Which Is The Best Company For Fantasy Sport App?


Which Is The Best Company For Fantasy Sport App?

December 17, 2020 | By SYNARION IT

If you are planning to develop your very own Fantasy sports app, then you are in the right place. Here in this blog, you can learn about detailed insights that can clear your path toward the fantasy sports market by developing this app. You can connect with a wide range of audiences by building a fantasy app. Fantasy sports were first introduced during the ’90s that eventually broaden their branches in the present day with unparalleled popularity.

With the rising popularity of easy accessibility of live sports among users, several innovators thought to establish a Fantasy sports industry. Upon its launch, it received a greater response from viewers and expanded its growth with many mobile connections, sports viewership, and participation. Furthermore, the immense popularity of fantasy sports leads to the rise of fantasy sports app development.

How can a fantasy sports app be useful?   

In today’s digital era, users prefer mobile gaming for their convenience as well as flexibility. This is why; most businesses are building apps that play a key role in boosting their revenue. When it comes to fantasy sports app development, it surely is proven to be a useful aspect that can earn you higher revenues and enhance your business growth.

A majority of game players use their smartphones to play fantasy sports, and according to reports, users between the age group 18-34 use fantasy sports app to play these games. Thus, investing in fantasy sports app development is considered a thoughtful strategy to engage more users in your business.

How does it work?

Before starting fantasy sports, players need to select their desired sports. It is relevant to have a complete understanding of the selected sports and their players. When you decide the game you want to play, the next step is to pick the contest type. You can choose for seasonal leagues or join a short contest based on your preference. Moreover, you can opt for daily fantasy sports that are fast and dynamic, along with greater experience.

When you sign-up for a contest, you need to pay an entry fee. Detailed information you will receive after entering into the contest, and then create a team and gather all players. Based on your sport type, drafting rules and earning points will vary. When you have a deep knowledge of the point system, it will help you set up a winning team. You can track your fantasy team performance through various sports sites.

Essential features that you required in fantasy sports app development

Here are some trending and essential features in a Fantasy sports app for an outstanding gaming experience for users and management convenience for admin.

1. For Users

  • User registration- It is common and necessary for any app that includes vital sections like Username, Phone number, Email address, and other required details to remain acquainted with other players on the platform.
  • Main screen/Landing page- It is a section where users reach after the sign-up process. Users can encounter different games for playing and know about upcoming match events through landing page displays. Users can use the application’s filters to search as per their choice and obtain information like match timing, venue, team, etc.
  • Contest section- The section consists of important details regarding fantasy sports contests that users can use for participation. Users can notice multiple information in the section that can be filtered based on the entry fee, winning prizes, contest type and size, winners count, and range.
  • Profile settings- Users can use the setting option to edit their profile details and remain updated with reward points, payment and account details, referrals, and much more.
  • Leaderboard- It displays information about leading players with their whining scores. Users can stay updated with the current scores of other participants and improve their gaming strategy.
  • Payment option- Having a payment option that is secured and convenient is highly important. It will help users to make transactions effectively.
  • Game and draft types- Fantasy sports app must cover a wide range of game types to keep users engaged in the platform. Additionally, pre-stored draft types can make the drafting process easier for users.

2. For Admin

  • Dashboard- It enables the admin to remain updated regarding relevant game analytics and access statistical data, including matches played, the total number of players, total earnings, etc.
  • User management- It allows the admin to control the user’s account to edit, delete, or deactivate any account.
  • Report management- This feature enables the admin to obtain vital reports covering user score reports, game analytics reports, transaction reports, etc.
  • View earnings- With this feature, the admin can track every user’s earnings received by participating in the app’s games. It reveals earnings from specific matches and net earnings.
  • Contest management- It helps to manage different ongoing contests conducted on the Fantasy sports app platform. It allows easy management of different contest categories to edit, add, delete, and deactivate contests when needed.

Android Vs IOS: Which platform is best for Fantasy Sports App?

Whenever you thought of developing a fantasy sports app, the first question that comes to your mind is of choosing the platform Android or iOS.  Both platforms have their own perks,  but developing a mobile app for both platforms is quite expensive that’s the reason most of people first develop their android app and then come to iOS.

When you hire any mobile app development company for single platform app development it becomes quite expensive. On the other hand, if you develop both Android app and iOS app from the same company at the same time you can negotiate the price, and chances are the higher company will give you some cost reductions as you’re giving them the large project.  Rest all depends upon your budget and time frame.


If you also want to build your own Android App or iOS App, get in touch with the right company that understands your requirements and delivers the right app within your budget and on time.


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