app developer or company should look for.

  6. Multiple Available Contests:

    Multiple contests for each sport allow more participants to join in. Also, multiple contests give the option to choose contests as per their choice.

  7. Quick And Regular Updates:

    The app should come up with regular updates to keep everything fresh with fantasy sports.

Other Features To Be Added To Fantasy Apps

Fantasy sports apps should not be limited to all the basic requirements, but also add features beyond that too to make it more special and users start loving the app.

  1. One-Click Withdrawal:

    Want to impress the audience? Improve the withdrawal speed then. One-click withdrawal keeps the withdrawal process easy and simple, and with just one click, the money will be deposited in the bank account.

  2. Time Management For Contest Joining:

    The app should be well-updated regarding the timetable of the game and should open and close the joining contest window automatically.

  3. Key Player Forecast:

    This feature enables users to know about a confirmed player, who will make it to the playing team.

  4. Sports Quiz:

    The app should not be limited to just contests and paid participation. Adding a sports Quiz column will help users get some free cash and keep them active in the app.

  5. Point System:

    Some apps can use a point system along with real cash to participate in the contests. These points can be earned from quizzes, mini-predictions, etc. which can be converted to cash by participating in contests.

  6. Quick Highlights:

    This feature will enhance the performance as the users will use this feature to get the overall report of the match to analyze while making a team for the contest.

  7. Live Performance Status:

    With this feature, users can get to know about the performance of the overall team and individual payers. The importance of this feature is that it helps to analyze the match better and helps make the team.

  8. Customer Support:

    Try to be the biggest support for all the users by assisting with queries and issues they are facing while using the app. Use Chatbots or real-time assistants over calls for major problems.

  9. Live Match Changes:

    An additional feature that can change the face of fantasy sports completely. With the input of this feature, a user can make multiple teams within a match by changing players at intervals as per the performance in a live match.


With the growth in the internet and mobile use, everything has switched to the mobile world. Similarly, to utilize this growth, the fantasy app development team has worked smartly in developing fantasy sports apps that can help people showcase their talent and earn money. This is one of the most trending platforms in the internet world and every season of any league enhances the use of these fantasy sports apps. But, why does this platform trend so much?

  • Competitive:

    This is a platform where fans of different teams battle together virtually to win against each other. This is a highly competitive ground where the best strategy and the person with the most luck wins the contest. The whole scenario of a match is nearly unpredictable and at any point, the game can change and turn charts for the users. This is a highly fascinating game, which involves active like-minded opponents.

  • Can Show Talent:

    Sometimes analyzing a game requires more skill than playing it in real life. In countries like India, the maximum number of people are aware of the basics of cricket, while a good portion of them are quite skilled in analyzing the game in a better way than any other experienced player. Hence, this fantasy sports platform gives this audience a chance to showcase their talent in analyzing the game.

  • You’re In Charge:

    This means everything depends on you, starting from choosing the team combination to picking the team captain. With a fantasy sports app, you can be the manager of the team virtually and can create your team using real players in virtual mode.

  • Making Friends:

    Like other online platforms, fantasy sports platforms can also be used to make online friends. Moreover, creating teams by discussing together for a long-seasoned league can help you grow the bond with new online friends.

  • Feeling Of Victory:

    Winning among quality competitors can be thrilling for a person. Using a small amount of money to participate and using your skill and luck against so many opponents can be interesting, but coming out to be victorious can be an amazing feeling overall.

  • Rewarding:

    Winning the contest also welcomes some cash rewards that can be withdrawn instantly. Some people with these skills also choose this as an option to earn money as well.


Globally, fantasy app development has seen a huge surge with a lot of fantasy app development companies coming forward with their latest features. The reason behind this surge in development is the interest of global sports enthusiasts in participating in such fantasy contests. With the current surge in the market of fantasy sports, it is expected that the market will be around USD 9.34 billion by 2024. A fantasy app developer looks for something new that they can add to their application.

Hence, with improvements done as the progress is on, the business of fantasy sports is ready to break records in the coming years by attracting the maximum number of sports fans to play fantasy sports. These apps test the knowledge and prediction abilities of the fans in different sports like football, cricket, etc.

The trend of these applications can be observed by seeing the numbers of people enrolling themselves daily. Currently, top countries like the US, Canada, and India are at the top of the chart with the most active users in fantasy sports.

Some Global Stats on Fantasy Sports

  • As per the report of the fantasy sports and gaming association, over 59 million people are engaged in fantasy sports apps in the US and Canada. Around 20 million people are playing fantasy sports in India.
  • More than 4.7 million users are found active daily.
  • 4.2 million people have shown their interest in long-seasoned fantasy games.
  • The average age of users playing fantasy games in 2019 was 32. This means young blood has more interest in participating in fantasy sports.

Some Fantasy Sports Stats of India

  • 89% of active players on fantasy sports apps at least play one contest per month.
  • 67% i.e. 18 crores cricket lovers play fantasy sports on mobile apps.
  • The growth rate of users in fantasy sports in India is marked at 10% from 2016-2018.
  • The average time Indian users spend on any fantasy sports application is around 42 min.


Fantasy sports have been existing with us for a long time, but the trend has been seen in the last few years only. This surge has increased as it is legalized globally and is termed different from betting in sports. Moreover, being such a quality platform to earn some real cash in return for knowledge and skill, this platform has impressed a lot of people. These are some strong reasons that are attracting developers to think of something innovative and present some quality fantasy sports apps to the people. This is why fantasy sports app development is highly trending currently.

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