Social Media Marketing Strategy Audit


Social Media Marketing Strategy Audit

November 24, 2022 | By SYNARION IT

Social media isn’t limited to just posting pictures or videos anymore. It’s usage has widely increased and it is now used to build a brand name and enhance it’s reputation. Social media marketing is the use of different websites and social media platforms to market a company’s product or services. It is a form of internet promotion that uses social media apps as a marketing tool. As technology is advancing, social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is a simple and easy way to attract customers from all over the globe. These platforms modify and enable brands to form a connection with their audience. Companies or organizations are finding different strategies to engage and connect with the audience interested in their products or services

How to enhance your social media marketing skills?

To be certain that you stand out from your competitors, it is necessary to make sure that your company or brand is innovative. There are many trends going on in different social media platforms, it is necessary to keep up with those trends and create content that is relevant in today’s world and that has a higher chance of engaging customers. The set business goals can be achieved through a proper content strategy which helps drive engagement. It is important to have clear goals and measures should be put in place to reach these goals. A good content creator always knows their target audience. The content should be of high quality and it should always keep in touch with the values of the brand. A company should always react positively to constructive criticism and work on what it can do better to enhance the overall customer experience. It should pick up on new trends and find relevant influencers to promote the brand. A company should use analytics to measure it’s performance and to understand user behavior, refine its strategies and analyze their competitors. Advertising is a very essential part of social media marketing. It can be of three types: organic, paid, and earned. Organic advertising in where the content picks up views naturally and isn’t paid for. Paid advertising is paid for and sponsored by organizations. Earned is when the content receives shares, likes, and comments.

Keeping up with social media trends isn’t always easy as it is constantly changing. A creator should at least make sure to keep up with the trends that are highlighted the most. Advertisements these days are priced very highly. Spending money on constant advertisements would be a waste of resources. So, the content used in advertisements should be very eye-catching to make sure it catches the attention of potential customers.

Relevant goals to be set to achieve the utmost benefits of social media marketing:-

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

  • Grow brand awareness- To create awareness that is genuine and lasting, the content should be focused on brand values and other important factors like sustainability and affordability.
  • Generating sales and leads- It is necessary to attract customers towards your site. The creator can do so by sending emails to customers about promos and products or whenever there are offers going on.
  • Growing your audience- Measures should be taken to attract new followers or customers to the site. This can be achieved mainly through advertisements, especially when it is done through influencers that have a huge fan following.
  • Driving traffic to the site- The marketing strategy should not be made very complicated, it should be simple and easily focused on the improvement of the brand. Through promotional posts and ads, the traffic to the site can be driven up.

Different social media platforms attract distinct audiences

Different Social Media Platforms Attract Distinct Audience

YouTube and Facebook, both of these platforms attract a huge number of customers. Instagram is a close second. Pinterest attracts more females. So, it is important to realize which product will do well on which platform. Even Twitter is a great platform to drive up engagement and attract customers.


Creating and publishing content is very easy on this platform. The creator is required to put relevant hashtags on his posts which can help gain attention. The customer service center of a brand can also be set up on Twitter as it is easier to reach out to customers.


This is the best platform to increase brand awareness and develop it’s recognition. According to a recent survey, this is the second most used platform in 2022. It is used by people from all generations, especially Gen Z. Using high-quality attractive images and captions that are well thought out can help drive traffic to the site.


This is an app based on business profiles that helps increase social connections. It also allows organizations to find employees to hire. The brand can be promoted on this platform as well. A good business profile helps attract employees from different fields.


This app is known mainly for aesthetic pictures and videos uploaded here. It helps users develop ideas to create better content for their social media platforms. A creator should think of unique ideas and promote the brand in a way that it stands out.


Advertisements are the main source of revenue when it comes to this platform. Before seeing videos, there are always about two to three ads shown to users. Advertising on this brand can be expensive but in the long run, it proves to be a well-required asset.

It is necessary to have the brand’s social media accounts on all these platforms. A creator should always be creative with his posts so as to engage a high number of prospects. Analysis should be done to understand the needs of different types of customers.

Social media metrics

Clicks- this is the number of clicks on your account or on your content. Tracking the number of clicks helps measure customer engagement and when it is high or low.

Reach- It is the number of users that have seen the post.

Hashtags- The brand often has their own hashtags which help compile all the posts related to the brand in one place. It is required to measure how well the hashtags have done.

Engagement – This shows the number of users that have interacted with the page or the posts.

Likes- The number of users that have liked your posts. The posts that have more likes tend to engage more traffic towards the sites.

Defining the strategy of your content

  • Publishing relevant blogs and news on a regular basis to keep the audience updated.
  • Making sure that your brand is sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Having a good customer service department that keeps the customers satisfied.
  • Asking for feedback from customers to see what should be improved.
  • Creating your own hashtag to get the attention of the audience.
  • Publishing surveys to understand the needs of the consumers.

1. Events should be organized whenever there are new products to be launched and influencers should be invited to the product launch. The influence will post the details of the event and the product on their stories and it will reach out to a vast number of potential customers.

2. Reels or short videos are dominating the social media industry. They gain high engagement and help attract more customers. Reels with trending sounds and good editing should be made and posted on the page.

3. The content creator should always analyze their competitors and make sure that their ideas are unique. One should get inspired from other pages that are doing well and draw conclusions to see what might work better for them.

4. The content should be well planned out and the posts should be organized. It is vital to post during times when your customer engagement is the most. Efforts should be made to give maximum replies to customers commenting on the posts. The person responsible should tend to all the queries of the customers and the responses should be posted as quickly as possible. Weekly goals should be set and all efforts should be made to achieve them. Update your content strategy as often as needed.

5. Live videos are gaining a lot of popularity as it is an easy way to engage with the audience. The company’s CEO could go live and talk about the projects he is working on and how he intends to make the company better as there is always scope for improvement.

Creating your brand’s story

The story of how your brand has started helps portray it better. You can also write about your traditions and the values of the brand or how long it has been in business. It should be an elaborate and interesting yet realistic story as it helps build an emotional connection between the brand and the users. There is always an ‘About’ page on the brand’s site that usually contains the story of how the brand was started and what it is all about.

Traditional Advertising

This includes television advertisements and print media (newspapers). Before the invention of new technologies and at a time when social media wasn’t given as much preference, TV ads and newspapers prevailed when it came to advertisements. With the introduction of streaming platforms like Netflix and prime video, people stopped watching TV as much and for news they turned to YouTube or Twitter.


The concept of ethics while marketing on social media is to be sincere and genuine about the values of your brand. You should avoid false advertisements and click baits and should never use a customer’s personal information without full disclosure. All the customers should be treated with equal respect and the company should claim full responsibility for all of their mistakes. Unnecessarily spamming the customer with emails or messages should be avoided.


Social media is the most influential virtual space where you can build your brand and promote your products. Marketers should not miss their chance of marketing on these platforms where they are able to reach a huge number of potential customers. Marketers should learn all the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing to reap it’s maximum benefits. Social media marketing helps produce quick results and exposes the brand to a larger audience. It also requires fewer resources and saves up time. It is easy marketing of the brand. The advantage of new technologies should be taken to achieve your marketing objectives. Constant interaction with the audience increases exposure and helps cater to their needs better. There are many advertising tools available across different social media platforms which help make your posts unique and attractive. The creator should incorporate the use of SEO (search engine optimization), which is using the trending keywords in your blogs so that it ranks above and is in view of the audience. As mentioned above, it is very important to constantly analyze your competitors and to take inspiration from them. You can see what is working for them or what isn’t and learn from their mistakes. The company should rectify their errors and make sure that their audience gets good service. All these strategies help you in becoming better and attracting customers and meeting their demands. Social media helps you see what your customers crave the most. Therefore, relatable content should be created for your audience that helps increase engagement. Customers should be able to trust you for your services or products. Customers should feel like they are heard whenever they provide feedback or seek support. Communicating and interacting with them on all your posts can help turn potential buyers into regular customers. Well, thought-out ideas or plans are not enough if they are not implemented correctly. The content should be visually attractive so that the customer is interested in reading it. The strategies used should help form a lasting connection between the organization and the consumers. Such a connection will add to the brand value of the company, increase it’s recognition and help attract more loyal customers to your brand and thus making you the best in the business.

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