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Effective 10 Development Platform for eCommerce Website & It’s Costing

Ecommerce website development

With more than 1.2 billion digital users worldwide, online eCommerce is an emerging field that no one can ignore. Nowadays, the e-commerce business is gaining huge popularity in almost all niches.  From fashion, jewelry, hotel booking to furniture, medicines, and others, everything is coming online with eCommerce websites. So, it’s really necessary for every business to join online platforms to stay ahead of their competitors and fulfill the demands of their online customers.

 These days no one likes to visit physical stores to buy things, all want to shop online from the comfort of their home.  Online shopping not only offers digital buyers a hassle-free and comfortable shopping experience but also offers them discount codes and coupons on special days and massive discounts during festive seasons. This is the reason more and more people are attracted to online eCommerce stores & buying from them.

If you’re running a business or entrepreneur looking to try your hands in the online market, then developing a highly functional and feature-rich eCommerce store is really necessary. With the help of eCommerce website development, you can build your own eCommerce store and start selling your products.

To simplify your problem of choosing the right eCommerce platform, here we’re sharing the top 10 best eCommerce platforms for 2020. Different businesses have different needs and requirements depending upon their niche, business model, sales volume, and other important factors.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most effective eCommerce platform comparison for 2020:  

Ecommerce website development platform

  •  Big Commerce

BigCommerce is one of the trustworthy eCommerce platforms in 2020; it’s having a wide range of stores more than 55,000 are running using Big Commerce platforms that have done sales of over $4 billion.

Pricing starts at $29.95/month and offers a 3 GB storage space and 1.0% of the transaction fees.

  • Shopify

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms in 2019 and we hope in 2020 it will maintain its top position.  Just like Big Commerce, Shopify is also having a large number of online stores associated with it and generating great revenue.

Starting price of the Shopify platform is $14/month, but you will cross the limit soon with this starting plan if you’re serious about selling your products online.


  • Magento 

One of the popular customizable eCommerce platforms that most of the eCommerce adapts to start their online store.  Magneto provides a large number of extensions and third-party integrations to offer the most wonderful experience to the users.  From startups to well-settled brands, there are many companies that are using the Magento eCommerce platform. 

The basic version of the Magento eCommerce platform is completely free, but the enterprise version of the Magento eCommerce platform is nearly $24,000 annually.  

  • Wix 

Wix is one of the best eCommerce platforms for brand new businesses as it offers great features and functionalities in eCommerce at the most competitive prices.   With a large number of themes and super easy to use, it is considered as one of the top platforms for new businesses. 

Basically, Wix offers 3 packages for eCommerce businesses,  basic for $17, business for $25, and advanced for $35. 

  • woocommerce 

Woocommerce is a little bit different from other platforms.  With more than 80 million downloads around the globe, Woocommerce is one of the best eCommerce solutions for 2020.  Nearly 30% of running eCommerce stores are powered by WooCommerce. 

Woocommerce is free to download and you can install it in your  WordPress store. It is as simple to install as any normal WordPress plugin. 

  • Volusion 

Volusion is one of the leading players in the list of top eCommerce platforms. Volusion is offering its services of eCommerce setup from years and there is a large number of online store that is using Volusion for selling their products. Volusion is one of the best eCommerce platforms in 2020 for those people who need to sell a lot of products online as Volusion offers the freedom to list products as much you can. 

Volusion has divided its price as per the client needs as if you need for personal use its charge is nearly $25per month,  for professional use its charge is nearly $71 per month if you are startup its charge $161 per month and if you’re businesses,  it charges nearly $269 per month. 

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud  (Demandware) 

Salesforce commerce cloud is also known as Demandware, salesforce commerce cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce solution better for B2C retailers.  It’s not a good fit for startups, it is a suitable eCommerce solution for big brands that have higher traffic and sales.   

Pricing of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud for essential is $25/per month,  for promotional $75 per month, for enterprise $175 per month, for unlimited $300 per month.  

  Closing Lines 

We hope the above eCommerce list will help you in choosing the best eCommerce platform for your startup. If you have any questions related to eCommerce website development or the best eCommerce framework, get in touch with us!

ecommerce app

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