More Features Added in Doctor Appointment App


More Features Added in Doctor Appointment App

January 07, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

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In the Covid-19  pandemic, a huge number of online solutions have marked their presence on the digital platform. Undoubtedly, mobile applications have provided an opportunity to the enterprises to continue their services. But rather than businesses, for the healthcare industry, online solutions have turned out as a boon.

During the Coronavirus, the major challenge of the world is to prevent the virus from spreading from one person to another. In order to achieve this goal, different lockdowns have been held across the world with different guidelines. But in this, other daily or luxury things can come to an end but hospitals and doctors can’t stop the medical facilities for other patients.

Now, to overcome this challenge, doctor appointment app has come into existence but with the integration of the advanced functionalities such as –

  • Video conferencing 
  • Live Chat 
  • Booking appointment 
  • Sending documents to one other

There were many healthcare apps, but if we look before this pandemic, users were not used to it. In the current scenario, people were forced to opt for it and there was another option left for them.

Growth of Online Solutions in Health Sector during Covid 

According to the Sources, “Around 448 million users all over the world use smartphones for browsing the internet. Another report from this renowned market research company says that there will be around 43, 285 healthcare mobile apps on the Google Play store by the end of this year.”

According to techcrunch, As cases in the United States skyrocket, one of the most foreboding possibilities of COVID-19’s rapid growth is the potential to overwhelm hospital capacity. Hospitals in cities like New York are already underwater, relying on hospital boats     (“70,000 ton message[s] of hope and solidarity”) to keep them afloat, and on retired providers as well as prematurely graduated medical students to staff those beds.

As per the statistics, and growing number, it would be not wrong to say that the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and increasing the user experience as ever before.

But there are numerous E-health-based apps that now to increase your visibility that attract a huge number of patients towards your services, it is important to meet the steps with virtual medical health processes. Hence, it is important to offer advanced functionalities and a unique user experience with the latest trends to your users.

In this blog, let’s know about the more features that you can focus on and also on the modern trends, which help you to enhance your health care services.

Additional features that you can add to your healthcare solution 

1) Order Prescriptions 

This is the must-have and most trending feature in the healthcare application. In the present time, everyone is scared to step off from their homes and most of the people avoid visiting the medical stores but to meet this requirement, you can allow them to order their prescriptions at their doorstep with simple clicks on their mobile screen. Allow your users to order their medicines from nearby stores and at an affordable rate.

2) Payment Processing 

Now, as the online platforms have increased as ever before, people are getting more used to easy and automated processing. There are a huge number of applications, and as the number is rising the number of hackers is also increasing. To pay bills securely and easily is the next major requirement of the users. Offer them the platform, through which they can pay bills highly securely and it should also integrate with the advanced payment security techniques such as two-factor authentication and OTP etc. Apart from this, to turn the payment process more reliable and accurate, integrate third-party platforms to your apps such as Stripe and PayPal.

Most of the users don’t rely on mobile wallets or any normal payment platforms, they are not that comfortable sharing their confidential information such as debit and credit card numbers, etc. In this case, provide them an opportunity to pay their bills with their trusted payment processing or UPI. It will help you to gain the trust of your customers.

3) Video Conferencing 

If you are still running the basic application, so let’s inform you now the normal-based feature app will not work in the market. It is important to integrate the video conferencing feature into your app. This feature can be considered as a must-have or the most trending feature in your appointment application.

4) Share Newsletters related to different diseases

It is important to always engage your users with your services. So, everyone is offering basic services. Provide some additional information to your users by providing them the outlet related to their diseases which can also include do’s and don’ts. Apart from this, you can also share some healthy tips or daily exercises. It will help you increase user engagement on your application, and it is also observed that the healthcare applications number of downloads has also increased so, you can offer this service with your app only.

5) Discounts and Rewards 

In every sector, whether it’s retail or healthcare, people try to save their money in any case and they prefer also. To build relationships for a longer period, provide discounts or rewards to your customers. Plan the strategy to offer them some discount for their consultation or on the medical prescriptions. It will help you to get long-term clients. Launch some monthly, yearly offers or can also provide on the specific orders. It is the best marketing strategy. Apart from this, allow them to share the code with their near and dear ones.


Doctor appointment apps are constantly growing in service all over the world. It is highly demandable; these are the important features that should be integrated into your applications. If you have launched your app in the market then update them immediately with these trends as it is the way towards success and if you are planning to hire an app developer, then make sure a programmer should have the knowledge about these trends and also be able to meet your project requirements.

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