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Trending Dating Mobile App Development Ideas for Startups

Trending Dating Mobile App Development Ideas for Startups

In the past, most marriages were arranged, while love birds were either from the same area or colleges. But, with time this has changed and people have started dating people who are unknown to them initially by using dating apps. These dating apps are just like social media apps that help a girl or a boy to find the partner of their choice. And the use of such apps has increased tremendously in the past few years and people have started making a dating app clone as a startup.

The dating app development is a great way to start a new business that has a great potential to give you results. So, create your own dating app, if you are looking for a fantastic startup idea. In this article, we will be discussing some of the trending dating mobile app development ideas that entrepreneurs can use for their startups.


While thinking of a dating app, you should be well aware of the features that need to be loaded into the app while developing. So, if you are not aware of all the features or unique features to add, then opting for a dating app development company will be a great idea. Below there are some crucial features that form the base of these apps.

Matching Algorithms

In dating apps, it’s all about finding a perfect match for the user. To find a perfect match there are certain methods these apps use that are listed as follows.

1. Geolocation Data

It’s always more convenient to find a partner within the same city than a long distance. Or when a person has to shift to another shift, they look for a partner within their location. So, by using the location data, the app suggests dates to the user within their reach. Enabling this feature in the dating mobile app development is important from a user’s point of view.

2. Statistical Algorithm

Adding this matching algorithm to the dating app allows finding dates based on users’ choices. The stats used to make a match are the data given by the users in their profiles. These data comprise age, gender, hobbies, music tastes, other connections from social media sites, etc. But, this doesn’t assure a perfect match for the user as this completely relies on the data given by the user. So, in case of any fake data mentioned in the profile, the match won’t be perfect.

3. Behavioral Analysis

This is a bit complicated but a better way to know the user’s taste and choices by following their digital footprints. The data gathered are mostly from their activities on different social media sites or YouTube playlists or the pages they visited. Adding these features to the app will help to make an app like tinder.

4. Other Methods

Developing an advanced dating app will help users to get a match using AI. The app can feature filters that will help users to find matches of their choices. Finding people of their preference will motivate the user to use it more often.

Communication Channels

It’s not all about finding a match in a dating app, as the user will love to connect with the match. Hence, communication becomes crucial, and the next step after finding the perfect one on the app.

To start the communication process, there should be a tab to message the person. With the messaging feature, the developers can add features like GIFs, symbols, emojis, voice, and video calls to make the conversation more interesting. Moreover, adding a calling feature will keep the users glued to the app, or else they may switch to other apps that feature calling. Extra features that can be included while tinder clone app development is encryption of messages that can assure the user that the app is safe for communication.


The features that will be mentioned below helps to easily surf the dating app and also makes it interesting for the user to use.

1. Feed

This isn’t very common in dating apps as this is a feature of social media apps. But, adding this to the dating app will help users to post their interests or updates through pictures. Also, this will help a user to know more about the match.

2. Stories

Here people can post daily about their thoughts and activities. Follow the stories to stay updated about the others.

3. Double Verification

To keep the app filled with genuine users, it becomes essential to have this double verification feature using social media, email, or mobile numbers. This keeps the pranksters away and helps you to offer genuine matches to the users.

4. Like And Unlike Options

This feature forms the base in which a user can, unlike a recommended choice without informing them. In the case of a like or super like, the other user gets a notification instantly. Hence, adding this feature is essential to make a bumble app clone.

5. Undoing The Like

Implementation of the undoing feature is crucial as it will help users from facing any unnecessary embarrassment. Moreover, any mistaken action on these apps can cause an emotional breakdown for a user, so this feature has a special position in making a dating app clone.

6. Push Notifications

Notifications are important in keeping the users informed about the likes, messages, etc. Moreover, notifications regarding suggestions made by the app can get the attention of the user too.

7. Reporting Or Blocking Feature

This feature ensures safety to the user and also helps them to report the harasser. In case of spam messages or unwanted messages from a user, blocking features should be enabled.

8. Easy Interface

A cool and navigating interface is required to help beginners to use the app. Moreover, this will also influence users to stick to the app, once they start using it.


All the above features mentioned are some of the important ideas that an entrepreneur can add to the mobile dating app to attract users. But, there are some other features or any other innovative idea that can also be implemented that can gain you more users. So, inform the app developer about your requirements or expectations from the app, so that they can deliver you a quality app. 

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