How Can You make an App like Clubhouse in Your Language?


How Can You make an App like Clubhouse in Your Language?

June 23, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

Did you check out Clubhouse? No, not that mickey mouse clubhouse! The clubhouse is a social networking app development that lets you chat with audio. This audio-based application is making a buzz in the market. The initial launch of the app is made in the spring of 2020. But the fame of the app got a leap nearly a year later. The app started its business with 600k active members, which is relatively low compared to other social media. But, if we look at the point that the app was launched in the middle of 2020, achieving so many members in such a short period is pretty impressive. And to be honest, this progress is what made everyone go crazy about the app. The list is getting longer for those who want to develop an app like clubhouse and earn some money.

If you are also one of them, you have to go through this article. In this post, you will explore more information about the Clubhouse, and you will also dissect the audio-based social networking trends. Moreover, you will learn about how to build an app-like clubhouse. You can also take the help of social media app development company India.  Without any more delay, let’s start the article. Keep on reading!!

What is a Clubhouse? 

Before you learn about building an app like the clubhouse app, it is imperative to learn about the clubhouse. It will help those who don’t have an idea about the clubhouse. 

The clubhouse is a social networking app. The audio-based app lets you chat with audio instead of text or video. It has got initial popularity among the American tech community. In a nutshell, it can be said that the clubhouse is an amalgamation of some social media such as podcasts, Twitter, and phone calls. You can easily listen to the message without any legal repercussions. The app was launched during the pandemic year, especially when people were thirsty to interact with people. In such a scenario, Clubhouse has stepped in like a surprise. 

How does Clubhouse Work? 

The clubhouse is one of the most popular audio social media networks. You may feel a bit confused about the first impression, but it will become easy to use if you follow the directions correctly. The User can download or access the app Via invites. Users can also join through the waitlist. When the user starts using the app, they get an interface where they have to put their real name, choose their interest and set up a profile. Once the user completes all the steps, he/she will be redirected to the app’s newsfeed. Once you are registered, you can choose the topics as per your interest. You can jump into the dedicated sections to hear the audio messages about the favorite issues you have chosen. In short, Clubhouse is an audio and social media network with a regional network. 

 What Makes Clubhouse so Popular? 

App like Clubhouse

If you are planning for social networking app development, similar to the Clubhouse, you have to know what makes the clubhouse so popular in the market. According to the social media development expert, there are three main reasons for the sudden popularity of the App. Here are the three main reason  

  • The app clubhouse has some unique features that make it one of a kind. The novelty of the app grabs the attention of the users.
  • The clubhouse has a unique promotional style thanks to the celebrity and the tech innovators. They are the first who got the chance to use the app. Involving celebrities and tech innovator is a somewhat intelligent move. 
  • Moreover, the company has launched the audio-based app at the right moment. 

The audio-based social networking app development was launched during the pandemic. The entire world was feeling lonely, disconnected, hungry, and thirsty for live interaction with people. 

What are The Key Features That Need to be Included in The Clubhouse-like Applications?

You have to understand that the app you want to develop is an audio chatting app and not a normal social media app. Hence there will be some differences in critical features of the app. Now that you want to build an app like the Clubhouse, you must understand the features that make the clubhouse so charming and enthusiastic. Let’s have a look. 


In research, it has been seen that around 80% of people delete the app because they don’t understand how to use the app. While onboarding, over 90% of the users think that companies could have done much better. While making purchasing decisions, around 63% of people consider the company’s onboarding program. Therefore, here is some proof that tells us how vital the onboarding program is to get the proper market.
Usually, the first thing that one needs to be aware of while developing the app is that you have to introduce your app to the user when they install it and open it for the first time. If the app is audio-based, then the developer has to work on details to ensure that people can easily comprehend the primary function. The onboarding of the clubhouse is not that up to the mark. But when you are developing the app, include the instruction for every single function of the app. 

User Profile 

Another critical feature of the app is the User Profile. The user profile is the primary and essential trait for every social media profile, and Clubhouse is nothing exceptional. This feature will help to get knowledge about the user they are connecting with. Set the shape so that the user Can easily customize the profile and it with other social media. 


The news feed is the primary thing existing users see when they open your app after installation. Make it customized and efficient to guarantee individuals see talks they’re genuinely inspired by.
The option for visiting ought to likewise be set in the feed area for fast access. Nonetheless, it is ideal for making beginning a visit accessible from the majority of the application segments.

Audio Chat Rooms 

The chat rooms are the main element of the audio-based app. If you are building the audio-based app, you have to include the participant’s roles such as listener, speaker, moderator, etc. 


A search option makes the app handy. With this following option, the user can easily find any other accounts, events, and groups. You can make the app more effective by incorporating various filter options and customized suggestions. 

Activity tab

The features allow the user to keep an eye on the freshly joined and latest scheduled chat notifications. Informing the user about the other joining is an intelligent move. This will help the user to connect with the new user immediately and increase their followers. Another thing that you should include is the push notification for activity tab options. 

Event Schedule 

This particular feature will assist the user in keeping track of all the upcoming scheduled chats. You can make this feature a list of events. To make it more convenient, you can design the schedule option as a calendar. This will make it more interesting. 


You have to include this notification option in your app. This will not allow the user to miss any information or miss any chat. In the app clubhouse, they have incorporated a unique option. In this particular app, you will find that users can select how often they want to get notifications from the app. This is a unique style through which the user will not be flooded with notifications.
Till now, we have discussed the app clubhouse and all the technical things related to it. You have established what a clubhouse app is and the features that need to be considered while developing an app like Clubhouse. Now we will have a look at how you can make an app like a clubhouse. 

A step-by-step guide to building an app like Clubhouse. 

So, we are in the portion where we will talk about the step to build an App like a clubhouse

  1. Idea and Research

    Irrespective of what app you are developing, you have to comprehend comprehensive research. If you want to build a successful app like a clubhouse, you have to develop a unique idea. If you think that you will mimic the app and become an effortless journey, you are entirely wrong. No user will download an app that resembles another one. You can make the weakness of the clubhouse and another similar app your strength in your idea. Hence you have to offer a better solution for your user.
    To solve the problem, you can prepare a lean canvas. The lean canvas is a business model that helps break the idea to get a clear picture of what you are planning and implementing.

  1. MVP development.

    You have already discovered that the most crucial reason for the popularity of the clubhouse is its novelty. If you are taking the clubhouse app as your inspiration while building your audio-based app, developing an MVP is recommended. MVP stands for a Minimum Viable product, referred to as the basic version of the app you are creating. The MVP product will be an initial market test, which will help you get the user’s feedback.
    With MVP, the production cost of the app reduces, and after getting the feedback, you can slowly add other features to it. When you’re developing a Voice chatting or audio-based app, you have to keep in mind that this kind of app needs high-quality backend and mobile development. You will need a Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP for developing an app like Clubhouse. The leading service behind the app’s primary purpose is transmitting audio from one client to another effortlessly. The Design of the Clubhouse is pretty minimalistic. Yes, the design certainly makes it stand out from the crowd; that is too for the app’s simplicity. It will be better if you make the app with a trendy look and highly intuitive.

  1. Testing of the app

    If you are, MVP should be adequately tested to give your proper feedback, and you can offer them a bug-free app. When making an audio-based app, you have to include VoIP services and voice transmitting functions. While testing the app, you have to check the connection’s reliability.
    Don’t hurry up! Take enough time to check the quality assurance. Conducting comprehensive research will give your user a bug-free app.

  1. Release

    Once you have got a good test report, it’s finally time to release the application. You have to make your app viral. If you don’t promote your app, how will your user know about the app you have developed? You can use the following technique to establish the app.

  1. You can take the help of the Influencer to promote your app. 
  2. Utilize the Google Play Store or App Store Optimization 
  3. You can also promote your application with the use of media outlets. 

Investment is needed to develop an app like Clubhouse. 

Developing an app will require technical as well as monetary support. You have to invest in producing a useful app that will, in return, help you to earn money. To develop an app, you will require a team of specialists. Overall, it takes around 1240 hours to build an app like a clubhouse. The amount of investment may differ for iOS and Android. If you’re making the app for android, you may have to pay a bit more money than for iOS. Standard Web app is relatively easier to build compared to the audio-based app. The audio chatting app needs a high-quality end product. Hence, you have to pay a bit more for an app like a clubhouse.  

The Final Thought

In such a period, when a pandemic has made us thirsty for random communication, launching a chatting app can become a good idea. Hopefully, you have got enough idea about how to develop an app like Clubhouse. If you are still not sure about the process, you can take the help of a social networking app development company. They will help you to develop an app just like the Clubhouse.

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