Everything You Need to Know About Voice Chat in Fantasy Sports App


Everything You Need to Know About Voice Chat in Fantasy Sports App

September 06, 2021 | By SYNARION IT


In the world of social media and the internet, people interact less and predict more. You may have thousands of followers on the internet, but how many of them do you actually know in person? Interacting with your online friends can bring you popularity and more followers. These days, every gamer loves to interact with random players they are playing with our people that follow them. This increases their popularity and people consider them as grounded. Hence, they gain more followers. So, in-game video or audio chat is gaining more popularity with each passing day. Fantasy sports app development is gaining more popularity with each passing day and with these added features they are becoming more attractive.

Start interacting: It can be a strategy game, it can be a role-playing game, or it can be a boring card game, but fantasy sports app developers want you to interact with fellow players these days. When they interact with each other, it creates a bond between them and increases some sort of positivity and trust. This trust helps them to play better. Sometimes, when people win a few games in a row, they tend to make a team and start playing as a team in the future. According to a fantasy sports app development company, this interaction increases the number of active users in leaps and bounds. That is why streamers love to interact with their followers these days through the audio or video chatbox.

Gives you full satisfaction: When you are playing alone at your home, it never gives you full satisfaction. So, a fantasy sports developer would always suggest you start interacting with fellow players or your opponents, it gives you a wonderful feeling and sense of achievement. Gamers love this type of adrenaline rush during a gaming session. If the gamer is active on the internet, he needs more engagement on his channel and more traffic to his content. Interacting with random people and collaborating with other players can open a world in front of them. They can discuss ideas and share happiness after a successful shot.

Interact with your friends to get an amazing experience: In the case of fantasy sports app development, live chat is an amazing option that comes with gaming apps and software. If you are a gamer, you know how it feels when you have a bunch of people watching you play your best shot. The voice quality and some other features also matter a lot. This is the reason that every high-end fantasy sports app development company brings amazing setups these days that provide you with clear voice recognition features. When you are playing, it is absolutely important for you to concentrate on your game. That is why you need to choose a proper live-in chat extension.

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The features that you can expect from the live-in chat extensions of fantasy league software are:

  • Low latency in communication: Delay in communication is a fatal thing in online gaming. When you are playing as a team, you need to pass instructions to your fellow players and you have to listen to their instructions too! The Fantasy sports app development company in Jaipur says, if there’s a delay in the communication server, it can be really fatal. The opponent kills you before you actually see them or your fellow team member reach you with instruction! So, delay in communication is a strict no-no in the world of online gaming. Voice chats can really help you with a low latency experience. The experience will be smooth and you can actually play as a team and win matches. In the case of fantasy cricket website development, developers maintain this point.
  • Change in voice: In role-playing games, change in your real voice can be more fun. According to fantasy sports platform development companies, these extensions include reverb, pitch, and equalizer options. You can change your voice without harming the gaming mode. In fact, it adds more fun to your game and your followers will gaga over this. Even if you are a card game player, you can add these features to your game to increase the interaction with fellow gamers. This change in voice sounds really interesting when done properly. Choose an extension where things are done without harming the vibe of the game.
  • Adding spatial sound effects: It is important for a player to feel the game. Adding spatial sound effects can take you virtually to the world where the game is being played. You can sense the game and it increases your attachment with it and it attracts all those people watching your stream. In the case of fantasy sports white label games, live chat extensions have this facility in common. People can hear the sound of the wind, water, cars coming, people approaching, all these in totality make the game look more realistic. You can actually live the game to the fullest.
  • High-quality audio: The audio quality is amazing. You can actually listen to each and every sound happening out there. From a very pale sound to opponents whispering near your place; every sound matters when you are playing a highly interactive game. These extensions come with features like automatic gain control, echo cancellation, noise suppression, etc. You do not want to listen to your fan making weird sounds in the middle of the game right? These systems won’t let you listen to those as well. Find a proper live-in chat extension that lets you interact with your friends and opponents and at the same time it never distracts you from your game.
  • Blocking unwanted people: When these extensions help you to interact with people that you may not know and increase your engagement, it gives you a sense of safety too. People can be really abusive when they are online and away from you. They pass random comments that can hurt you at any point. But these extensions have blocking features too. So, when some annoying player burges in, you can stop him from harming your peace of mind. Just block the person from interacting with you. The person will not be able to talk to you or disturb you in the near future. Several other features are also there. You can check the extension to know more about their blocking features. Fantasy Sports app development companies give you some sort of protection through this feature.

Cause of concern for parents: If you are a parent to a teenager, you are facing these online gaming-related problems every now and then. Your child loves playing and most of the time he forgets to complete his homework and keeps on playing for hours. It is not possible for you to monitor the whole gaming time. But at the same time, you should check on whether the game and environment are safe for your kid or not. You can instruct your kid to make the whole experience good. Here are a few ways through which the gaming environment can feel safer.

  • Ask your child not to share any type of personal information with unknown people out there. Here people are interacting with each other and you do not know what intention they have towards your child. Sharing personal information like house address, street number, personal phone number, etc can be really harmful. Ask your child not to share such crucial information that can reveal his identity to random people.
  • If your son is still a teenager, you should probably ask him to talk to only known people. They have a bunch of friends playing the same game or they may have other family members playing the game. Ask them to talk to only known people so that they can stay safe from unknown dangers. When a company goes for fantasy sports software for sale, they keep this thing in mind.
  • Educate your child about the mute, report, delete, block features. These are some preventive measures that can keep them safe while playing online games. Lots of people with different intentions target children of different age groups. As a parent, it is your responsibility to reach your child on time. Ask them to mute the person or report the profile if any unwanted situation occurs.
  • Cyberbullying is real and when a developer learns how to build a fantasy sports website, they know about this cyberbullying thing! If you stay online, you will probably understand how toxic cyberbullying can be. Ask your child to talk to you no matter what the situation is. Ask him to come to you and explain what happened. If possible, ask him to take screenshots or record the video when such situations take place. This can help you when you take legal actions against the bully. Befriend your child and ask them to talk to you no matter how worse the situation is.
  • In-game chats are interactive and helpful for your child. You just need to make sure, nothing odd is happening out there. Do not refrain your child from getting different types of experiences in life. As a parent, you just need to protect them from incoming dangers.

Preventive measures in detail: Sometimes, parents are not also aware of the preventive measures. Not every parent out there is a gaming freak. If you haven’t played any game, it is not possible for you to understand how to save your child from cyberbullying or how easily you can shun someone and continue playing your own game and interact with others. Here are a few preventive ways that you should know about. You can help your children know about these measures as well.

Muting: When someone’s disturbing your mental peace in the middle of the game, you can mute them. The live-in chat extensions have these amazing features available for all players. You can mute yourself too. When you mute yourself, no one can hear you or see what you are typing. Similarly, when you are muting another player, you cannot hear from them until you unmute them. This is one of the basic preventive measures to maintain the sanctity of your game.

Blocking: This is probably the easiest way of getting rid of an annoying person. If the person is annoying you, you can block them. Sometimes, in the middle of the game, the opponent player taunts you or passes unnecessary remarks. If you want to concentrate on your game and do not want to get disturbed, you can block them directly. They cannot disturb you further.

Reporting: Every game has certain terms and conditions and we better read those conditions before we start playing. In most cases, we do not pay heed to these terms. When someone is bullying you continuously, you are supposed to report the profile of the player and the gaming authority takes care of the situation. But if you do not know the terms and conditions that come with the game, you do not know the limit of your opponent in the game! You need to know the rules before reporting the profile. The method of reporting also changes from game to game. Different software works in different ways. You just need to know how you can place a report.

These are certain preventive measures that you need to understand before you start explaining these to your kid. Ask your kid to talk to you if anything bothers him. The online gaming arena is a vast field but it is possible to locate a wrongdoer easily.

Positive sides: We told you how to stay away from online bullies. But you also need to know the positive side of online gaming chats. When you are playing, it is annoying to start typing if you want to share any information with your teammates. Here, you can talk to them. If you think continuous chatting can hamper your game, you can mute yourself or others for a few minutes of pure gaming experience. But this chat feature in live game streaming is really helpful when you play highly interactive games.

Conclusion: Like every other facility out there, video chat in online gaming also comes with certain pros and cons. It has lots of positive sides and a few negative sides too. As a player, you need to know your limits and your rights. Though it is a virtual field, no one can bully you at any point. If you want to learn more about online gaming tricks and styles, you have to interact with unknown players too. But then also, you need to maintain your safety. Do not share your personal information with anyone out there. No matter how safe they look, try not to share your personal contact number, house address, or location at any point.

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