Top Mobile App Development Frameworks For 2021


Top Mobile App Development Frameworks For 2021

June 16, 2021 | By SYNARION IT


Did you know the number of active mobile apps? Believe us it can surprise you and you won’t believe how many apps are available on the web.

More than 5 million apps are presently active on windows, iOS, and Android platforms. If you look at your phone, you will find more than 20 apps. Some are useful, and some are useless. When you downloaded those apps, did you think, about how all this mobile is developed? Or what frameworks are used to create the apps? We know the answer will be no on the other side. Because we never thought so profoundly while using a mobile app. 

Today, the mobile app has undoubtedly become an indispensable part of our life. It has become our life easier; Completion of work has become simple and time-saving. And many companies have strengthened their market with the help of this app. But the question remains the same, how this app is developed?

It is useless to say that a mobile app development company takes care of the development. If you plan to build an app for your business, you have to know what Cross-Platform App Development tools are used for, and then only you can choose the best app development company. To learn more, go through the rest of the article.  

What is a Mobile App Development Framework?

Mobile App Development Framework

You don’t need a complicated programming language for developing a mobile app, and you will need the proper mobile app development framework. A mobile app development framework is a platform that incorporates different elements like compilers, debuggers, toolsets, coding interfaces, and others. While developing a mobile app, a developer writes the source code for their app, and then the framework takes over the game and develops the app for the selected mobile platforms. 

The most common Mobile platforms are iOS and Android. They have their own rules for designing the app, and developers need to follow a different methods for developing the app. And if you are planning to build an app for both platforms, you have to establish an app individually, which will consume lots of time, money, and effort. In this scenario, a cross-platform mobile app development tool is a boon. 

Quick look On Cross-platform app development

Cross-platform app development is an application that acts as a middle ground, which offers the flexibility of creating an app by using a universal cross-platform language like JavaScript, which can be extended and used in both iOS and Android. It saves time by deducting the requirement of programming the same app differently for two other platforms. Here is the name of some of the best cross-platform app development platforms.

Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2021

1. React Native

React Native is one of the best open-source, cross-platform development platforms powered by Facebook. It is a one-stop solution for mobile app developers. It uses around 80% of single code base and JavaScript as cross-platform languages. Apart from JavaScript, React native also supports C++, Objective, Python, And Swift. In a short span, it has gathered lots of love from the developer. The reason behind its popularity is its faster deployment and development processes. Some of the critical features of React Native are 

  • It supports over-the-air updates
  • Plug-n-play customize templates
  • It offers 80% of the shareable codebase 
  • It supports different languages such as C++, swift, python, and java.

2. Xamarin

With 4.4 ratings, Xamarin cross-platform app development has ranked no two on the list. Xamarin is considered to be a popular tool for mobile app development. Xamarin is powered by one of the giant organizations – Microsoft. Hence you can comprehend how comprehensive the open-source tool Xamarin is. It has over 75% of the Single code base to various platforms.

It uses a .net ecosystem for sharing the code. With Xamarin, you have to write source code and then run your app on any platform. It has more than 60,000 contributors. 

The Cross-Platform App developer has developed it with an accessible mobile user-friendly interface that allows you to create apps for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Windows from a single shared code base. Here are some of the critical features of Xamarin. 

  • The developer can view the free tutorials and videos. They can take the free courses.
  • Form User Interface with the help of XAML
  • Xamarin. Essentials and SkiaSharp for native APIS.

3. Flutter

Want a flattering mobile app development framework? Try out flutter. This is a cross-app development tool that will never bother you by asking you to write the code again. With ease and convenience, you can easily design your app’s interface for different mobile platforms. With Flutter, you can quickly develop the app with flexible and expressive User interface toolsets. Flutter is not only comfortable with the UI; it has rich motion APIs. APIs let your app use data from other apps on the devices. Here are some of the critical features of Xamarin.  

  • Flexible and Expressive UI
  • Native Performance 
  • Rich motion APIS
  • Uses vibrant .net

4. QT

The name of the platform may be small, but it has lots of things to offer. It is counted as one of the best mobile app development tools. It is a premium tool. Hence the developer has to purchase the membership. Lots of features are restricted in the free trials. Mostly QT works with the C++ language. It also owns the ability to convert the code into a different language as the guideline of the native applications. You will also have the authority to change the QT interface easily. Here are some of the important features of QT:

  • You will get a free trial version 
  • C++ programming language 
  • You will get the visual 2D or 3D editor
  • Handy APIs
  • Readymade UI components.

The Final Verdict

Mobile applications are making our life easy and also helping the company in business growth. There are more than 5 million apps active around the world. But we hardly question ourselves – how does the developer develop a mobile app? You should know the answer because this will help you to choose the right mobile app development company. To create a mobile app for all kinds of platforms, developers use cross-platform app development tools. In this article, you have come across the four best cross-platform app development.  Hopefully, this will help you to choose the right development company. Choose wisely.

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