Productive Ways To Work From Home During Coronavirus Outbreak


Productive Ways To Work From Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

March 30, 2020 | By SYNARION IT

History repeats and speaks itself though not in a similar way before but definitely in a deadly and scariest situation, whenever it strikes back. Earlier it was SARS, 1918 flu pandemic, H1N1 influenza in 2009, and Ebola and now it’s a coronavirus, which forces people to stay away from each other. Any contact with the carrier of the disease will impact them too, eventually, we have handled all the previous situations effectively and we strive to fight back the current one too.

And to handle the situation the government around the world passed on a solution and asked every citizen to hold back in the houses and take necessary preventive measures. In India, 3.38 billion people are under lockdown and confinement until 15th April, except those working in health care, law enforcement, media, and other essential services whereas other fields of business are working from home.

To maintain the livelihood and company on a roll, the government has authorized organizations to allow employees to work from home. Hence, leading to a complete change in the working process as we all know the environment and space effects a lot while working and it changes when you are at home. You have other responsibilities to accomplish and maintain but you have to find productive ways for your work including physical and mental health.

Work from home doesn’t imply, you have to work the entire day in your pajamas rather it’s a new reality every worker should embrace. There are many people out there unrecognized who are lacking support to earn the income and if you are getting one then outcast all the struggles and challenges. Some of the major problems for employers include coping with loneliness, time management, and communication with the respective members.

Many factors affect the working process and if you can tackle them then you can achieve the entire day task like a pro. Focusing on the work will entitle you to remove all panic from the mind and deliver the results in a completely new environment and there are ways you will land with the best solution.

Set apart your work and home mode

One of the biggest challenges while working from home is realizing that you forget that you are at home as it will lead you to comfort very slowly. For example – you are sitting on the chair and slowly finding yourself lying on the bed before you even started.

Remind yourself you are working and roll-out yourself from the comfy situation to the professional mode as it helps you physically feel that you are supposed to work and feel no indolence.

Simple suggestion, make yourself a tea or listen to music that brings you a strong association in your mind with the will to work.

Ace the communication

Whether it’s a pandemic situation or not when working from home, be clear with the communication with your boss and know what is expected from you. Be clear with your day-to-day communication and ask your manager if they can begin the day of work with a quick 10 min call and wrap up the day the same. In remote work, the proximity and closeness with the boss and colleagues reduce physically rather it’s more like a connection via a ready-to-go suite of tools like slack or video calls.

According to the 2019 report by an online brand development agency, Buffer found that loneliness was reported as the second challenge and that can make people less motivated. So, to avoid such situations to be in touch and contact with your managers.

Have a practical approach to what you can achieve a day

While working from home can boost you with full possibilities and if you have 135 a thing to do on the list, then that doesn’t mean you have to achieve it all in one day. Don’t be ambitious and fall into the trap of uncertain assumptions rather be realistic and try to set out to achieve more than listed. It helps you to stay away from dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Take short breaks

During office, you break your hectic work either via water break, lunch or walk, in the same way, you have to maintain the regular short breaks to avoid exertion. As we all know, sometimes there are uncertain meetings that break the concentration of work and while you are at home all those interruptions can be tamed. So, structure yourself and your day as it will help a lot in concentration.

Let’s Wrap

It’s easy to be stressed in such situations but those can be handled and take care of with structure and profound planning. Before starting anything, realize where it has to end and when it has to end, whereas the coronavirus pandemic situation can’t be tamed or analyzed but it can be definitely taken care of. Some short facts about coronavirus so far are that more than 30k people died from it and 7 lakh found with symptoms but more than 1 lakh people have been cured. So, it will be suggested to stay at home and stay safe.

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