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Online Taxi Booking Software- Best Gift For Your Taxi Business This Diwali

Online Taxi Booking Software- Best Gift For Your Taxi Business This Diwali

Build your own Online Taxi Booking Software this Diwali and grow your business 5x faster than competitors. In this advanced technological world, having online taxi booking software is paramount to generate more revenue. 

Hire The Best Online Taxi Booking Software Development Company 

If you’re really interested in growing your taxi hiring business, then on this Diwali opt for the best Taxi App Development Company for a smart and robust Taxi Dispatch Software.  No, matter what kind of taxi hiring mobile app you’re looking for? We’re sure with a renowned taxi business mobile app development company you’ll get a taxi hiring white-label mobile app within your budget.  

Online Taxi Mobile App development- step by step guide 

Online Taxi Mobile App development- step by step guide

1) Understand  Your Niche:  Apart from everything, find a unique niche in the taxi booking app market with lesser competition.

2) Research and Development: Gather documents and requirements for mobile app development and improvements that can be implemented.  

3) Create  Documentation for white Label Mobile App: Create technical documentation, special functionality, and technology stack to be used.  

Key Features of Taxi Mobile App Like Uber 

Here are a few must-have features of a Taxi Mobile Apps like Uber. Let’s check them out:  

1) Easy Registration Or Login Window: It is important to have a quick and easy to find registration or login option. Users must be able to register through emails, social networking sites, or phone numbers.  

2) Estimation: It is important to provide the user to check the exact distance from the current location to his or her destination along with the estimated fare.  

3) Reviews: A section must be created for customers to leave feedbacks and reviews for every driver. To make the procedure easy and quick, you may ask the feedback in the form of ratings.  

4) Payment: A reputed taxi booking app development company will always provide the customers with the convenience to pay fare online through secure gateways.  

5) Push Notifications: The user must be provided with the push notification option to text or notify the cab driver about his or her current status.  

6) History: The user must have a section where he or she can check their previous travel history, with distance traveled and charges paid at that time. It must also allow you to re-book the same trip on a single click.  

7) Real-Time Tracking: This will allow the passenger to track the movements of the cab driver. This improves loyalty and engagement.  

8) Book Later: To manage a perfect uber clone app development, you must-have features like – Book Later. It is a must to have a feature that enables the users to book a cab or taxi anytime you want or remember in advance for future needs. It avoids last-minute troubles.  

9) Driver Profiles: A separate and dedicated section for individual driver details with verification proofs such as tax numbers, identity proofs, and license numbers.  

10) Passenger Alert:  The driver must get alerts to notify them if a passenger books a trip in the nearby area. A ride availability notifications must toggle on the app’s home screen.  

11) Navigation: This feature must assist the driver to fin the shortest way to reach from one location to another.  

12) Journal: This feature will help in generating an invoice, total earnings in a day, and all the rides that an individual driver did in a month or more. The taxi mobile app like Uber must generate driver performance report, on a weekly or monthly basis.  

13) Admin Panel: This is the most crucial of all features. So, a reputed taxi app development company will always provide you with a panel that would make the complicated procedures look transparent and hassle-free. The panel should be able to track and manage the happenings on a daily basis. It should provide a quick overview of the entire data and payrolls.  

14) Split the Fare: This is an advanced feature that should be there in your on-demand taxi app development solution that allows different passengers going in the same direction to share a cab and split the final fare in just a few clicks. These features improve the engagement of the customers.  

15) Vehicle Choice: This is also an interesting feature where the passenger gets to choose the vehicle they want to ride in. 

16) Discounts & Offers: This section keeps you posted about the latest referral codes and coupons to avail discounts on your future rides.  


Well, If you are a taxi business then this is a quick idea of how your online on-demand taxi booking app can be helpful for your business. It is essential to hire a reputed team of professionals to design an Online Taxi Booking Software if you want great results! 

So in this Diwali give your business a gift that will help you in achieving your objectives effectively and efficiently.

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