Readymade Grocery App- The Best Way To Start Your Online Grocery Store Business


Readymade Grocery App- The Best Way To Start Your Online Grocery Store Business

September 27, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

Readymade Grocery App The Best Way To Start Your Online Grocery Store Business

Readymade Grocery App is a solution for those entrepreneurs who know exactly what is going on the market and what people are actually demanding today. The main reason for the concept of readymade solutions to start online grocery store is that this kind of app actually has all the basic features and the app development company can make changes according to the need of the client. 

Readymade Grocery App Building is a lot of time-saving then custom-built application and the entrepreneurs know that time is money. And it will be good for them to launch their product as soon as possible and make available to the public.

Shopping is the favorite activity even a hobby for most people. But, when it comes to grocery shopping it becomes a monotonous job. In offline grocery shopping, we need to visit the store in person and have to buy products. Then we have to stand in line for billing and all this is a very hectic process and even time-consuming. To overcome this the concept of online grocery app and web development come into existence.  

Reasons: Why Startups Are In Need Of Readymade Grocery App To Start An Online Grocery Store

  • Online grocery delivery apps have created an atmosphere of excitement in the world of the on-demand economy, especially in India and the United States. There is good news for all those startups who are planning to start their business in the online grocery store through Grocery applications and websites. 

Together with this, there is also a high demand for grocery software development like Bigbasket reason being it is available quickly and can be modified easily It is provided mainly by app development companies. Well, long story short, readymade grocery app development is experiencing considerable growth in India and USA.

  • The key takeaway is that readymade grocery apps are one of the fastest-growing apps in India and USA. The growth is continuously improving and today in the year 2019, more than one in five adults are using smartphones to order the grocery products. M-Commerce has touched a different level in the era of the internet.


  • The online grocery ordering system is one of the fastest-growing online categories. The online grocery delivery apps like Bigbasket, Amazon, and Walmart are investing in a number of initiatives around readymade delivery services. They are figuring out it to be more effective and cost-efficient.

Challenges to be Faced -Online Grocery Store Business

Online Grocery Store Business Challenges to be Faced

Following are some challenges which every startup has to face while running an online grocery store business:

  • Low-Profit Margin or Initial Losses:

When you are starting up a new business it is but obvious that you may have to face low profits or no loss no profit situation for some period of time.

Customers always opt for easy changes and which are beneficial for them. And buying from an online grocery store is like a dream come true for them with just a couple of taps. It becomes difficult to set a good margin in the products when it comes to an online grocery store. If one does not provide discounts on the product in online then why customers which reach to the online store. Because of this more discount offers has to be provided on the products in the online grocery store.

Because of the above reason, there can be a chance of loss when it comes to expecting good offers online.

  • Cost: Delivery Boys, Bikes and other Resources:

Even after bearing the cost of grocery e-commerce platform there are many other costs which one has to bear. Some perishable products like fruits & vegetables need good storage warehouses with deep cool technologies which are quite expensive.

Delivery boys are needed to deliver to goods and for that bikes are need and also have to look out for proper maintenance of the bikes. Bikes and delivery boys are very important for the business. But there are problems like delivery boys are leaving the jobs without notice, accidents, etc.

So the above things need a lot of money to invest to run the online grocery store business properly.

  • Customer Behaviour and Thinking:

The customers, mostly in other than metro cities believe in touch and buy method. Especially in buying the grocery products. So the customer behavior and thinking plays a very vital role in this business 

Some even believe that things on online grocery stores are not fresh and they use different harmful chemicals for preserving the products.

So because of this fact they always want to go by themself at the store to buy the products and less rely on online buying. So before starting an online grocery store business in your place take a deep research about the place and the people.

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Paramount Features Of Online Grocery Ordering System:

Following are some of the must-have features which the Online Grocery Ordering System of your online grocery business must have:

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Push Notification
  • GPS Tracking
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Product Reviews
  • Deals and Rewards

Cost: Readymade Grocery App Development

Cost: Readymade Grocery App Development

Readymade Grocery App Development cost can only be arrived at after analyzing your business requirement and expectation from the project. But if we compare it to the custom-built applications it will be going to be less costly and less time-consuming.

But when you want the tech features like which we have mentioned above, you will get a number range somewhere around $8000 for both Android and iOS. But if you also want the same features along with the admin panel then it will be going to cost you around $9000. 

If the Grocery app development is done with a good App Development Company then the cost will be depending on the number of hours dedicated to the development.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning a startup to run a grocery e-commerce platform like Bigbasket or Grofers but not yet started. Let me tell you that this is the high time to start a business of Online Grocery Store. Reason being the use of grocery applications have gone very high in many countries including India and the USA.

So stop wasting time and reach to the best Grocery Mobile App Development Company in your city and make a user-friendly app using readymade grocery application. It will save a lot of your money and time. 

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