You Don’t Have To Be A Big Corporation To Have A Great Doctor Appointment App Development


You Don’t Have To Be A Big Corporation To Have A Great Doctor Appointment App Development

December 10, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

Doctor Appointment App Development

In this digital era, individuals are moving towards smart digital platforms in their daily lives which brings an alarming rise in their growth. As smartphones helped them to turn to their routine tasks like food ordering, and taxi-hailing, and getting engaged in new experiences which brings adversity and growth in the digital world. So healthcare organizations have the challenge of striking a delicate balance so that their patients can get so much valuable information from the technology, but with this, they have to account for the burdens of security, privacy, and compliance that raise the risks and responsibilities of their organization. Building mobile apps like Doctor Appointment App Development can change the way people receive care and medical attention requires not only app developers with profound software development expertise, but a genuine passion for creating digital healthcare products that address the lack of patient-centered care and inefficiencies of legacy healthcare systems.

By this arrival in the industry, why do we exclude health care services? Yes, you are thinking right. In this emerging technology, we are providing you the health on your way and for your comfort.
Nowadays, patients are turning into customers who no longer want to spend time on scheduling or rescheduling their doctor’s appointments. They just want to quickly find those specialists who can help them in giving an and immediately set up an appointment.

Healthcare app developers need to be deeply committed to meeting the medical industry’s needs, and eager to improve patient outcomes, and stoical about their desire to reduce the overall costs in healthcare. This is the only way they can put themselves in the shoes of patients and healthcare professionals. The key to developing an app like the doctor’s appointments app we need to first see the insights of the patients to give them the best experience.

This already seems to be enough to encourage any care provider to build an app for booking doctor appointments. But the patient’s benefits don’t stop there only. Besides the conveniences, patients get values from:

  • Around-the-clock access to scheduling options
  • An extensive directory of available professionals
  • Automatic reminders and integration with their digital calendars
  • Ability to submit any existing health-related docs before a consultation
  • Secure payments via the app for patients

Every success not only depends on building a great app you need to be a big corporation. Many companies think that to bring our app and services to a creamy level we need to be a big corporation first as they are having the capabilities to build a stand-out application for the customers. But their mindset is wrong, as to stand in the market we need to focus on the steps and features and the basics as well as any technical requirements of the app. Like,

Here are some of the Top 4 Doctor Appointment Booking App in the market:

  1. Zocdoc
  2. HealthTap
  3. Practo
  4. Doctor on Demand

The building stand-out plays a very crucial role in making this app. The design and custom development of an online Doctor Appointment App system is not a trivial task.
So by these features and building processes, you will be able to get your app to succeed in the market.

As per reports, Mobile health app development has picked up the pace during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 71,000 health apps released during 2020. Topflight participated in this wave of healthcare innovations by developing and releasing medical software to address the challenges posed by the pandemic which has paced the growth. Here are some trends we’ve noticed in health app development that continue to manifest themselves in the post-COVID era:

  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • Telemedicine
  • EHR/EMR integrations
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), AI, blockchain
  • User-centric interfaces

What is Doctor Appointment App Development?

The doctor appointment app is the future of modern medicine which will bring huge advancements in the medicinal field. It empowers doctors, patients, and healthcare enterprises to capitalize on a simple but powerful technological device i.e the smartphone. And on-demand doctor booking apps help the patients connect to doctors instantly, share reports and get prescriptions from home.

What is Doctor Appointment Booking App Development?

Doctor appointment booking apps have increased the overall effectiveness of clinics, hospitals, and online healthcare marketplaces while streamlining processes. Such apps permit patients to connect online with doctors. And together we will make this app a reliable and effective solution and will bring them to the future of clinical progression and will mark a new phase in the doctor-patient relationship.

Now, bringing your focus towards its features

Features – Doctor Appointment App

Before developing an app we first require features that can bring specialty to it and develop apps doctor’s appointment apps you must carefully view all the features. So, now let’s skim through the features that bring the most value to an appointment scheduling app.


The core feature of the doctor appointment app is to develop it in such a way that the patient can book his appointment 24/7. With a few taps as possible, they should have an option to locate a free spot on a doctor’s calendar and book a meeting at a clinic or a hospital without any trouble.


One of the most important features is this also. The Patient’s profile always plays a very crucial role. Let’s not forget that a doctor should come to the meeting prepared. And the way they do this is by reviewing patient health and demographic data that users fill in their profiles.


This directory is helpful for the patients as with the help of this feature the patients are provided the option to choose their consultants on their own. As naturally, before an appointment, a patient should be able to choose a healthcare professional from all available candidates in the directory. Having these reviews from previous customers would help and so consider including these.


Searches are always a priority for the patients to find their requirements so this feature will be very beneficial for the app developers as this will bring advancements in their app development process. By this aspect, reviewing doctors’ profiles, patients should be able to search for professionals using their own words and apply filters. For eg. to find female doctors only, neurologists or physicians, etc.


This aspect is also very important for the Patients. There should be multiple payment options to pay right through the medical consultation app. Allowing your patients to pay before the actual consultation can significantly improve your show-up rates. And you should carefully consider all options and weigh them against your target audience’s needs.


Uploading a document allows a patient to submit their health data if they have it as MRI or CT scans or X-rays reports etc. This medical imagery will help them get more value out of the meeting.


By electronic prescriptions, doctors should be able to prescribe medicines during the consultation and patients should be able to review the prescription and get the direction to where they can get the medicine via a doctor appointment booking app.


This feature is one of the most important features of all. Making a doctor appointment booking app is pretty much useless without a web dashboard where a healthcare organization can manage appointments, patients, adjust and track reminders. Such online applications should also include various reports that help to identify overall scheduling efficiency.

What is On-demand Doctor Booking App Development?

If we talk about on-demand doctor booking app then Practo Clone App development will be a great choice that helps any healthcare center, and doctors to instantly kick-start their on-demand doctor booking app venture. And the Practo Clone App allows you to provide healthcare services through a dynamic and customized healthcare solution and also allows users to search and schedule appointments with just a few clicks on doctors, therapists, health consultants, and get the best healthcare services. So come and work with this development process.

Steps to Build a Doctor Appointment App

Get your doctor’s database ready:

The first and foremost step in building a doctor’s appointment app is to get your database ready. So if you think of it, the development of a healthcare app is akin to on-demand doctor app development. From the user’s standpoint, what you offer is a marketplace, doctors and their services, and the products. As well as the way the user orders a product is by doctor’s appointment scheduling. So, the first thing you need to do is, to ensure you have the product and do you have a database of doctors of the ones whom you are working within a specific clinic, and will you be able to access API’s

Verify a prototype:

Verification is always an important step among all. Once you have decided on the app’s data sources, the next item on your doctor on-demand app development agenda is a prototype. You need to develop the visuals of all screens in the app and verify its features with a clickthrough prototype. The driving force for UI/UX iterations should be the feedback from your medical staff and test users. Make sure to bring in qualified personnel to verify online doctor consultation app development from the providers’ side. You will need a prototyping instrument at this stage.


Sometimes, to materialize the boring stuff still needs to take place for your appointment app and you should know how to turn it into a captivating experience for users. The development team should move with quick iterations and keep the coding process entirely transparent for you by holding regular meetings in this way you can easily track the project’s progress and make all the right calls in time. Since you’ll need to code the web and mobile parts of your doctor booking app. In the process, your software development team will not only code the medical staff scheduling software but also build APIs to integrate the app with medical records. If you want to build doctor appointment apps for Android and iOS, using cross-platform development tools like React Native or Flutter will help you optimize the budget.


As you know, you can’t make a doctor booking app without testing it thoroughly. In real life, the quality assurance phase begins simultaneously with coding and follows every development sprint. However, final testing covers all app functionality and includes such things as stress testing, security, and unit tests.

Release and maintain:

The last step is releasing the app so that users can make a doctor appointment. However, adding mobile apps to app stores and moving the web dashboard to a “live” server. And you will need to update the app regularly to support new mobile OS versions and enhance its functionality, depending on the user’s feedback.


At the closure, I will say that there is no need to be a big or famed corporation to have a great doctor appointment app development. As you can build a great app by adding and modernizing its features and providing such qualities which can make it a market leader.

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