How We Can Use AR VR Technology in Mobile App Development


How We Can Use AR VR Technology in Mobile App Development

December 08, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are much more than a normal platform for games and videos for mobile app platforms. AR and VR are just different from each other and deliver the best to the users. Virtual Reality offers a digital recreation of a real-life setting, whereas AR delivers the real elements that connect to the real world. AR VR App development is done by many big entrepreneurs regarding their business.

How we can use AR VR Technology in Mobile App Development?


AR and VR are one of the most popular technologies that are gaining huge popularity these days. No matter what size of business you’re having, you can take the help of AR and VR features to your apps and websites. In recent times, most of the game app development companies are building mobile apps using augmented reality emerging technology, the finest example is Pokemon Go. AR is getting huge popularity and offering the powerful potential to benefit different industry verticals.

As per the source, the AR market around the globe is supposed to grow from $3.5 billion in 2017 to $198+ billion US dollars in upcoming years.  Although AR is going to lead the market in the upcoming years, its quick adoption and implementation will help your mobile application to stay ahead of the competition. 

Before, we go into the details of AR/ VR Technology in mobile app development. It’s worth understanding the terms Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality before you make a decision to approach AR App Development Company or for VR App Development.

What does it mean by Augmented Reality or AR?

Augmented Reality or AR is the technology that adds some digital elements to the present experience. AR doesn’t create a virtual world but with the help of elements, it connects to the real world. These digital overlays with the help of 3D Models, Objects, textual data, videos, and others.  Today AR is used in many popular ways throughout the world.

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What Does it mean by Virtual Reality?

Unlike Augmented Reality, VR allows people to connect with the virtual world. VR is transforming the way people live their life and it’s changing the entire life.     

There are a number of ways through which VR Game Development Company can use AR and VR technology in mobile app development.

How Industries are Benefited from AR and VR Technologies?

AR and VR are gaining trust around the globe. Brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, and others are investing in these emerging technologies. Experts are predicting that in upcoming years the demand for AR Game App Development and VR Game App Development will be on the rise and most of the companies will try to include these technologies in mobile app development.

Industries Benefited with AR & VR Technologies


1) E-Commerce and Retail: 

AR App Development is all about transforming online and offline shopping. AR Applications allow users to interact with their products and helps in creating a wonderful and personalized shopping experience.  Let’s imagine you’re walking through the store with a Smartphone. You’re not only able to check their best offers, deals, and discounts, but also you can experience its features. In the upcoming years, most fashion and beauty brands will surely try the augmented reality app development to survive in this technological era. 

2) Healthcare:

Nowadays, virtual reality is playing a significant role in the healthcare sector. Virtual Reality healthcare applications are used for both pain management and physical therapy.

As per the source, it has great results as well as pain is reduced after the therapy. Virtual Reality Apps are changing the way of treatment that doctors use for reducing pain.

On the other hand, AR is also used for various purposes in the healthcare sector. In previous times, surgeries required different types of monitors that show the necessary details of the patient through the endoscopic camera.

Now, Augmented Reality technology is changing the complete scenario.  You can avail of detailed information on a request such as vital stats, patient care, disease-related information, and its treatment, and others.

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3)  Education:

AR and VR have a significant impact on the education field. Augmented and Virtual Reality App Development can make the process of explaining and learning easier with the help of an interesting audiovisual factor.

4) Real Estate:

These emerging technologies have changed the real estate industry’s traditional marketing with virtual reality mobile app development. Nowadays, virtual reality real estate apps allowing the viewing of the property without visiting the physical location.   These VR Apps not only simplify the life of the real estate brokers but also customers can save valuable time.

VR Technology helps solves these problems. It allows millions of people to virtually visit the property with the comfort of seating in their homes.

5) Gaming:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have changed the process of the game been developed and played. The games that are empowered with AR and VR technologies are offering a real experience to game lovers around the globe. There are many AR and VR game development company that are using advanced technologies in the game development process.  Some of the popular AR-enabled game app development are Pokemon go, temple treasure hunt, and others.

Wrapping Up

Are you planning for AR Game App Development or VR Game App Development? Then consider hiring an experienced and professional AR/VR Game Development Company.

In today’s advanced world, both augmented reality and virtual reality are equally transforming industries in their own ways.  If you’re also looking to reshape your business with AR and VR technologies, then you can hire reliable and experienced AR mobile app developers.  Not matter, what you’re looking for? Whether you’re looking for AR Game App Development or VR Real Estate App, experienced AR and VR App Development companies can offer you the best solutions that help your business in transformation.

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