Dream11 Clone: Get Success by Launching Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11


Dream11 Clone: Get Success by Launching Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11

December 02, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

Dream11 Clone


Fantasy sports is a new way of showing the talent of several game enthusiasts worldwide. Today, you will see a lot of spectators having a deep knowledge of the game. These spectators give exact opinions, suggestions and predict some unrealistic moments in the game. No one can match the analyzing skills of these sports analysts, as they can deeply analyze the scenario alongside getting entertained from the match. So, for these genius people, fantasy sports have turned out to be the best thing. They started quickly making good money out of fantasy sports by utilizing their brain and skill. Seeing the opportunity to make easy money and entertainment, more people started showing interest in the game. This reason has favored the growth of fantasy sports apps like the dream11 clone.

The fantasy app development is getting attention rapidly, and several dream11 clone-like apps can be seen on the internet. Hence, if you think of starting a fantasy app like dream11, you are on the right track. With a fantasy sports app, you can get success faster compared to other niches. So, with this article, we will pass all the crucial information related to fantasy app development.

Why do We Choose Fantasy Sports App Development?

There is the hype about choosing fantasy sports app development worldwide, but why?

  1. People Love Sports

Everyone on earth loves to watch sports, whether it’s football, cricket, hockey, etc. Moreover, some people have good knowledge of the sports they watch. If they get the opportunity to showcase their expertise on a platform, they will love to do so. So, if only 1% of sports lovers show interest in fantasy sports, developing fantasy sports apps will succeed.

  1. Accepted Worldwide

Fantasy sports is no longer considered a betting game worldwide. Various countries like India have legalized the use of fantasy sports apps in their country. So, without any objection, you can launch the app worldwide and offer a platform for sports lovers to earn money.

  1. Can Easily Get Assistance From Different Organisations

Starting or developing an app without anyone’s financial backup is difficult. Organizations or people only invest in those startups that can give them good returns. Investing in fantasy app development is less risky but can yield a higher profit. So, getting an investor is easy if you present a great plan to them.

  1. People Will Stay For Long

No one will visit the fantasy sports app for once if you offer users the best service and gaming facilities. If you keep the app’s functioning smooth and active, people will use the fantasy sports app daily. Hence, starting a fantasy sports app like dream11 will be worth it.

  1. One User Will Bring Two More Users

The best part of the fantasy sports app is it can attract users easily. Moreover, the existing users also help in inviting others to play the game along with them. If anyone earns good money from the fantasy platform, more people will start using the fantasy sports app.

How to Create a Fantasy Sports App?

It is essential to know about the things to include in the app while creating a dream11 clone. It would be best to always prepare a dream11 clone script before starting the app development process. So, here is how you can prepare to begin the developmental process:

  1. Focus On Collecting Data

A fantasy sports app is not about fancy colors or amazing graphics, but it’s all about the data. Collect all the essential data like player’s stat, current performances, and other required statistics for the app. The users will use this data to prepare their teams for the upcoming matches. So, if you provide the users with maximum data, it will be easier for them to play the game.

  1. Keep The Interfaces Simple

Generally, fantasy sports app users are new to the game, and hence, keeping things simple will help. They can easily navigate through the app, participate in various tournaments and read and analyze the stats of players and teams. Moreover, simple and easy-to-use interfaces look more attractive than fancy interfaces.

  1. Add Important Features For The App

While creating a fantasy app, we can not ignore some of the essential features like:

Real-Time Analytics

Fantasy sports are entirely based on the current performances of the team or player. The app should collect the data immediately for the users to analyze the situation accurately while making the team. Introduce some advanced features like live tracking and activity analysis to the app.


Users should customize their feed, which means they should directly see their favorites in the app. Along with feed customization, players should get the chance to host new tournaments or challenge duels with friends to make fantasy sports exciting. The fantasy sports app allows users to set notification preferences for offers or game levels, etc.

User Dashboard And Leaderboard

Including a dashboard and a leaderboard is a must for fantasy sports apps. Players should be able to see their profile, past performances, and winnings on their dashboard. The leaderboard should be fully active throughout the game, and for any change in rank, the app should immediately reflect it on the leaderboard.

Include Multiple Sports

If you look for maximum users, try including multiple sports in the app. With various sports options, users can easily participate in games of their choice. Also, this will enhance the excitement and fun of using the fantasy sports app like dream11 clone.

Easy Transaction

While doing fantasy app development, the developer must keep the transaction process smooth and secure. Include multiple options to deposit and withdraw money in the app. Moreover, to enhance the security of transactions, use a two-step verification method in the app. Implementing these features for quick transactions will build trust among the users of the app.


Adding geolocation to the fantasy sports app will attract a lot of local users. The feature will send push notifications of all the ongoing local tournaments to the users. So, the users can easily take part in both local and other contests.

Customer Support

It is one of the crucial features that fantasy sports app developers must include. Enable chatbots with solutions for the common issues users may face. These chatbots will solve the common problems immediately for the users. If the issue is complicated or different, keep options to redirect the users to customer support executives. You can also keep a tab for frequently asked questions in the app, answering some of the common doubts users face.

Push Notification

The fantasy sports app like dream11 clone should be able to send push notifications for all the activities in the app. Enabling this feature will allow you to send promotional, informational, and confirmation messages to the users. Moreover, you can update and remind the users regarding any upcoming important tournament.

  1. Advanced Features For The Fantasy Sports App

To stand out in the crowd, you must have a unique feature in the app. Add some special features to the app that will make the app different from other fantasy sports apps.

Allow To Make New Team In Between Match

While fantasy cricket app development, add the feature to make a new team in between matches. Adding this fantastic feature will allow users to change their team depending on the match’s situation. The quick changes in their selected group will increase their chance of reaching the top of the leaderboard.

Allow To Make Multiple Teams

The winning chances for a user are low with a single team. But, if a user makes more than one team for a single match, the winning bets will be more. So, allowing the users to make more teams in the game will be great for them. In this way, the number of participants will increase in every match and tournament.

Introduce Artificial Intelligence

You can ask the fantasy sports app development company to consider introducing artificial intelligence to the app. With the involvement of AI, most of the things are automated in the app. The user can personalize the app quickly, and the AI will show and send notifications regarding the user’s favorite sports. Artificial Intelligence can offer you advanced and deeper game analytics and suggest some ideas to create a good team. Adding modern technology to the app will make the app usage a bit easier but more competitive.

Using Blockchain or Crypto For Payment

We all know, blockchain or crypto is not legal in most parts of the world. So, allowing the users to make payments using crypto will be highly beneficial. Payment using crypto is more secure and quicker than any other way. The app can also offer some free crypto to promote the usage of crypto as a payment method.

Social Media Integration

If we have to remember the ID and password for every app we use, then there is a high chance we will forget a few. Social media integration is the best method to enable a smooth and easy login process. Allow users to log in using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc., for easier login. Moreover, the users can see and challenge their friends on their social media handles.

Invite & Earn

Invite and earn is now the most common feature found in apps. But, the fantasy sports app developers have to think innovatively to make the invite and earn scheme exciting. Ask the users to invite a target number of people to win a bigger prize or enter into an elite leaderboard. Moreover, don’t put a limit on the number of people a user can invite. These small things can make a massive difference in the popularity of the dream11 clone.

Chat Box

No other messaging app can beat the excitement and fun of in-game talking and banter. Introducing messaging features will allow users to text other competitors in their friend lists. Moreover, users can also send duels or create new tournaments using the messaging feature in the app.

  1. Gamification Of The Fantasy Sports App

The fantasy sports app is useless without the money or tokens we use to participate. But, everyone doesn’t trust adding or depositing for online fantasy apps. The app should offer some free tickets or cash for the new users to gain users’ trust. But, will you give that for free to every user? No, right? So, gamification of the fantasy sports app is the best way to engage users and let them earn some free cash. There are a few ways developers can gamify the app.

  • For gamification of the fantasy sports app, create virtual cash for the app. The users can use virtual currency to participate in the ongoing matches and tournaments.
  • As fantasy sports are all about prediction, they allow users to predict some moments in the game. Reward the winners with some virtual cash and rank them on a separate leaderboard.
  • Without proper knowledge and analysis, users can’t make a good team. To check their preparation and understanding of the game, start a small quiz daily with some easy questions. For every correct answer, reward the users with the app’s virtual cash.
  • At last, spin the wheel or spin and win is the most common gamification way for the app. Add some free cash and tokens on the wheel, and allow the users to spin the wheel daily to win exciting prizes.


Today, Fantasy sports app development is one of the best options available. But, while making the app, you should be prepared with the script for creating the fantasy sports app. Collect as much data as you can to offer the best analytics to the users. Always keep your focus on developing a fantasy sports app that will make the data analysis quick and easy. Never forget to add some additional features to make the app different from others. Moreover, keep the interfaces clean and easy to navigate to make the app friendlier to new users. Implement all the above features we have mentioned before launching your dream11 clone, and start moving on the path to success.

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