Taxi Dispatch Solution Similar To Ola, Uber and Careem


Taxi Dispatch Solution Similar To Ola, Uber and Careem

May 21, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

With the emergence of an online taxi booking business, the traditional taxi businesses are having a stiff time surviving the storm. The likes of Uber, Lyft, Ola and careem mobile app development are an exemplary example of how taxi booking software makes a difference in managing a taxi business nowadays.

Taxi Dispatch Solution Similar To Ola, Uber and Careem

But, is an online taxi booking software worth investing and what benefits would they bring to your traditional business? Let’s find out!

Introduction to Taxi Business

Running a successful taxi business is really not an easy task. Adapting the updated demands of customers and growing the taxi business and providing the best solution to its thousands of daily requests for your large fleet of cabs is a monumental task.

Consequently, an on-demand taxi booking software eliminates all these problems by providing the best solution that offers the owner complete control over assigning taxis to the customers. From cancellations to rescheduling, everything can be easily operated on a daily basis.

The global ride-hailing market is expected to generate a total revenue of $285 billion in the forthcoming 13 years.

Growth Stats of Ride-Hailing Industry

The taxi industry has been in the frame for so long and its contribution to the global economy was immensely remarkable indeed.

So, let’s take a glance at rapid growing stats of ride-hailing industry –

  • Revenue in the Ride-Hailing industry amounts to US$82,437 min 2019.
  • In 2019, User penetration is 8.1% and is predicted to hit 10.6% by 2023.
  • 15 million ride-hailing trips each day and expected to hit a 100 Million mark by 2030.
  • Car sharing users exceeded 10 Million and is expected to reach 36 Million by 2025.

Top 5 Ride-Hailing Apps Around The Globe

There are lots of leading taxi booking app development companies who have developed Cab Booking Software Software like Uber with stunning features like attractive UI/UX in the Android or iOS platform to experience the best on-demand taxi booking services.

Noteworthy points of world's top 5 Ride hailing Apps

Let’s take a look at the world’s top 5 ride-hailing apps. Let’s start with the Uber itself –

  • Uber

Uber is arguably the biggest name in the on-demand taxi industry. It is clearly the leading player in the ride-sharing space. Notable Points:

  • Successfully serving in more than 29 cities in India,
  • Also in some parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Kenya.
  • Uber has a global market income of $72 billion.
  • More than 75 million active Uber riders across the world.

Serving Countries: 80 countries (445 cities)

  • OLA

Ola Cabs is also one of the dominant ride-hailing app and the closest competitor of Uber in India.

Notable Points:

  • Serving in 80 cities of India, verified drivers, Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications.
  • 5.9 million active Users(in India).

Serving Countries: 110 Cities across the globe

  • Lyft

Lyft is one of the toughest competitors of Uber in the United States. As far as safety is concerned Lyft has proven to be far better than Uber in terms of safety.

Notable Points:

  • Coverage in 65 cities within the United States.
  • With Lyft Plus there is a provision for six people to share a ride.
  • 23 million Lyft users (Jan 2018).
  • Revenue stood at $2.2 billion (net) – double the figure earned in 2017.

Serving Countries: 350 US cities, and Toronto and Ottawa in Canada.

  • Careem

Known as the ‘Uber of the Middle East’, is a transportation network company based in Dubai. Careem is one of the best ride-sharing apps in Dubai. The owners of Careem does not disclose its detailed financials.

Notable Points:

  • The estimated revenue is 175 Million USD.
  • Careem is currently active in 14 countries across the world.
  • Number of registered users is 30 Million
  • The estimated amount of careem funding – $770 million

Serving Countries: 120 cities in 14 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

  • Hailo

Hailo is a UK-based ride-hailing service that is one of the leaders in ride-sharing apps like Uber.

 Notable Points:

  • Best in the United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore
  • Recently introduced electronic pay. Therefore, users are allowed to pay the fare directly from the app.
  • Moreover, the ability to pre-book a taxi is available.

Serving Countries: United Kingdom (4 cities), Ireland, Spain (2 cities), Singapore, Japan.

Global Ridesharing Market to witness a CAGR of 16.4% during 2018-2024 says reports

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Advantage of Having Taxi Dispatch Software

Know why you should have a dispatch software for your taxi business

There are many reasons to justify the fact that cab booking mobile apps are considered a better option. n terms of increasing revenue of your business over manual taxi business. Some of them are as follows:

Swift dispatch, extra business

  • The gigantic hurdle faced while operating a taxi business is the inefficiency caused during the manual dispatch process.
  • A taxi dispatch software wipes out all these problems by providing a solution that offers you complete control over assigning taxis to the customers.

Manage business activities

  • It improves overall business operations. Right from tracking the vehicle location, daily trip details, you can control all the activities from one place and, in turn, operate more efficiently.

More opportunities

  • By adopting a dispatch app, the taxi driver no longer needs to drive around the area searching for passengers as the app does all the job for them.
  • Now your taxi gets more rides and in turn, increases your revenue.

Cut down on expenses

  • Another advantage of implementing dispatch software for taxi service is expenditure control.
  • While dispatching vehicles in a sleek way. It reduces expenses as the dispatch system will eliminate several human errors like missed bookings.

Improve performance efficiency

  • Dispatch solution will provide back-to-back trips. So that it can satisfy the driver’s needs that will automatically improve your performance.
  • Moreover, Dispatch Software improves productivity by monitoring booking requests.

Deliver safer rides

  • In addition, the automated taxi dispatch system makes sure that the stored information is secured with the most updated security standards.

Conceive a positive customer experience

  • By providing an online taxi booking solution, you provide your passengers with the convenience of book taxis any time, anywhere.
  • In such a way, you can earn goodwill from your customers by providing reliable services.
  • That is to say, every taxi business exists for and only because of its customers.

Elite Convenient Solution

  • Nowadays, most of the taxi booking software is cloud-based.
  • In that scenario, you needn’t invest in any hardware or software.
  • The cloud-based taxi dispatch software can be run on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Resulting in accessing it anytime anywhere.

Above all, aspects justify the fact that having an On-demand taxi app development solution will definitely double up the total revenues of your Taxi Business.


In conclusion, the advent of on-demand taxi booking software and apps has made taxi booking easy on different platforms like Android or iPhone app development.

Meanwhile, the industry leaders are on the verge of adopting automation in every process of dispatching and managing. So what are you waiting for now?

Get a white label taxi app development or customized taxi booking solution for your taxi business with Synarion IT Solutions, which is one leader in the web and app development industry. Contact us!

Taxi Dispatch Solution Similar To Ola, Uber and Careem

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