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China App Boycott: How To Develop Tik Tok App Clone?

how to develop Tik Tok app clone

Tik Tok users stream live broadcasts, record small clips along with a soundtrack and post it. The idea is to combine music, video along with social networks on a mobile app. Alex ZHU saw teenagers using different apps for listening to music and then recording videos and taking selfies and sharing it with everyone. But, Tik Tok made everything simple and handy. Here are some of the features of Tik Tok which led to its popularity.

1. Video uploading: Users upload videos on their Tik Tok account, edit them, crop them and even edit the playback speed.
2. Editing: Similar to Snapchat, Tik Tok has AR effects to change your eye and hair color and add makeup along with animations and stickers.
3. Live streaming: The premium Tik Tok version, offer users to do live streaming and receive virtual goods from their fan bought with Tik Tok coins.
4. Sharing: The videos can be shared on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
5. Soundtracks: Users can pick any of their favorite songs from the built-in Tik Tok library.
6. QR code scanner: To subscribe one another, the app offers a unique QR code.
7. Duet option: Users can sing and make videos and add a #duet with time hashtag and create duets
8. Geo location: With geo-location, you can display your present active location, in an instant.

However, with China app boycott, more and more app developers are looking forward to develop Tik Tok app clone scripts. Here are some steps to develop an app like Tik Tok:

steps to develop an app like tik tok

1.  Know your target market:

The main step is to know about your potential users. In order to achieve it, you should follow these steps:

a) Demographic profile: know the average age of your users and what device they use.
b) Behavioral trends: These trends comprise of lowering the user desire to download anything, low tolerance because of poor security etc.

 2. Select your monetization model

 Once you know the prospective of your users, you can choose the right business model for the monetization of your app:

Right from fundraising, to in-app purchases and advertising, the TikTok app clone script can comprise of all of these. It can also include cost per click, cost per action and cost per mille business model depending on the Tik Tok clone app development.

3. Cooperate with the Tik Tok app clone scripts providers

Once you have the target audience and business model ready, you should contact the Tik Tok clone app development team and begin the discovery phase of the project. It involves business analysis and requisitions elicitation, estimation of cost, technology stack selection and project strategy. 

The inception phase of the project is all about conducting a few activities which range more or less depending on some requirements:

a) Find out the scope of the project, its major features and priorities of business
b) Make an app development workflow, considering the monetization priorities.
c) Know the major features of the app
d) Make a future app concept

One of the Tik Tok app clone scripts providers will prioritize the features and create milestones and commence to develop the MVP of the app.

4. Make an MVP

The entertainment app like Tik Tok development is a complicated project. Hence, rather than going for a fully functional, costly app, you should launch your project as an MVP (minimum viable product). This will help you to find out how users will appreciate your app and consider their feedback for improvement in the future. It helps you to test your app and make adjustments if needed and ensure that the app is completely functional after being officially launched.

In total, you may need 600 hours to develop an MVP on a platform. The approx. cost of app development depends on different rates of different regions:

a) $85K in the US market with an average rate of $150 per hour
b) $29K in the European market with an average rate of $50 per hour
c) $11K in the Indian market with an average rate of $20 per hour

5. Marketing activities

Before you release the app, ensure you optimize it for the app market where you are planning to launch it. You should have an appealing description that explains what the app is all about and how the people can use it. Make sure you explain all the essential features to the users. Also, ensure you take appealing screenshots of the app, a good logo, and the right keywords in the title tag.

But, how do you tell people about your recently launched entertainment app like Tik Tok development? You should get it discussed on your website and social networking platforms and constantly promote it. Also include screenshots and links of the app where people can install it. 

You can also run ads on Google and social media. Paid ads will help you earn qualified leads to those interested in your musical app. Creating a TikTok app clone scripts isn’t hard if you follow these guidelines. Choose the right Tik Tok app clone scripts providers to deal with the planning and technical issues and target your audience right in the first place. Digging deep and analyzing their interest is the only way through which you can make your target audience fall in love with your app. So, go ahead and pick a good development team for your Tik Tok like app. 

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