Know Everything About White Label Taxi Booking App Development


Know Everything About White Label Taxi Booking App Development

September 20, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

Are you owning a taxi company and want to improve your business service quality? Then the best you can do for your company is to invest in the White label taxi booking app.  There is a substantial change in private commercial transport in the last few years. Today we are having an expeditious lifestyle thus we have to do everything quickly and efficiently. Having your own mobile apps like Ola and Uber is equally important to have a page of your business on Facebook. Therefore if you want to take your customer’s experience to the next level then simply invest in white label taxi app development.


White Label Taxi booking App

Now let’s discuss everything related to white label taxi booking app development.

What is White Label Taxi Booking App Solution?

White label solutions mean the fully supported service which is developed by one company and sold by another. These services are sold to another company without any branding of the same. The company which is buying then resell it with their brand logo and identification. White label can help the taxi app development company to use their business resources effectively and efficiently. 

White label taxi app mostly come in packages such as an app for driver, passenger, etc. Mostly the online taxi app developers rent them out on subscription models. Some taxi booking app development companies work with white label models and provide clients with unique applications.

Features Of  White Label Taxi Booking App Panel 

White label taxi booking app generally come in panel packages which include User Panel, Driver Panel, and Admin panel. Let’s discuss some important features of every panel.

1) User Panel: 

User Panel in white label taxi app

The features that are needed are as follows:

  • User Profile: Customer is allowed to make a proper profile with basic information like Name, Contact number (so that they can verify), Address, etc. And this feature should be flexible i.e., customers can make changes anytime in his/her information.
  • Scheduled Rides: If a customer is having any plans for the upcoming time then he/she can schedule the ride for their future date and time. So that at the last moment they don’t have to face any hassle.
  • Fare Estimation: Users should always have an idea of the fare of the ride before booking the same. They should have a proper calculation of their pickup and drop location.
  • Real-Time Updates: Online taxi booking software should be designed in such a way that passengers are able to get a real-time update like the driver to arrive, booking of the cab. And all this should be notified through push notification, SMS or Emails.
  • Online Payment: Online taxi booking software should allow the user to pay the number of taxi services online through different payment modes such as Paytm, Bheem, Google Pay, etc. 

2) Driver Panel: 

Driver Panel

 Driver panel should have at least the following features:

  • Easy Registration: The registration should be easy for the drivers. Taxi app development companies should use easy language even including multiple languages so that drivers could easily understand the information. They should only have to submit the documents and other basic information like Name, Contact number, Address, etc.
  • Accept/Reject: There should always be a feature where the driver can accept or reject the ride according to their preference. And if the driver is rejecting the ride they should give the reason for rejecting the same.
  • Contact Passenger: The app development company should provide the feature where the driver can contact directly to the passenger for inquiring about the trip.
  • Navigation: Taxi dispatch software should provide the navigation feature in which there should be an inbuilt Google Maps through which the driver could get the direction of the destination.
  • Start/End Trip:  In this feature, the driver should get the OTP from the passenger and then could start the ride and at the destination, he/she could end the same. After that, the application would show the amount in which the passengers have to pay the driver.

3) Admin Panel: 

Admin Panel

Admin panel should have at least the following features:

  • Secure Details: In this feature, the admin secures all the details of the drivers and the passengers which they provided at the time of registration. They secure it by using proper security so that no one can hack their account and the information can’t be leaked.
  • Driver Management: The driver’s workflow is managed by the admin only. It includes signup of drivers, review, rating, etc. and accordingly the bonus and other payment of the driver is scheduled.
  • Track Driver: This feature allows to view and track of the driver. Providing an accurate location of the driver is done by admin only. This feature is also used for security reasons of the passenger and if any crime is tried by the driver the team could reach the location easily.

Benefits of White Label Taxi Booking Applications

1) Can be available to the market in a short period:

White label taxi dispatch solutions help you develop Taxi application in less time. Taxi app development companies don’t have to do any planning and designing regarding UI, as everything is already been done. Because of this reason, you don’t have to wait for a long time and your application can be launched in the market in a very short period as compared to app development from the very start.

2) The initial investment in white Label taxi app development is low including plenty of customization:

Choosing a ready-made solution is always cost-efficient than building an application from scratch. There are many mobile app development companies signing up for white label solutions is seen as a way to reach to the market quickly and without any huge investment. White label apps are also easily customizable. 

3) Maintenance after the release of the Taxi App:

Taxi booking app development company which provides white-label taxi applications also assure to take care of the support and maintenance of the same. Updation and deployment of the code are too boring and hard for the business owners.


White label taxi booking app development is a universal solution that can save your money and along with that can give you an app that can save your place in the competitive market of the taxi business.

So if you are planning to start your taxi business or if you are already running the same then for its more growth and development reach to a good app development company and ask them to provide white label taxi app development services.

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