Top 13 Games That Should Be Enable In Fantasy Sports App- Synarion IT Solutions


Top 13 Games That Should Be Enable In Fantasy Sports App- Synarion IT Solutions

November 17, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

Top Games That Should Be Enable In Fantasy Sports App- Synarion IT Solutions

Are you best at predicting games? So, what’re you waiting for? Create your own Fantasy Sports App for all kinds of popular sports. From Cricket, auto racing, horse racing to basketball and golf, you can enable your favorite games in the Fantasy Sports App.  It is a good idea to cover all games in a single app to target a variety of game lovers and earn a good profit.

Some of the popular Games that should be enabled in the Fantasy Sports App:

Popular Games That Should Enable In Fantasy Sports App

1. Fantasy Cricket Software for Mobile and Web

No matter, what kind of Fantasy Cricket Software Development you’re looking for? With the help of experienced Fantasy Cricket Website Developers, you can get the perfect Fantasy Cricket App.  If you’re looking to grab the attention of every user, you can develop Fantasy Cricket Software for all major platforms like Android, iOS, and Web.

2. Fantasy Kabaddi Software, App and Website Development 

Kabaddi is a popular sport in India and its popularity will never get down.  If you’re an entrepreneur or investor, then starting a Fantasy Kabaddi App Development Like Dream 11 is a profitable idea.   With millions of Kabaddi lovers and different kinds of Kabaddi Leagues, the chances are very high of getting successful.

3. Fantasy Sports Racing

Fantasy Auto Racing is a game where you can create your own dream racing teams of NASCAR/Formula one Drivers and compete against the other teams available in the league.

Types of Fantasy Auto Car Racing Software

a) Draft Based Fantasy NASCAR:

This format of Draft Based Fantasy NASCAR is similar to other fantasy sports formats.  In this variation, the fantasy auto car racing team owner sets a lineup of drivers, before the game starts.  Each driver can race for one team. When the game started players can drop the existing one and select the new one from the list of drivers available.

b) Salary Cap Based Fantasy NASCAR League:

In this variation, each driver is assigned a particular salary. The driver’s salary varies and depends upon the performance throughout the league.

c) Class-Based Fantasy NASCAR Racing:

NASCAR Car Racing drivers are divided into classes like Class A, B and C. Their classification is based on the performance depends upon the previous season. Fantasy team owners need to create a team with a fixed number of drivers from each class A, B, and C.

4. Fantasy Horse Racing Betting App

Horse racing is one of the oldest games and still very popular among horse lovers. There are millions of people who use that kind of betting apps and websites, one of them is Horse Racing Betting Application.

When it comes to Fantasy Horse Racing Game Solution, there are two types of Horse Racing Bets. One is straight wagers and the second one is exotic.

5. Fantasy Soccer Software

Fantasy Soccer Sports Software is the most popular Fantasy Sports in the USA and Canada. According to resources, in 2017 there were 59.3 billion people playing fantasy sports in the USA and Canada.

6. Fantasy Basketball Software

Fantasy Basketball Sports is a growing platform with 60 million active users in America and Canada. If you’re planning to develop your own Fantasy Basket Ball Software, then this is the right time.

7. Fantasy Rugby Software

Rugby is a popular sport and having millions of fans worldwide. There is a lot of opportunities that are connecting to Fantasy Rugby App Development. So, what are you waiting for? Develop your own Fantasy Rugby Mobile app and get noticed by millions of Rugby Sports lovers.

8. Fantasy Baseball Software

Feature-rich fantasy Baseball sports app which is designed to give the best possible experience to its users. With the help of  Fantasy Baseball Software, you can attract a large number of baseball lovers.

9. Fantasy Hockey Software

Hockey is one of the popular games across the globe.  There are millions of hockey lovers in different countries, so developing a Fantasy Hockey Software is a great idea. 

10. Fantasy Golf Software

Dominate the online market with advanced features rich Fantasy Golf App Development. When it comes to its popularity, Fantasy Golf App is highly popular across the globe. If you’re planning to try your hands in Fantasy Golf Software, then it’s crucial to understand its features.

11. Fantasy Football Software

Fantasy Football Sports is a growing industry, as per the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, fantasy sport is a $7.22 billion industry.

All those entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for a stable and profitable business model, Fantasy Football App Development could be a wise decision for them. As the Fantasy Football Sports business is gaining huge popularity, investing in a White Label Fantasy Sports Software is a great idea.

12. Fantasy Tennis Software

With the rise in popularity in Fantasy Sports, new sports are getting added on Fantasy sports platform to give you real gaming experience.  If you want to try your hands in Fantasy Games App Development, then tennis is a perfect choice. As there are limited opportunities available to play fantasy tennis sports, you can easily grab the attention of Tennis Sports lovers.

13. Fantasy Hurling App 

Hurling is the fastest-growing game and thanks to this digital era, with the help of the internet and smartphones it becomes possible for games to surpass regional boundaries. People are now getting aware of all sports from every corner of the world.

According to the source, The Gaelic Athletic Association ranked in the revenue of €65,620,502 in 2017. This figure will give you a clear idea about its popularity.

Looking For Game App Development

What are the Key Features of Fantasy Sports App Development?

  • User Panel

1. Registration/ Log In:

Users can register or log into the app using the user name, email id, contact number, password, and referral code (if available).

2. Home Screen:

This is the main screen where users will land after login to the fantasy sports app. The entire match listing is displayed here.  In this section, users can search by leagues, type of sports, match category. Also, the user can view match listing, teams, match dates, and timings.

3. Contest:

In this section, the user can view the entire contest listing for the respective match. Also, the user can filter the contest by Entry Fee Range, Wining Range, Contest type, Contest Size, and others. A user can select the desired contest and join.

4. Join Contest:

Under this section, users need to pay the desire entry fee to join the contest.

5. Payment Mode:

You can make an online payment using the Debit Card/Credit Card/Digital Wallet/ Application Wallet or referral cash bonus cashpoints.

6. Create Your Own Contest:

With a few taps on their smartphones, users can create their own contest by entering the necessary details like Contest Name, Total Winning Amount, Contest Size and Entry Fee.

7. My Contest:

Under this section, the user will be able to view the list of joined contestants. Also, they can edit/pick their selective team players and filter by match types.

8. Dashboard:

Under this section, the user will be able to view, edit and update their profile details. In this section, you will be able to see your earned reward point, account details, and others. Also, users can manage transactions, manage payments, add cash, withdraw winning amounts, invite your friends and earn rewards and Log out.

9. Settings:

Under this section, users can see other required features of the app.

10. CMS Section:

The section will include About Us, Help, Contact Us and others.


  • Admin Panel

1. Admin Login:

Firstly, the admin has to login using its user name and password.

2. Dashboard:

This section will give you stats of fields such as Total Matches, Total Contestants and Total Earnings.

3. User Manager:

Admin can manage all details like Add/ Edit/Delete/Active and Deactivate Accounts.

4. Manage Matches:

Admin can manage matches like Add/Edit/Delete/Active and Deactivate Matches.

5. Sports Category:

Admin can manage all categories of sports.

6. Contest Manager:

In this section, admin can manage entire match contests of the application and can add/edit/delete/Active/Deactivate the contests.

7. Manage Earnings:

Admin can view the complete earnings from Fantasy Sports App using the various filters.

8. Manage Payment:

Admin can manage the various modes of payments of the application.

9. Manage Multiple Reports:

Admin can generate reports of the matches, contests, total earning, player ranking reports and others.

10. Manage Payment Withdrawal Requests:

Admin can able to view the payment withdrawal requests of users in their respective banks.  Admin can accept/ reject the payment withdrawal requests.

11. CMS Pages:

Admin can manage all kinds of CMS Pages available in the fantasy sports application.

What Else You’ll Get?

a) Custom Fantasy Scoring System:

With the Fantasy Sports Mobile App, you can also choose Custom Fantasy Scoring System so that you can keep league scoring in a proper format.  

When it comes to Fantasy Scoring System, there are three popular types of scoring systems that are widely used.  One of them is Standard Scoring System, the Second one is Points Per Reception System and the third one is Individual Defensive Player.

b) Fantasy Analytics Software:

Get the best in class Fantasy Analytics Software for in-depth stats and real-time information for team and players.   With this smart Fantasy Analytics Solution, keep records of all information and data in the most accurate way.  

c) Data Integration Solution:

No matter, where you’re combining your data? With our Data Integration Solution, you can get your data securely into any data warehouse.

d) Fantasy Sports AR Solution:

Enhance the gaming experience with emerging AR/VR technologies. You can get the best features in your Fantasy Sports App with AR/VR that makes the fantasy sports more realistic and interesting.

e) E-Commerce Integrations:

This is the best way to give your users a platform to buy their favorite sports-related stuff in just a few taps on their smartphone. So, choosing the eCommerce Integration with a fantasy sports app is not only a smart idea but profitable too.

Fantasy Sports App Development Process

Fantasy Sports App Development Process

Fantasy Sports App Development Companies understand the client requirements and do the competitor analysis before starting the Fantasy Sports App Development.  Because of this, it will not only help them in understanding the required features of the Fantasy Sports app like Dream11 but also it helps in developing a successful Fantasy Sports Platform.

How it Works?

1. Proper Planning:

Proper planning is the most important step in the Fantasy Sports App Development process. So, one should keep in mind while developing the Fantasy Sports App.

a) Sports Niche

b) Budget

c) Target Audience

d) Teams

e) List of Crucial Features

2. Research and Analysis:

This is the most important step during the Fantasy Sports App Development. In this phase, the Fantasy Sports App Development Company does a competitor analysis and understands the important features of Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11. Because strategic planning is very necessary before work.

3. Information Gathering:

In this phase, we understand the client’s needs and features that they required in their Fantasy Sports Application. According to client needs, fantasy sports app development companies give necessary suggestions and bring the idea into reality. So that clients could get what they want.

4. Games Rules and Format:

Before starting the fantasy sports app designing and development, our expert team members have a deep conversation with the client on deciding the rules and format of the game. So that the game can become unique according to the client’s need

5. List  Out the Sports To Include:

As per the client’s needs, our Fantasy Sports App Developers includes the games of their choice in the Fantasy Sports Software. No matter, what kind of sports they want to add in their Fantasy Sports App? Our Fantasy Sports App Developers can include popular games like Cricket, Kabbadi, Soccer/Football, Basketball, and others.

6. Development and Design:

When it comes to the development and designing of the Fantasy Sports App, it’s necessary to give special attention to its UX/UI so that users find it interesting and participate in the sports leagues.

7. Deployment:

In this phase, where we deploy the fantasy sports app on the respective app stores by considering several factors like scalability, load balancing, security, and others.

Request For A Demo

What will be the Development Cost of Fantasy Sports App?

The cost of Fantasy Sports Software Development– Website or App depends upon many factors. Like, on which platform it’s built (Android, iOS, Web  App or all), a number of features required in the Fantasy Sports Application, and most important the region you choose for Fantasy Sports App Development.  

A Fantasy Sports White Label Software with all required key features will cost you around $20,000 to $35,000.  But the cost of the Fantasy Sports App can increase or decrease as per the features.

Closing Lines

With the help of expert Fantasy Sports App Development Company, you can successfully start your venture of Fantasy Sports App or Social Fantasy Sports Apps within time and budget.  So, what’re you waiting for?  Schedule a Free Consultation Today!

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