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Potential of Online and Fantasy Gaming in India

Potential of Online and Fantasy Gaming in India

The online gaming market has seen exponential growth in the last decade due to the tremendous surge in data use. No wonder the revenues have nearly doubled in the previous four years. This increase in online gaming activities has led to the growth of online gamers and fantasy sports website development company almost ten times over the last 10 years. The marketing of affordable smartphones, high-speed internet, reduction in data prices, and the introduction and development of Fantasy Sports are major catalytic factors for such rapid growth.


Online Fantasy Sports Gaming (OFSG) is a format of skill-based online sports where fans make their team out of real-life players and play cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and other games. These virtual gaming teams collect points based on the real-life statistical performance of players in actual matches, kind of like a poker tournament.

As the Fantasy sports market is rapidly increasing, various business modules are also coming up, which in turn is making the Fantasy sports platform development more and more critical. It is at the stage where numerous start-ups are competing to attract 800 million sports viewers in India.

Along with the widely popular apps, Fantasy sports app development companies are also on the rise. These companies provide readymade, fantasy sports white label, Fantasy Sports software where the Fantasy sports app developers can decode the software and develop an app. Many such app development companies put these Fantasy Sports software for sale for sports enthusiasts. Such fantasy sports app development company incorporate advanced technologies and build live interactive moments in the virtual world and features like analytics and broadcast. These Fantasy sports app development company in jaipur are based in major cities with a high density of sports lovers like Jaipur, Mumbai, and many more.

Moreover, the Indian government has banned More than 177 foreign apps, including some of the leading gaming apps like PUBG mobile. This could prove to be a golden opportunity for the native game development community.


The introduction of many sporting leagues over the last few years, the top ones being IPL, Pro Kabaddi League, etc., has increased leaguers’ opportunity to join Fantasy sports. The emergence of these new leagues encourages the Fantasy sports audience to engage in multiple sports throughout the year. The idea of region-based team structure and incorporation of both native and foreign players has been the root reason for the success of the leagues and made sure that they have a fair chance at the Fantasy sports platform.

The industry of fantasy cricket website development is seen to be investing more and more in these gaming leagues. These websites sell readymade fantasy league software that can be quickly launched in the market and is 100% customizable. This software comes all wrapped with trending features. These websites have highly skilled Fantasy sports developers who deliver the top of the line and personally furnished software.


There has been a lot of controversy about the legalization of Fantasy sports around their definition of being called a “sport of skills’ ‘ rather than “luck” for over a long time. Finally, after hearing The High Court of Punjab and Haryana and the consecutive reaffirmation by The Supreme Court of India, Fantasy sport like the Dream 11 have been affirmed as a game of skill and are now used to spread awareness about the nature of the game. The legality of the game encourages more users to participate. Along with this, fantasy cricket app development company have started promoting their products increasingly to sustain the credibility of their website or app. The Marketing teams have developed various ways, including catchy taglines, to gain more ground.


With the advent of the surge in online gaming, the platform has become easily accessible by many. Many of the youths are now considering how to build their own fantasy sports website. Cricket fans are famous for taking their game seriously, and it is not surprising that the Fantasy Cricket market is growing by leaps. Many such fantasy app development websites are coming forward with their ideas. Fantasy sports software development is no more a distant dream. It’s just one website away.


Some leading players in the market will support the rapid growth of online Fantasy sports in India. Industries not linked with sports are now coming forward to support the structure. A primary reason for this is the money involved in fantasy sports. These investors even invest in the websites making new and even advanced Fantasy sports software. With the increase in the number of audiences, these sponsorships are likely to increase shortly.


The fantasy sports app developer have been using increasingly new technologies to enhance their performance. The gap between real sport and online sport has been closing ever since. The industry has grown in terms of superior technology providers and operators.

Online payment options are making payments more transparent and traceable. The system of payment could be monitored to avoid any form of misconduct.

The Fantasy sports industry has constantly been trying to regulate itself and taking all the necessary actions through its governing body, i.e., the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG)


Online Fantasy gaming has opened new avenues for Indian game developers in the country. With the advancement and the launch of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat in the gaming field by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the game developers will have more opportunities to deliver advanced online gaming apps in the market and enhance the sports economy. Moreover, the success of the domestic game industry and the exponential growth trajectory of online Fantasy sports have drawn the attention of foreign investments. With such propelling engagement, online Fantasy sports will reach their apex in no time.

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