Make Your Own Custom On Demand Taxi App development Solution Like Ola, Uber, Lyft?


Make Your Own Custom On Demand Taxi App development Solution Like Ola, Uber, Lyft?

March 29, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

Let’s take you to the world when on-demand taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola were not a part of our lives. Do you remember those days, to travel from one place to another without your vehicle was an enormous challenge for the passengers?

During those days, people have to face a lot of challenges, among them one was the biggest challenge to bargain with autowalas for the ride.

On Demand Taxi App Development

But in the modern world, taxi booking services turned one step ahead by launching online taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola. They are rescued for the travellers, as they are utterly secure and are available at a very reasonable price with outstanding ease.

In this contemporary era, you can book the taxi apps and get the taxi service on your doorstep. Yes, it is not shocking that app development services especially Taxi app development got so advanced that now with just a single click on your trendy smartphone you can get your ride without bargain.

Magic of Taxi Booking Mobile Apps on the world

Nowadays, it appears that more and more folks, particularly millennials, are quitting the classic taxi service and heading towards taxi-hailing apps. At the same time, more and more people quit the concept of having their own car and spending money on gasohol and all the maintenance cost, and instead they opt for this sort of car booking apps.

Moreover, these apps have the most success in downtowns, and the examples are Ola, Uber, and Lyft.

Let’s take a look at leading ride-sharing companies

Uber –

UBER has rightly been regarded as one of the most successful billion-dollar Startup in the current scenario.

Launched in the year: March 2009 (as UberCab), San Francisco, California, United States

Founders: Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp

Number of Downloads: 100 Million Users in the previous year

Supported Device: iOS | Android

Ola –  

Ola is also one of the giant ride-hailing and sharing service which is currently competing with Uber in India.

Launched in the year: December 2010 Bangalore, India

Founders: Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati  

Number of Downloads: 125 million(globally) & 5.9 million(India) monthly active users in the previous year

Supported Device: Android | iOS

Lyft –  

Lyft is another best taxi booking US-based app that has been giving a tough competition to Uber. Presently it is serving in more than 200 cities across the United States.

Launched in the year: December 2010 Bangalore, India

Founders: Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati  

Number of Downloads: 125 million(globally) & 5.9 million(India) monthly active users in the previous year

Supported Device: Android | iOS

On Demand Taxi App development

Reasons for Booming Taxi App

Here are some of the reasons why On-Demand Taxi dispatch App Solution is roaring the market –

  • All cabs in one App: Now one doesn’t have to call multiple tour agencies for the availability of taxis
  • Taxi Tracking: One can track their taxi on his or her smartphone itself
  • Preclude mediator commission: These services have completely ruled out the commissions involved with mediators
  • Transparency: Cabby himself cannot charge for the extra unwanted amount.
  • Impartial Fare: One has to pay the precisely calculated amount as per his journey only
  • Payment method on the first choice: At last but not least payment method is at the customer’s wish like prepaid or postpaid and that too with a very secure method.

Taxi Booking App Offers Three-Sided Value Proposition

As taxi booking apps are two-sided platforms, it’s fundamental to have a value proposition for both sides, the customers as well as the drivers. However, all propositions of a taxi app are meant to result in a reduction of search costs and transaction costs, which is exactly the key feature of a multi-sided platform.

Value Proposition for Chauffeur:

  • Driver Profile and Status: Drivers should be required to provide verification like their license and tax number, vehicle registration. Status functionality helps admin to understand the availability and schedule of the driver.
  • Order Alerts: Give push notifications to the drivers on new bookings, payment, route details, with an ability to accept and cancel the order.
  • In-App Navigation: Assists Chauffeur in identifying the best possible route.
  • Estimation: Fare estimate including a discount if any is there.
  • Reports: A swift glance at earnings, trip stats, and payroll.

Value Proposition for Passenger

  • Register/Login Page: Social media integration for registering also with email verification/registration option.
  • Booking Interface: A screen interface to feed the ride destination for booking or scheduling a cab.
  • Fare Calculator: It allows estimating the approximate cost of the ride before booking a cab.
  • Chauffeur’s Rating and Review:  It enables with the necessary Customer feedback for driver, vehicle, rides and rating the driver.
  • Messaging Service: Users can drop a message to contact the driver and clear up the information e.g. precise pickup point.
  • Payment Interface: Users should obtain a fare quote and a secure payment gateway where users can save their credit and debit card details for single-click payment.
  • Push Notifications: It Keeps passengers updated about the cab booking progress by sharing ETA, vehicle model, color, and registration number of the vehicle along with the name of the driver
  • Ride History: Provides information on the preceding rides and receipts; additionally allows users to book the same ride again.

Admin Panel

In addition, for any taxi booking app development of a robust and full-bodied web app admin panel, it is a must with enriching featured Android, iOS web application. This is actually the medium through which one can control their online taxi-booking business. They can do reviewing, managing and storing all the in-app activity.

The admin panel provides a swift overview of all the associated processes between passengers and drivers. Using the web app one can suggest the finest navigation route for the ride. They can also manage payroll and revenue. Lastly, also can collect data from their clientele for further enhancement.


So, If you have a business in the transportation industry then it becomes essential to get a taxi-booking app.

If you are looking for a custom Android or iOS mobile taxi booking app solution. And need to hire taxi app developers for the project, you must go forward with one of the best Mobile app development company.


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