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Complete Guide On Taxi Booking App Development

taxi booking app development

Everything You Should Know About Taxi Booking App

In the old days, well, it was not that long ago that it was necessary to call a taxi to book or take it by raising your arms. In 2020, things have changed a lot and mobile applications sound like a big revolution in the taxi industry.

With an application like Uber or Ola, your customers will be able to call on your taxi driver services permanently, 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday.

You should know that developing Android taxi app allows customers to know in real-time where the taxi driver is located. Some applications also allow the regulation of the race by smartphone.

In any case, one thing is certain, a taxi booking application simplifies the booking and payment process.

Now we want to concentrate on a bigger picture and reveal the details of the taxi booking app development.

What Are Taxi Booking Booking Apps?

The taxi booking app definition is relatively basic. A passenger reaches a destination and confirms the location thereof. The taxi app then connects the passenger to a nearby driver.

These programs also provide on-line purchases, GPS monitoring, and customer service.

Uber’s biggest rival today is Lyft, especially in the US and Canada. Uber and Lyft combined controlled approximately 98 percent of the US ride-hailing market, according to Second Estimate.

But while Uber was being led by market share, Lyft was pointing to faster growth.

Ola, meanwhile, is Uber’s biggest competitor in India. Ola has over one million chauffeurs in 110 cities across India. That is much more than Uber’s covered 29 cities in India. Ola extended to include other countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

Why Develop a Taxi App?

Taxi applications and various mobile taxi dispatch solutions in many countries are disrupting the markets. Gradually, traditional taxi services are disappearing, making room for more convenient mobile services. While companies can also adapt and develop their own applications for taxi services. Typically, a taxi app has a high user engagement and customer retention.

1. The development of an Android taxi application: a profitable investment?

The Uber Company is experiencing a few setbacks right now that tarnish its brand image. It is for this reason that many drivers choose to develop an Android app dedicated to their own activity.

For a white label taxi booking app development company that has a large number of drivers in its ranks, it is obvious that the creation of an Android application represents a justified investment.

2. What kind of vertical market are you trying to target?

Is it a taxi/limousine business, or an on-demand service platform designed for another vertical market? When trying to find a solution to help your taxi/limousine company with an experience similar to that of Uber, there are many companies that can provide you with white label solutions. When you start to gain scale, ground transportation (shuttles/events/transportation solutions for children/seniors/civilians / large companies etc.), beauty, home services, deliveries, or others, things get complicated and it’s hard to find a pre-defined approach that works.

How Taxi Booking App Development Service Work

What kind of vertical market are you trying to target?

Mobile App development firms play a crucial role in meeting the ever-evolving technology needs of modern age mobile users. The creation of taxi apps is one such area of specialization that includes drivers and passengers, participating in the integrated taxi app network to meet their needs.

Passengers ask for the ride and drivers agree to the journey. But this taxi app does have more to use than just said in plain text. It requires complicated procedures and other characteristics that go a long way with the interface. A thorough analysis to understand the operation of the taxi booking system will make the entire taxi app development much clearer.

Technology To Build A Taxi App

You can also build your own tailored Uber-like app, bearing in mind that Uber has already disclosed its API to the public and developers and introduced the Riders affiliate program. The three major foundations to build a taxi app business are server, routing, and payments. First off, you need your own server to process hundreds of user requests, driver routes, and other data.

Backend programming languages – Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, Java, PHP. GPS is another important aspect of any Uber-clone app. OpenStreetMap API can be used both for iOS / Android. Google Maps and the Google Location Services API may be platform-specific applications for Android in this regard. For iOS devices – MapKit or CoreLocation system.

You can use the following gateway adapters to create an app – Stripe, BrainTree, Paytm, PayPal mobile SDK – since Uber accepts in-app payments through credit cards, Paypal. The mobile notification technology stack is very straightforward: Google Firebase for Android, and Apple Notification for iOS phones. Uber went publicly with Twilio for SMS send-outs while other cloud communication channels, such as Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo, deserve recognition.


features of taxi app

Taxi App Features

Taxi Booking App Development implies the inclusion of some features along with a neat user interface. Of course, the most popular features of a taxi app include booking, payment, and messaging. Let’s show you an example of how to put together a taxi app.

Already These Features Are Mandatory For Building A Taxi Booking App:

1. Booking Interface
A panel to order a taxi cab for App users. The address and destination should be listed by people with the Taxi service app.

2. Real-Time Location Tracking
See routes to destination location to follow a ride on the map, see how far your taxi is yet.

3. Fare Calculator
This feature helps users to estimate the price from point A to point B for a trip. It suggests entering a destination on the screen, a path to it and pressing the button.

4. Payment
The ability for users to pay directly from their smartphones for a taxi ride. Payment is supposed to be simple, quick, and secure.

5. Loyalty Program
Taxi service applications are the thing that people are using more or less frequently. Especially in big cities where these taxi companies operate.

6. Push Notifications
Apps for the taxi service are the thing people use more or less frequently. Especially in large cities where these taxi firms operate.

7. Chat
Communication in-app, and messaging with the taxi app. SMS messages to get alerts and reminders about taxi bookings. Some taxi apps also allow phone, phone, and driver voice calls.


We aimed to address one particular question in this article Guide on Taxi Booking App Development. Now it’s up to you to choose the development team that will make your app a reality. While loads of already-made tools are available to build these software solutions, using them to create a ready-to-use taxi app with a user-friendly interface is quite a challenge even for an experienced developer.

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