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How to Pick the Right Platform for Your Grocery Mobile App in this Digital Era?

How to Pick the Right Platform for Your Grocery Mobile App in this Digital Era?

There has been a remarkable increase in the online grocery business due to this pandemic period. The novel coronavirus has become a great threat to the world and there has been a sudden as well as drastic pull down in the world’s economy due to this. Every business in the world nowadays is struggling to hold on to the market. But the online grocery stores have increased three times since the pandemic period. This is the right time to know about the key aspects of grocery eCommerce platforms as the benefits it gives to its buyers, vendors as well as the businessman.

A lot of readymade grocery apps dominated the grocery market single-handedly because the vendors were unable to ship vegetables as well as fruits due to state-wise restrictions on import as well as export. Many people also opted to buy from them as it is generally safe not to go outside the house due to this pandemic period and ordered their groceries from these online stores.

A report that was published by the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) Asia, states that online grocery shopping in the top 12 grocery markets which is present in Asia is predicted to grow from USD 99 billion to USD 295 billion by the year 2023. The annual compounded growth rate (CAGR) is also 24.4 percent which when compared to the 6.2 percent for the overall grocery retail market. IGD also forecasts that the online market will account for 7.6 percent of the total grocery retail sales in Asia by the year 2023, which is more than double its current market share. For this, the grocery mobile app development could be very profitable for businessmen. India’s Online Grocery Shopping is also forecasted to be among the fastest-growing in Asia as well as in the world.

Types of Online Grocery Business Models

Before launching a grocery eCommerce platform a person needs to analyze their business model and they should also develop their online grocery store that will suit their business very well. Here are some types of online business models that a person can choose from;

Multi-vendor Grocery Platform –It is a single grocery platform that allows several vendors to get associated with it and allows them to sell their products through the multivendor grocery platform. Its example is a grocery e-commerce website like Big basket.

The Hyperlocal Grocery Platform – this type of grocery platform generally meets the needs of the customers through the use of local offline shops with the help of an online marketplace.

The Single vendor Grocery Platform – this grocery platform is generally used for selling a company’s own products through the use of a single digital platform as well as attracting more and more customers to the marketplace. For food as well as the grocery store owners, creating a grocery delivery app that will represent as well as promote their grocery shop is very important. This will also enhance their customer reach.

All they need to have is proprietor commissions for their branded app. They also need to update the online grocery items as well as food items that are available in the store. They should also have their own delivery men so as to deliver particular items to the customers as well as manage all the store-related activities. A grocery delivery app that will manage all of these for them and a customer app for their digital buyers is all they need. A custom app will therefore solve all their pains in one go.

Grocery App development

A person should point to an app development platform that will develop its grocery app smartly and according to the customer’s needs. The app should let the customers build their grocery list smartly. It can be a list of vegetables or the list of fruits and many other household essentials. The app should issue reminders, track expenses of each month of the customer, and do as many things as it so as to digitize the grocery shopping experience. These features in the app can let the businessman know the psyche of their customers so as to help the customers with the items they need immediately and safely.

The various features of a Grocery Delivery App development are

The User Panel Features

This is also known as user registration or login. It is the most significant part of an application where the users need to log in using their email id or any contact number.

Various features of a Profitable Grocery eCommerce Platform

It should be easy to search the products – the app development company should narrow down the options that the customers are searching for. The app should be equipped with advanced searching and filtering options that can be inbuilt in the readymade grocery app India.

Order tracking – the app should let the customers and vendors know about the order status in the online grocery store and allow them to easily track their orders as well as get the status of the product.

Coupons and discounts – the application should delight their customers by providing special discounts as well as coupons that will make them buy again and again through the grocery eCommerce platform

The app should also have secured multiple payment options – the application should facilitate their customers to utilize their payment options so as to buy products from the eCommerce platform and ensure the customers that this grocery platform is a highly secured one and a person can do the transaction in it without any fear.

Reviews & rating – the app development company should never miss an opportunity to get the customers’ feedback about the grocery platform service as well as the product quality. This will enhance the online credibility of the application as well as the business of the company. Grocery app development in India has become a necessity now and it is very important to target the grocery pick up as well because the situation demands so.


If an individual is planning to create an on-demand grocery delivery app, these are the basic steps and procedures that will help to define the essential features that a person needs to consider. They should always stay ahead in the cut-throat competition by hiring a dedicated grocery delivery app development company for their startup to develop a robust grocery delivery app. A grocery app development company generally demands a holistic understanding of the idea as well as the objective of the business. Hiring remote developers is always a better choice and this pandemic situation has also made it very cheap from a business point of view.

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