How To Increase Traffic on Fantasy Sports App in 2022


How To Increase Traffic on Fantasy Sports App in 2022

January 31, 2022 | By SYNARION IT

Fantasy Sports App Development

Fantasy Sports App and Fantasy Sports App Development

Fantasy Sports App is becoming a trend in every corner of the world. Many apps in the market can fulfill your demand, as in the present time everyone is looking for a platform where they can earn by their knowledge and play any kind of game like a real play by relaxing on the cushions and with the evolving and growing technology it has created a dynamic environment and this lead to the rise of the Fantasy Sports App Development in the market.

Fantasy Sports are online prediction games where you put together a virtual team of real sports players. You earn points based on real-life statistics that are converted into fantasy points. The better your player performs in real life, the higher your fantasy points.

The world is filled with dedicated and passionate sports lovers. These fantasy sport web applications allow one to play their favorite sports based on their skills and assumptions. You could clearly say these applications served as icing on the cake. With the increasing fantasy sports app trend in the real market, the fans have a lot of options to choose from. Being connected to the real-world scenario, sports fans across the world feel entertained despite being amidst the monotonous and hectic work schedule, earn points and rewards, and above all socialize and make new friends.

We all know that the popularity of fantasy sports in India is only rising, but did you know that India is the largest online fantasy sports market by user base in the world? With over 100 million Indian sports fans, fantasy sports are based on real-life sports and no simulation whatsoever. These are only available for a real-life match and not anytime one wants to play. Unlike gaming, to participate in fantasy sports, users create their virtual teams before the start of a real-life live sporting event.

Fantasy sports help promote newer and nonmainstream sports and tournaments, thereby building a sporting culture. Unlike gaming, fantasy sports cannot be played 24/7, and time spent on the app is limited to making your fantasy sports team that too before the match starts time. And so this also makes it a nonaddictive form of engagement. Fantasy sports are available for ten sports in India, namely cricket, football, Kabaddi, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, baseball, rugby, American football, and football.

Users participating on a fantasy sports platform can transparently see the choices made by fellow participants and also easily track their performance in real-time. The outcome of the competition is dependent entirely on the performance of the players in real-life sports events.

Indian Fantasy Sports has a dedicated self-regulatory body and overall, India’s fantasy sports industry is in an exciting phase right now, and neatly guidelines are a revolutionary step towards promoting and protecting the innovative industry of fantasy sports. Former recognition of the sector will give it the much-needed boost and pave the way for further growth of both sports and fantasy sports.

Here are some of the prominent Fantasy Sports platforms in India 

There have been many fantasy sports platforms in India, but it was Dream11 that made it big and popularised fantasy sports in India currently. Some of the other apps such as MPL, My11 Circle, My team 11, Fancy11, Balle Baazi are fighting out in the market which already is in the surge with the number of new players joining in. Dream11 has been the first Fantasy Sports platform that has entered the league of unicorns in India.

What is Fantasy Sports Software Development 

With the increasing demand for fantasy sports, Fantasy Sports Software Development has also made tremendous growth on this planet. It is an advanced and enriching fantasy sports software solution with sturdy and climbable features for fantasy admirers which are made by expert professionals by giving extra attention to details, knowledge, professionalism, with modern trends to make predictions easy. All this allows users to play fantasy sports virtually and makes them enjoy every second of the match by covering multiple sports of their choice like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, and so on.

Fantasy App Development Company 

Fantasy sports app and website development company is known to create reliable solutions that are innovative and are also capable of making their place in the existing market and offers an extensive range of Fantasy sports app development services for those who are looking to venture into this business.

A Fantasy Sports App Development Company should have an extensive team of skilled fantasy sports app developers that are highly experienced in developing all kinds of fantasy sports apps, software, and websites for both the Android and iOS platforms including fantasy cricket app development. And the company should also have customized and white-label fantasy sports

app development solutions, that take your business to new heights and generate a good amount of revenue.

Ways to increase traffic on Fantasy Sports Game App in 2022:- 

  • Be a Mobile-friendly user: It is not new that mobile phones are stepping ahead of any digital media a long time ago. So, the mobile friendlier your fantasy sports site, the more visitors it would garner. There was about a 3.5% jump of fantasy sports players from a year ago. That means more users that grew up using mobile phones and tablets are likely to play fantasy sports on these devices. Make your website easily accessible and smooth apart from adding mobile-friendly content and social tools and this will help to increase traffic on your site.
  • Optimizing content: Optimize your content with relevant keywords and make sure you know the best times to post according to the targeted demographic. For example searching on the popular sport in the world such as searching some important keywords like fantasy football, NFL ranking, NFL player ranking, fantasy draft tips have been trending for the last few years but experience a spike specifically during the season. Some keywords would be high on game days, others would be trending on the day after. This is the reason why you shouldn’t just create content, but optimize it with the help of the right keywords and make it visible.
  • Making contest sharable: Creating a contest and making it convenient to share on social media is one of the important steps to bring traffic to your fantasy sports app. There’s no reason why you must not make your content easily sharable on social media. The more easily your users can share content, the more traffic and attention your fantasy sports website would get. For this, you can use some simple sharing tools and plug-ins with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as now people usually spend their time on social media, and releasing your content on such platforms can help you get more traffic than ever. This is how, share content related to their favorite players, add awards like give-away tees related to leagues and players, and keep your users coming on to your website.
  • By keeping the user clicking: Now that you have got an engagement strategy in place, make sure you use it to create returning visitors. Make your fantasy sports website a one-stop-shop of information related to any sport that the app offers you should first share news and articles, high-quality photographs, live streaming, chat forums, rewards, tips about drafting, friend referrals, bonuses, and the likes.
  • Knowing the Audience: It is true that for every business audience comes on the priority. Men make up a majority of the estimated 25 million players in the U.S., but women are jumping quickly onboard for different reasons. It is about 20% of fantasy sports players are women, and they are continuously increasing year over year But women have a slightly different reason to play, other than being competitive of course. So, when you put together content, keep in mind that your audience is broader than you might think, and content for female fantasy sports fans will resonate with a large audience as well.
  • Keeping visitors clicking: For any publisher, this is one of the outcomes you want when a visitor arrives on your site. If someone’s checking out an article about NFL preseason ranks or earlier performance of the players by viewing their scores in the recent matches all this keeps your visitors engaged on your site longer, and by using sharing buttons, you will drive more traffic to your site and this can all agree that would be a touchdown.


At last, it is right to say that the demand for Fantasy Sports has increased over the times and with this demand for Fantasy App Development has also increased and with this, it has become more important to generate good traffic to your site and let your business grow in a very well and smooth way and this leads to sustainability in the business. So, to stand in this competitive market all you need to do is, just follow the process mentioned above that helps to bring active traffic to your site.

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