How to Develop a Updated Taxi Booking App like Ola and Uber


How to Develop a Updated Taxi Booking App like Ola and Uber

May 01, 2021 | By SYNARION IT


We are digital generations; nearly every single person possesses a smartphone. Today, almost every service has its application, from food delivery, online shopping to taxi booking apps. This trend of on-demand services is increasing in the market, and recently they are showing different features, user experiences to attract a wide range of consumers. But making a successful taxi app from scratch may seem hard, but with proper steps, you can be successful in the creations. The rule for making the app from scratch is almost identical. While making the Taxi Booking App like Ola, you have to take your objectives, promotions, project management, and investing amount into account. 

If you plan to start a ridesharing business in this cutthroat competitive market, you have to prepare your taxi booking app just like Uber. As you know, these taxi service apps have successfully replaced the traditional ride service. Hence, the present market says if it’s a startup, owning a mobile app becomes necessary. Despite all proliferating demand for the app, it is not enough! You will need some more strategy to win the cutthroat competitions. When you step into the taxi service industry, you have to compete with some big giants like Uber, Rapido, Lyft taxi booking apps worldwide with the massive number of active users. This might confuse and worry you, but there is always a solution. If you want to win the market, you have to offer a solid reason for the customer to choose your service over your competitors. 

Another critical element of success in this industry is a trustworthy app development company with a complete app development idea and other technologies. This article will spotlight developing a professional taxi booking app like ola from scratch with the latest features and much more information. So let’s start; happy reading!!!

Steps to develop a taxi booking app like ola & uber from scratch

Determining your vision or objectives

While making the app, rushing through the proceeding is not a good idea. Good things always take time to get ready. Have patience! Your aim of creating an app should be crystal clear in your mind if you want to offer a particular solution to a specific issue or want to advertise your brand, or you aim to meet your targeted audience. 

– You have to fix your goal and objectives and determine your potential targets.

– Make sure that you can convince your customer of the benefits of your service.

– Comprehend the solution that will help you to solve the problem you are witnessing.

– Understand the result you can expect. 

It’s time to expand your idea

When you dream of making money from the cab booking app, you have to focus on your idea and believe in it. When You are in the taxi service industry, you have to write down the features you want, what types of facility you are going to provide, in short, you have to write down your whole idea about your business. Once you finish writing the concept, you will have a proper set of vision, through which you will be able to envision your cab booking app development. Comprehend those features which are crucial or unnecessary for your cab booking app. This will make the entire process of app development more accessible. Also, don’t forget to gather some unique ideas for selling your cab service applications. You have to keep the patience for making and give enough time to sketch out the pictures thoroughly. Your app will help you decide the features of your startups. Hence you have to be extra careful towards the idea. 

Performing Market Research to establish a perfect taxi booking app like Ola & Uber

Reality says that you are a fresher in this taxi service industry, and various other countries are ruling the industry, just app like Uber. It is a cutthroat competition in the market, and if you jump into this business without any research, you will fall.  Hence researching competitors and the market becomes quite vital for succeeding. You should own a viable idea. If your offering is similar to your competitor’s view, then you will have no choice left except for revising your plan. 

You can study your competitor’s apps and understand the expectation of the potential customer. Look out for your mistakes, and try to rectify your app. You can also opt for online conversations with your customer to gather some information regarding your idea. 

Designing your applications

The points mentioned above are some initial points you need to keep in mind before designing your applications. Now that you have completed yo0ur initial portion, you have to think about the design of the applications. Your app will be used for taxi booking as per your idea, and you want to develop the app from scratch. Right? The app’s development from scratch is different from comprehending how to design the app for iPhone or Android.  

You have to hire the best app development company who are experienced with the latest technologies. App development will start from developing the basic skeleton, which is also known as wireframes. Why wireframing? The answer is wireframing will help you by showing the layout and the flow of the app, which means you don’t have to worry about the various graphic elements. 

Once the wireframing process is accomplished, you have to move toward developing high-fidelity designs or prototypes. You have to consider the entire creation of mockups and prototypes from the user’s point of view. Before you start developing your app, you have to decide how you want to build your prototype. If you choose the online method, you can use the available tools like Mosqups, Figma, Sketch, Fluid UI, Mock flow, etc., and if you want to create the prototype online, you can easily use a printable sketch template. 

Selecting tech strategy to create the app

After clearing the prototype level, you have to walk forward and select the programming language, and don’t forget to pick the platform. As you are the owner of the app, you have to decide whether you are building an android app or an iOS app. This is an important decision because your app should have access to either the Apple app store or Google play store. The best idea is to build hybrid applications that can run on both Android and iOS. This will deduct the tension of handling two separate development teams.

Additionally, the advantage of the hybrid application is that it will be cost-effective to those with a limited budget for app development. But don’t forget including the latest features can be the reason behind accentuation of the budget. If you want to avoid the hassle of coding, you can use the app-building platform. This app building platform may seem beneficial, as it saves lots of time and money, but it comes with vast numbers of disadvantages. The disadvantage of the free app development platform is it has no security and lagging performance. These platforms have their watermark and also have a lack of customizations. 

Establishing your Cab service app

Hopefully, you have considered all the need that is essential for building the best applications. You have to give enough time so that all the norms are followed properly. Here are some important guidelines.

– Discard the features that are not providing the proper support to your task.

– Try to keep it simple by including one input field, or else the users have to switch modes if your app has multiple fields. This will irritate the user and result in leaving your app immediately.

– You can upset your user if you utilize too much push notification.

– You have to keep your application updated with the latest features available in the market. For achieving this particular goal, you have to promote your brand; the more you earn the profit, you will be able to profuse the latest technology. 

Once you have completed selecting the technical strategy and confirm the app’s design, now is the time when you have to hand over all responsibility to the developer to develop the app as per your choice. And if you don’t have enough knowledge about the technology, you can also take the assistance of your chosen developer. If you want to implement a high-quality application, you must select the right development company and suitable methodology.

Testing your developed app

Now that you have completed the development level, it is time to test your developed app. It is a preview method to check that there are no bugs present in the app. Now that you are testing your app keep in mind you have to check whether your app offers some prominent features, intuitive experience, and don’t forget to check the wireframes. You have to run an internal and external test on your app.

When you are conducting an internal t6est, check it as if they were the end-users. And external testing is said when you give some unfamiliar actions, with which your app is unknown. You will not require any extra tool for internal testing, but you may need it for external testing. 

Creating the landing page

This point is quite crucial for your taxi booking app like ola. When your user opens the app, they will straight land into the landing page. Hence the landing page should be designed attractively. Your landing page should have a clear headline with an attractive logo on the top of the page, a short video that will act as an introduction paragraph. The landing page should have a space for a unique place for newsfeed. Then there should be a complete breakdown of your service, and in the end, the app should display the story of the creators. You can strengthen your connection with your user by sharing a portion about us.

Launching your application

Now that you have completed all the levels, it is the most awaited time. Now you can launch your cab-booking app by submitting your applications to the app store. Once your application is available in the app store, start promoting the app and increase the optimization score for the app store.

The points mentioned above are the step that you should follow while making Professional Taxi Booking App Development. Now let’s have a quick look at the features that should be included in your app.

Features that should be included in both the driver and passengers apps

  • Registration and authentications 
  • Profile editing options
  • Matching
  • Navigation 
  • Automatic evaluation of ride and displaying the fare of the ride
  • Secured payment options
  • Rating and feedback are a must. 
  • Booking and payment history
  • Possibility of booking cancellations. 

An essential app that should be included in the passenger app 

 – It should have the feature of tracking the nearest available driver. 

– Automatic feature of setting the pickup location without typing the address manually.

– Notification on the arrival of the cab

– Features of seeing the information of the driver, from the name, photo, contact info to car type, etc. 

These are some standard features that should be included in the application of the passenger app. Now let us have a look at the features that should be present in the driver app. 

An essential app that should be included in the driver app 

– Finding the passenger on the map 

– Have clear information about the customer.

– Option of accepting or denying the app. 

– Option of setting the online status. 


A company like Uber and Lyft is ruling the taxi industry, but there is still space for new players to innovate in the cab/taxi booking industry. They would develop a long-term monetization strategy by identifying demand and focusing on a particular value proposition. To succeed in the market, you should respect your app similar to your business. You are not creating a toy, and this app is going to set your career. Don’t rush; take your time to build your application with intense care. If you are confused or have some more questions regarding app development, opt for an app development company today.

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