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Mobile App Development: Native App Development VS. Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

What is Mobile App Development?

Application development involves several processes and procedures to write software for small and wireless computing devices, for example- smartphones and other handy devices.

Mobile app development also has its base in the traditional software development process. The only difference between web application development and mobile application development is that mobile apps have unique features, particularly for a certain device. In contrast, web applications perform alike on all devices.

Types of App Development

There are three types of apps in the current scenario of the technological industry.

  1. Native mobile apps
    the word native in the application world is designated to one platform, which means the app will run either in Apple iOS or Google’s Android or Windows phone. Native mobile apps platform has an advantage as it optimizes the user’s experience. Being developed for any specific platform, this application is known to be operated more quickly and precisely.
  2. Hybrid mobile apps
    like native apps, hybrid mobile apps can be easily installed on devices but with an advanced feature that allows the apps to run on web browsers. Every hybrid app is developed using the HTML5 language of programming. Hybrid apps are generally not as fast and promising as native apps, as they have a great capacity for streamlining the developing process.
  3. Web Apps
    website apps are known as adaptive web applications developed to fit different screen sizes. These apps are built using common programming languages, but these applications cannot access the hardware on mobile devices, and it doesn’t have the permission to be sold on any app store.

Native App Development versus Cross-Platform App Development

What is Native App Development?

The term “Native” refers to developing apps that are exclusively for single platform usage. The app programming language, as well as tools, are designed to support a single platform.

Native apps are known for their service of excellent user experience.

Hence some of the pros of native app development are –

  • It provides the flexibility of broad functionality by providing access to every API and tool to work on the provided platform.
  • The native applications have a higher rank in speed and performance, which makes them better store support for any platform.
  • Native apps are more flexible due to their scalable resource management and availability of array tools.
  • In native apps, the direct relationship between the code and the underlying resources delivers greater performance with better u x that is the greatest advantage for any platform.

With all the positive benefits of native app development come certain negative aspects too.

Some cons of the native app development-

  • Building a native app is more costly when the required launch is for iOS and Android. It requires different working themes to work on different platforms for one single application.
  • Building a native app takes a lot of time as the coding for one platform cannot match with the coding for another. Hence a separate team is required to work for different platforms on the same application.

With the wider view on native app development, let’s have a look at cross-platform Development.

What is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Cross-platform mobile Development indicates a process of developing an app that performs on several platforms.

This special app development is done using Xamarin cross-platform app development that allows the app to perform on both Android and IOS software. Cross-platform languages differ from native development languages in many ways.

Let’s have a look at the positive side of cross-platform mobile development.

  • Compared to native app development, cross-platform app development is cost-efficient, and it allows savings on the development costs.
  • Developing a cross-platform app requires a single code allowing a single team to work on the app.
  • The benefit of faster Development and a single cycle of coding is required to create the app that allows it to run on multiple platforms.

With all the positive sides of cross-platform app development, the requirement for cross-platform app developers is also increasing.

As everything cannot be perfect hence,

Cons of cross-platform app development are-

  • As it depends on a single code, the app delivers slower functionality as compared to native coding.
  • The single coding with the benefit of functioning on multiple platforms also limits the function ability of the app by creating difficulties in accessing certain smartphone options.
  • Apps built using cross-platform development lack UX components. Hence the UX experience is compromised in this development process.

With all the above knowledge of different developing options, do not forget to choose wisely among them as per your expectations.

If you want a well-functioned application for different platforms, make sure you choose the right native app developer to ensure an optimizing app.

On the other hand, if you are looking for cost-efficient services, appoint the best cross-platform app development company. Also, do not hesitate to hire cross-platform app developers if you plan on creating the app from freelance developers.

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