How to develop Food ordering App like Swiggy!

How to develop Food ordering App like Swiggy!
September 19, 2019 | By SYNARION IT
How To Develop Food Ordering App Like Swiggy
It has been observed that today people are nutty about food and because of that restaurants and cafes are in high demand. As food is a basic need and everyone is working for it but why people are depending more on restaurants instead of making the food by themselves at home? Actually the time has changed and now in the 21st century, people are more focused on their education, career, and jobs and because of which they migrate from their hometowns to the cities or even in a different country where they can find a good job according to their field of interest and education and they are in need of a good food. Because of the above reason, everyone wishes to have the services at their doorsteps and technology has made it easier too. Yes, today you can get your favorite food delivery at your doorstep with just a couple of clicks with the help of food ordering app like Swiggy and along with that, you can also get the best discounts and beneficial offers on these types of platforms.
The present scenario is that every restaurant has its own app and website on the digital platform. Whereas on-demand food delivery apps like Swiggy have also marked their presence and they also provide services of ordering food from multiple restaurants to their customers.
So if you also want to start a business in a restaurant line then the best thing is that you should go with the food ordering app.

Food Delivery Business Models

1. Comprehensive Business Model for On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

2. Food Ordering Systems A logistics Delivery Service platform like Swiggy

Business Models In Food Delivery Market

1. Comprehensive Business Model for On-Demand Food Delivery Apps:

This model is based on traditional food delivery solutions. They are basically the third party who handles the restaurant and the customers. It is a system that provides a way for the user to go through the cuisines and food intricacies. So essentially this model entitled both the required order and the needed exposure.
The user in this model has to log in. After that he/she can view the menu, reviews and rating and price of the food before ordering the same. When the order is placed, it gets confirmed by the restaurant. The delivery of the order is made by the staff of the restaurant.
If you are planning to invest in full-size then on-demand food delivery app is good for you.

2. Food Ordering Systems A logistics Delivery Service platform like Swiggy:

This model is all about helping the partner restaurant with their logistic support. This practice makes it easy for small restaurants, home delivery services, and startups to carry on their operations smoothly. The reason being, they can’t meet the expense of having and maintaining their own delivery system.
This model is advantageous because the restaurants don’t have to be concerned about the deliveries or drivers or retain vehicles.

How to Build and Handle a Food Ordering App

Let’s find out what makes the user place an order online using apps

A) On-Demand Food Delivery App Development-User or Customer App Version

1. Simple User registration and account setup:

Users start their journey on your website or on-demand food delivery apps by signing up. Keep it simple, easy and trouble-free. Let the user sign up swiftly along with enabling social media logins.

2. Proper location spot of restaurants:

After signing up the next step which the user will take is to find the best restaurants near to him. To provide the user with smooth access to GPS so that the user can find a nearby restaurant on time. Let the user easily browse all the restaurants, menus, special offers, ratings, and reviews.

3. Making order:

The menu should be properly set and the user should be prepared to order. It will be good if you provide the user with a choice to add the meals in the online cart. That will make them comfortable while ordering.

4. Delivery Navigation:

Provide real-time order tracking with GPS which will even tell where is the delivery boy in current time and when he will go to pick up the order and within what time he will reach to the customer. The reason for food delivery app development is to make the wait appears lesser.

5. Secured Payment Gateway:

The process of payment should be quick and properly coordinated. It should also be safe and secure, these are the key thing which is there for long-term business success.

B) Food Order Management System for Restaurant Owners

Before food delivery website development or food delivery app development the restaurant business is compulsorily needed to be registered and the content of the application or website must be proper and used with easy language. Proper notification of order completion and payment will set the business to roll.

C) Food Delivery App Design- Partner with us App Version

The popular or we can say well-known app like Swiggy or app like Zomato has a preference to “Partner with us”. In this part, these companies take the responsibility of restaurants, who are their partner, to deliver the food to the customer and for that, they would charge a commission from it.

Key Features of Food Ordering Application:

  • Easy Signup/Login which includes social media login because by using it the login procedure becomes a lot easier.
  • Inbuild order tracking which can connect the user and the restaurant by which the user can track where his/her order has reached.
  • There should be a screen or option showing popular food on the application which people are ordering the most. It will help the customer to decide and order quickly.
  • The app development or web development company should also contain a good quantity of restaurants with their complete menu and price along with that it should also show the restaurant’s specialty.
  • The location of the restaurant is a must so that the user can see whether it is close to them or not so that they can count the idea of the time and even take the idea of the delivery charges.
  • There should also be a custom option of finding restaurants by cuisine, location, availability, etc
  • The app should also have the review and rating option so that the user could get an idea about the services and the quality of the food at a restaurant.
  • To make the platform unique you should add a feature of schedule delivery in which the user can pre-order the meal and set the time when he/she want the food delivered.
  • The app should also contain other things like SMS notifications, notification regarding food packed and dispatched, etc.

How Much Does It Cost In Food Delivery App Development

How Much You Have To Spend On Food Delivery App Development

Well, food ordering app development costs largely depend upon the type of functionality and the features you want to add in your application.
However, to give an approximate value, the app with basic features will cost around $4500 for both iOS and Android. While if you want special features and customized application then it would cost around $6000.
And if it is done by mobile app development company then same would depend upon the number of hours dedicated to development.


So our final words are that, talk to your restaurant app development company to discuss your ideas regarding app development. You can even market your application even after its launching but before launch is a must. Try to promote it on social media platforms and try to gain trust and communicate the special offer.
As online food delivery business is on a hike today you can also give yourself a chance to jump on this business which would definitely go to provide you a big hit if you have chosen a right food delivery app developer in India.
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