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How to Gamification Fantasy Games to Engage and Educate Customers

How to Gamification Fantasy Games to Engage and Educate Customers

Even though you have grown up, you still love playing games. Isn’t it? Games are fun for everyone. Games have an extraordinary role in our cultural awareness. At some point in their lives, almost everyone has played a game. It is an engaging series of options with refreshment. This pandemic has just accelerated to play more because numerous individuals have been forced to stay at home and had to look for online amusement.

People are growing interested in these games because if you could get some money by forming your fantasy squad, why not? Several decades of prominent sport fantasy operators have taken this chance to successfully build their player base. This trend began with the fantasy cricket website development in 2008 and today there is a wide list of sports to pick up like soccer, hockey, kabaddi, carom, pool, badminton, basketball, and more.

So what is the better way to get in touch with your greatest customers than having some fun? Because that’s all games are supposed to be about, after all. With the blessing of science and technology, the traditional gaming features are getting modified to keep the customers engaged. The real trick is adding the gamification element to the tactics of games can result in greater engagement and ultimately loyalty. 

How does gamification work?

The use of game-design features in non-game contexts is gamification. For example, in-game ideas and topics where you can collect virtual “points” or cash. It is carried out with a sequence of tasks or activities to reach the next level. It can be even applied in situations other than gaming where it gives benefit and excitement to the users. It helps to develop various skills in learners.

This gamification concept is not new. Rather it is trending day by day. It is helping the customer to increase their engagement in their life and improving their vision at the same time. Recently the traditional gaming features are upgrading to attract more customers. They have become more widespread in various prospects, including fantasy sports app development, websites, digital marketing, business apps, and even virtual to-do lists and productivity apps.

How Gamification helps fantasy sports?

This article will highlight how the introduction of gamification in fantasy games will educate and engage its users.

Using fantasy Matches

When you play against another player or amongst a group of people in regular video games it becomes more intriguing and difficult. But if it is said for internet sports enthusiasts then their opinion changes. Because when a fantasy sports developer enables its users, they can first of all sense the competitiveness that is attractive for the sports lovers.

Giving awards for participation

It is both demotivating and dull to only play and receives no reward in return. Nobody likes boring games. You feel supported and valuable when you are rewarded with your time and work. Rewarding your consumers for taking part in surveys, panels, etc. allows you to compete to keep your customers coming back. This is the real trick behind gamification.

Boosting healthy competition

Every sports enthusiast loves to display their team pride by adding a hat, gem, clothes, automobile stickers attached to them, etc. You may conduct a creative competition, which will a brilliant method to lure these proud sports lovers into your fantasy sports app development company. Being a fantasy sports app developer, you should allow your clients to design a product in support of their favorite sports team (logo, t-shirt, game and ask for a public verdict. It not only attracts customers’ curiosity but also facilitates the duties of your creative team because the unique update is designed entirely by the customer.

Creating innovative and exclusive games

You will often see a championship tournament is a big event for a sports lover. It keeps a player very engaging in the game. In the meantime, you often find a spin wheel game that gives a discount and completes your mission, and offers a free product. Nobody wants to miss these exclusive features. So buyers can play a product/business-oriented game.

Keep Your User Engaged in The Game

This is almost like sitting with your best buddies watching a big match. This is when a fantasy sports platform broadcasts a live stream of a game and encourages its viewers to see and comment on the progress of the game. This method makes it possible for the user to experience sitting in a group.

If you are planning to open a fantasy sports company then you don’t know how to create a fantasy sports website, here is a complete quick guide for you. 

  • Firstly you have to register a name for a domain with which you want to work. Choosing a reliable one is important.
  • Designing is the most delicate work to be done on a website. It must serve the purpose in both ways. 
  • Constructing your fantasy website strategy is essential. 
  • Choose the best and trustworthy fantasy development team which will guide you in the entire process. A good team always helps in the efficient management of a company.
  • Searching and selecting for a perfect Web host. The correct hosting service will ensure that you have access to the right resource allocation to keep your visitors’ website loading swiftly and reliably.
  • Lastly, following the steps of payment has to be done for the maintenance of the website according to the packages the domain offers.

Get some idea about white label fantasy sports software

The company puts the fantasy sports software for sale to other companies keeping it a secret to the users. The white label fantasy sports software owner may represent the software with its brand name after the purchase. IP address rights and source codes must be included to ensure the ownership of the product. Both parties must then sign an agreement. 

Fantasy sports companies in India

The fantasy sports industry has been booming in recent times. And it is possible only due to the incredible popularity of sports among the people. In recent years, the Indian market alone has seen quick expansion. In an interval of 5 years, the industry has seen almost three times its growth. The income will reach over 16000 Crores by 2020. Along with other parts of the country, the Fantasy sports app development Company in Jaipur is growing faster aiming to provide the best service.


According to a research study, over 85% of users have preferred to use the app on their mobile phones to play fantasy sports while websites attract only 7% of the users. With the growing trend, a developer must consider building a comprehensive mobile fantasy sports app to keep more users engaged and making their games easier and faster.

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