How Next – Generation Technologies are Changing The Future of Healthcare Industry


How Next – Generation Technologies are Changing The Future of Healthcare Industry

November 24, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

Undoubtedly, the tech world has transformed our lives. Technological experts have uplifted us to the modern era by offering us a unique experience. The impact of technologies has seen in the Healthcare Industry along with Hospitality, Real Estate, Gaming and many more. 

But in the healthcare industry, technologies have turned as a boon for the doctors as well as for the patients. Introduction of the advanced and upgraded technologies like AR, Machine learning, VR, Ultrafast scans, and wearables has turned the treatment process into secure, robust, and reliable. 

Growth of Technologies in Healthcare Industry

According to Forbes

“2019 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report shows that 51.3% of patients cited convenient, easy access to care as the most important factor in their healthcare decision making — more important than brand reputation, quality of care, providers’ bedside manner or insurance coverage.”

60% of employers offer some form of digital healthcare delivery to employees.

Healthcare IT News 

“A new nationwide poll released by Ernst and Young found that almost all of the participants — 91 percent — have or are planning to undertake a technology adoption initiative in the next 12 months. Seventy percent cite improving patient experience as a key factor driving the initiative, 58 percent cite clinical outcomes and 59 percent customer relationships. Yet almost half, 46 percent, are worried about insufficient funding.”

With an effective healthcare App development services, including the Doctor Appointment Booking App Development and mobile application medical industry, enable to offer quality healthcare services, prevent to spread diseases and create awareness among patients. Apart from this, hospitals and clinics are enabled to meet the specific health requirements of the customers. 

In this blog, let’s have a look at the trending technologies, which are dominating the healthcare industry and uplifting the sector towards modernity and accuracy.

Trending  Future Based Technologies in Healthcare Industry

Trending Future Based Technologies in Healthcare Industry

1. AR & VR Technology

AR and VR technologies have transformed the various industries like gaming and hospitality and now, it is making way towards healthcare. This technology has totally transformed the experience of the virtual and physical world.

According to the Grand View Reports, “The global augmented reality & virtual reality in the healthcare market is expected to reach USD 5.1 billion by 2025.”

However, Augmented Reality enhances the real world and adds the effects to the X Rays and medical reports, whereas Virtual Reality introduces the medical experts with the virtual experiences with the advanced multimedia technologies like medical students can preview the live cancer surgery. AR and VR both technologies has added real value to the medical industry and helps doctors to understand and treat the disease in a proper way. It helps to view the disease while operating in 360degree and improves the visualization attribute. Along with this, in cancer treatment, VR introduces the 3D feature. 

However, Virtual Reality is playing an active role in the gaming industry and has transformed the game app development service and in the coming years, Virtual Reality technology will modify the healthcare industry also.

2. IoT – Internet of Things

Internet of Things technology helps to reduce the huge cost of the treatments. This technology helps in many ways and enables us to monitor patients in real-time. With the introduction of IoT, now patients don’t have to visit doctors again and again. They can get recommendations and treatments with the apps only. 

Hence, IoT app development service in the medical industry helps to connect the apps and devices among each other with the internet. Through doctor appointment app development, doctors can monitor patients remotely and recommend them with the best medical treatment, helps in different types of surgeries and experts can become part of the surgeries from any part of the world. In spite of this, IoT has become part of the management in the healthcare industry by tracking the real-time location of the physical elements. These elements include stretcher, wheelchairs, oxygen pumps and other equipment that can be analyzed with real-time locations. 

Additionally, with IoT now data has transformed into a structured format and can be utilized in a potential and effective manner. Introduced smart and tech hospital rooms and resolve various security concerns. 

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3. Big Data

Big Data technology is gaining huge attention of the tech world, this is the latest technology. It is expected that in the future, this technology will be the most prominent technology in the medical sector. Big Data technology helps to organize and manage data, even use it accordingly. 

Data plays an imperative role in every industry and the same reflects in the healthcare industry. Now, there are various modes to grab the data. Big Data technology manages structured and unstructured data and uses it in a best and accurate way. In the future, it is believed that big data App development services will be the most demanding service of the healthcare industry, and will act as a progressive step.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Since long, both these technologies are ruling the tech world. And today, it has become an important part of the medical world also. In the future also these technologies are going to expand its boundaries. It helps in administrative and introduces an automated process for hospitals and clinics. By gathering the data from various sources by the interviews and test of patients, filtration, and identification of diseases and help doctors to maintain their record in an organized way without any hassle. Also, helps doctors to schedule their appointments. Best app development services bring quality in medical treatment.


Emerging technologies have transformed the healthcare industry. From Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, to Big Data are the trending technologies. These technologies have turned the healthcare care process into a more secure and less risky strategy. This process has turned the treatment faster, accurate and more logical. 

With these technologies, now patients also have the knowledge of the medical treatments through which they are going. Along with that, they can know the treatment process by visualizing them with advanced technology like VR. It helps them to make better decisions. These are the next-generation technologies and expected that these will dominant the future healthcare sector. And it will turn as a must-have technology of the hospitals and clinics.

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