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The restaurant’s range has now become extensive and boundless, and as they provide flexibility on food delivery apps, they have made lives trouble-free. So, these advancements are transforming restaurants into the food delivery industry. Due to the fast lifestyle and an increase in disposable income, customers start dealing online through on-demand food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato.

The apps like Swiggy and Zomato have captured the market with convenience-based deliveries through mobile apps. So, the food delivery app development for restaurants is now in high demand. Now let us discover how to develop food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, which are popular in the food marketplaces.

In the food delivery market, there Are two key food delivery business models: the first one in On-Demand Food Delivery Apps and the other is the Logistics food delivery service platform. 

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1. On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

This is an aggregator business model, and it is based on the conventional food delivery solution. This is somewhat like a 3rd party strategy to handle the customer and restaurants. They provide the system to way to the user to go through the cuisines and food delicacies. In this model, after the user logs into the app, he can view the menus, ratings, reviews, and pricing before he places the order. After the customer is confirming the law, the aggregator sends all the order details to the restaurant, and the restaurant will deliver the order.

2. Logistics Delivery Service Platform Like Swiggy and Zomato

This model gives complete logistics support and assists the partnering restaurants. These aggregators make the operations seamless and straightforward for restaurants, home delivery services, and startup food joints.

Hence, the partnership with this type of aggregator is always advantageous. They don’t have to be concerned about deliveries or managing drivers or retain vehicles. Here the restaurant owners take the benefit of focusing more on improving their food services, selecting the best on-demand food delivery app developers. 

After the development of food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, you can earn very high profits. It gives you a chance to reach your target market and your potential customers.

How To Smartly Develop Food Delivery Apps Like Swiggy and Zomato


A user should not make any extra efforts while accessing the nearest restaurants. So keep your app simple with user registration and account setup. As a new account starts from user signup, so keep it more straightforward and trouble-free so that the user can sign up in seconds. You must-have features in your app by which the user can also log through his social media accounts.

When the user signup into your app, he will search for good restaurants near him to order food. So, give the user easy access to GPS so that he can find a nearby restaurant in minimal time. The user always enjoys browsing all the restaurant information, prices, discounts, offers, exceptional combos, ratings, and reviews. So set the menu bar of your app as per customers’ preferences.

After this is all set, the user will think about what he is going to order. The user always looks for choices in his meals to make himself comfortable with the ordered food.

After the user makes the order, he wants his order will be delivered as soon as possible, so you can make the situation cooler by giving the feature of real-time order tracking with GPS. This will help the user to know the current location of his ordered food. Furthermore, your app should give an instantaneous notification to the user regarding his order is being dispatched.

The user wants a safe and secure payment option, and the restaurant owner wants the payment process quicker and highly integrated, so the app developer should note these critical things to long-term business success with better user loyalty. Most customers like to pay cash on delivery, so the developers should also give COD options. 

Before developing apps like Swiggy and Zomato, your business should be registered along with the application content, your management module of food orders, and the payment system.  

Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have a preference to ‘partner with us’ and charges a commission margin from the restaurant partners.

The Features That An Online Food Delivery App should have Like Swiggy and Zomato:

The three applications that require the smooth functioning and processing of the food delivery are the Customer’s App, Restaurant’s App, and the Driver’s App. With the help of all these three applications, your food delivery process becomes easy and smooth.


How To Make Swiggy Clone Script:


Users can log in/Sign up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts.


Find the closest restaurants which can fulfill the user’s requirements.

How To Make Swiggy Clone Script


Real-time tracking makes use of simple GPS functionality where the users can track the driver’s location carrying his order. 

  • Favorites

Favorite Cuisine and restaurants are often added to the preferred section of the user so that the user can order his favorite food quickly.


The app should give a choice to provide the rating by the users so that they can rate the restaurant’s supported service and share thoughts as a review.


Your app should give Instant and real-time push notifications to users so that they can know the current location of their order. The users get updated by these push notifications.


Every user doesn’t require the food in the same way. Some users want to add special instructions while food ordering from the restaurants for the time the driver delivers his food. To add this feature to your app.


Provide the user with a flexible payment option available where he can pay via cash or Online payment. Admin should also restrict the mode of payment in some locations.


For Optimisation and improving performance improvement, the developers should add the feature where the user can track the rating and reviews from other users to know food quality.


Reports show the critical points of success in the Food delivery business. As an admin, you’ll review the user, driver, and restaurant reports to enhance your business goals.


Customizing your order may is critical to attracting more users to your app for ordering food. This feature will also let you handle the customer with high precision, and this feature assists users to customize the food items that support their choice.


Give promo codes for discounts on the restaurants by which users can get their food at a discounted price so as to attract more users.


Monitor only a single dashboard for accepting or reject orders. This key point will enable restaurants to manage their inventory and improve their profitability.

Zomato Clone Script for Android App: 

Zomato Clone Script for Android App

  • Free Server Installation

Once the installation is completed, the script will be installed by the developer’s server into the host’s server at no additional cost.

  • Free App Submission

Users can install the app from the play store or Apple store. The app fully supports iPhone in iOS & Android apps in Play Store.

  • Free Bug Support

Continuously work to deliver top-quality bug-free apps. In case of any critical bugs, it’s the developers’ work to figure out the root cause immediately and make the app working within a short period. Otherwise, fix the bugs in future updates.

  • On-Time Support

Always support you, users, with all means of communication channels like by either providing chat with customers, care support in the app or call service.

  • 100% Source Code

Based on the packages selection, give your user’s an ASCII text file that helps to vary the script, and it will attract more customers towards you.

  • Native iOS & Android Apps

The app should support all the languages of iOS & Android and should work smoothly on both platforms.

  • Free Technical Support

The app should assist the registration of accounts on any 3rd party sites like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, etc.

Did You Know?


(a) 61% of consumers say that restaurant delivery apps are easy to use.

(b) 63%  of consumers agree that it is easier to get delivery of your food rather than going for dining out with family.


So, if you are really interested in building your own online food delivery app just like Swiggy, then the above-mentioned tips will definitely make it easier and successful for you to develop a food delivery android app like Swiggy.  


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