How to Make Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11?


How to Make Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11?

August 08, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

How to Make Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11?Before understanding how to build a fantasy sports website like Dream11, let’s first discuss the Dream11 Application.

Dream11 is one of the most famous fantasy sports app platforms for fans of Indian sports to showcase their sports skills and aptitude. People can make their own team by choosing real-time players from both the teams and can also make the captain of their own choice, earn based on player’s on-field performance and by doing this they can get a chance to win cash prizes and other such exciting rewards.

The platform of Dream11 is all about fun, prediction and most importantly possibility of winning exciting prizes. Today, fantasy sports are played in the range of sports such as cricket, soccer, baseball, kabaddi, horse racing, basketball and many more giving the sports lovers in the country a chance to show their skills and knowledge to become the part of such a popular platform.

Now Let’s Understand What Actually Fantasy Sports Are

Fantasy Sports is one of the types of online games where participants don’t participate like real players. They assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of any professional sports. This team of virtual players competes based on the statistical performance of those players in the actual game. Their performance is converted into points that are compiled and totaled according to a listed plan selected by each fantasy team’s manager.

In simple words, Fantasy games are actually the games of skills in which you create your own team with the mixture of players of both the team playing on the field and based on their score you get coins.

How Fantasy Gaming Booming in India

How Fantasy Gaming Booming in India?

The online gaming sector has experienced a drastic transformation in the past decade. The global market observing vigorous growth in recent years. India, too, has become an important part of the growth story of fantasy sports development.

Indian online industry is expected to turn into a billion-dollar industry by 2023, as per the report conducted by KPMG and the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG). This report is titled “The Evolving Landscape of Sports gaming in India”. The primary focus was on the country’s strong affinity towards fantasy gaming. As per the report, the fantasy sports platforms will brag over the user base of over 100 million by 2021. The skilled-based fantasy games made their way to the Indian market. It was not until a few years later when the trend went conventional. Predominantly, after the launch of the most popular sports events like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indian Super League (ISL), the game App development market got a good hike.

Fantasy Sports Games; Skilled based or not?

Skills based or not?

At present, there is an ongoing discussion about fantasy sports being skilled based or not. However, the general agreement is that fantasy games require a certain level of expertise and knowledge for earning rewards. Participants have to remain informed fitness of the player, the performance in the last matches and many other external factors. Skill matters more than luck in fantasy sports games.

Developing of Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11

In recent days, we are hearing a lot about and also using Dream11 application for entertainment and along with that, we can also earn by creating the team and sports betting on the same. You might think how actually these all work and how we can develop the same website as Dream11.

1. So if you are thinking of fantasy Sports app development as your dream business, you have to follow the following steps to make a successful website: –

2. First, you have to decide on which platform you want to develop the website.

3. You have to make a table of different functions which you should add to your website.

4. You have to decide on a particular sport for creating a web application like hockey, cricket, kabaddi and etc.

5. Prior to everything, first of all, you have to do is to select a unique domain for your website for fantasy sports development

If you have developing knowledge, then you can develop a fantasy sports website on your own otherwise you have to hire a web developer or fantasy sports website development company to make your website.

After domain, you have to require a white label fantasy sports software to easily develop your website

Also, you need a website hosting which you can purchase from the best hosting service provider.

So with the above steps, you can start a fantasy sports website development to start your business. If you want to hire a fantasy sports website developer, then you can go with Synarion IT Solution. These people can develop any sport-related website in less time.

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports Games App

It is predicted that by the end of 2019, 2.7 billion fantasy app users will play through their smartphones.

Sports fantasy app with basic user panel costs around $8000 for iOS and Android (with admin panel cost is $9000). If it is done by App development company same would be cost depending upon the number of hours dedicated to development.


Cricket is the most important and popular among all sports in India. It was never a surprise that is would be the first portal –based online game of fantasy sport in India. Today there are more games which are adding to the list like fantasy kabaddi which currently in on the hike.

The Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, which is India’s first and only self-regulatory industry body for the sports gaming sector. And KPMG India Private Limited released a report on the “The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India” which provided an overview of the online gaming industry with the main focus on fantasy sports. It says about the fairness, legality, safety and secure nature of the transaction done on the fantasy sports platforms. So today everyone can start doing business through fantasy sports applications.

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