eCommerce SEO: Actionable Tips for Driving More Traffic to the Website


eCommerce SEO: Actionable Tips for Driving More Traffic to the Website

December 21, 2022 | By SYNARION IT

In order to increase your sales, your content must be attractive to drive more traffic to your site. We’ve prepared a guide with actionable tips for driving traffic towards your website

Business blogs 

A business needs to have a part of it’s website dedicated to blogs. It needs to be regularly updated with trending topics and content. This is very essential as companies who blog on a regular basis attract significantly more traffic towards their site. Marketers who publish blogs regularly are likely to generate more positive ROI. The blogs should be based on important topics and must be well-researched on to make sure that it adds value to your site.

Pick and choose topics that are timeless

Trending topics can add a boost to your traffic but only for a short while. It is better to invest your time and effort on topics that are evergreen and that will stay relevant over a long period of time. These topics tend to interest your audience and gather more traffic over time.

Add alluring headlines to your blogs

Headlines are proven to double your traffic provided that they are compelling enough. The headlines should be having keywords in accordance with the trending SEO topics.

Guest writers

They can expose your site to new ideas and help diversify it. They can also generate traffic by sharing the articles on their social media platforms.

Creative visuals

Design tools can illustrate your article and give it a more appealing look. You can also add some interesting visuals to your data in order to make sure that your blogs are perfect to the last detail.

Include short videos

Add short videos of a few seconds to your blog posts as they can appear more in search results. You can even use YouTube SEO to attain a higher rank on the app. Add links on these videos so that it takes the audience directly to your site.

Make guides and templates

These are lead magnets that attract visitors to your site who are sure to return again.

Increase traffic with Search Engine Optimization

You need to have a proper SEO strategy if you want to capture traffic on your site. The use of proper keywords can bring your website at the top and increase it’s visibility.

Basics to perfect your SEO strategy:-

  • Target keywords- Keywords are the words that get searched the most.
  • All your keywords must be placed strategically so that they come up in relevant searches.
  • Optimize your SERP appearance accordingly in order to get more organic clicks
  • Add links inside your blogs that take visitors directly to your site.
  • Make sure that your website loads as quickly as possible and that they are technically optimized and well-structured.
  • Your website must be accessible on all devices whether they are laptops, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Refresh your content regularly and always keep it up to date in order to keep a surge in traffic.
  • The link to your pages must be from credible sites in order to increase domain authority.
  • Use SEO tools as they can help find broken links on other sites and offer yours to replace it.

 How social media marketing helps drive engagement toward your site?

How To Get Traffic On Website with Social Media

Social media apps are the most popular tool to help attract traffic to your site. Below are some tips to use these apps as a traffic generators for your site:-

  • Promote your content on all the social media platforms of your company- Your content must be promoted on the most popular social media platforms to attract all types of audiences.
  • Add hashtags to all your posts so that it is categorized with other relevant posts. Your hashtags must be specific and relevant to the post so that they can get discovered by the target audience.
  • Publications like news sites and journals can also amplify your reach. Social media influencers with a broad fan base can promote your company on their platforms and can direct their fans toward your brand.
  • The company must have a LinkedIn page to increase it’s brand recognition and enhance it’s reputation. LinkedIn is also a great app to target your custom audience.
  • Include social share buttons in your blog posts in order to boost traffic in just a few clicks.
  • Research the market and your competitors. This helps analyze the present needs of the markets and learn from the success and failures of your competitors.
  • Find out more about the topics readers are resonating with and incorporate them in your blogs.
  • Post at the times suggested by social media analytics as engagement during these times are at the highest.

How listings help increase traffic to your website?

 Business listings help drive engagement towards your site provided that your listings are optimized correctly so that they can appear at the top when searches are made on relevant topics. Many business listing sites also provide their services for free and you can enlist your organization in any such sites. It is essential that you keep your information consistent and as updated as possible.

Some more steps to increase traffic:-

Host regular webinars

People love to learn something new and webinars are an outstanding way to impart knowledge to interested audiences Social promotion campaigns together with webinars are an amazing way to increase traffic to your website. Send out emails regularly ahead of time, as well as a reminder to register themselves the day before the webinar. Archive your presentation in order to view it later and promote your webinars through different social media platforms.

Online forums

People need to feel absolutely free to speak their minds and target subjects they feel passionate about, so in order to start a conversation, you must build a community on your site as it is a great way to increase traffic. Create a dedicated forum in which visitors feel comfortable enough to ask questions. Manage the event properly and make sure decorum is maintained throughout

Participate in these forums

Join forums and social media groups on different social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook where you are able to share your knowledge. Only include links that are allowed and appropriate. Do not include links in all your posts. The link must be specific to the blog post and based on the relevant topic. The primary goal here is to add value and build brand recognition. Interested people will search for your site on their own.

Attend conferences regularly

Whichever industry you belong to, there are always some major conventions and conferences relevant to your business. Attending these events should be a must and speaking at them only helps more. Even a decent speaking engagement is a great way to portray yourself as a thought leader in your industry and gain the necessary exposure needed for your site.

Submit your content

People use aggregator sites to follow the blogs and sites they are interested in, and often subscribe these sites in order to receive emails with links.

Create free tools

Assessments, quizzes and idea generators can be created as free and useful tools. The landing page should be optimized with your content in such a way that your tool ranks organically. It should be something that the audience can use frequently so as to increase traffic to the website.


This might not be free but if used strategically, it can prove to be a worthy and beneficial investment over time. SEO takes a few months of consistent publishing in order to amplify traffic, build links, and earn the favor of Google. Hence, you must consider a paid advertisement campaign. Paid advertisements are sponsored by organizations and are paid over a long period of time.

Benefits of Ecommerce SEO:-

Benefits Of eCommerce SEO

There are many benefits to setting up and eCommerce SEO and a few of them are listed below:-

Improving User experience

If your site targets the right keywords for the targeted audience and quickly responds to any and all queries that the visitors might have, then Google ranks it as one of the top sites. Users visiting your site must have a positive experience as any negative experience might hurt your ranking and fail to engage traffic.

Expand your reach

Receiving more traffic means your brand’s reach is expanding. Users that have landed on your page either organically or through advertisements must be asked for their emails so that they are subscribed to the newsletter and receive emails regarding any offers and discounts that might be going on. Users must not be spammed with emails constantly as it can lead to them unsubscribing the emails.

Increase your brand awareness

To create a brand awareness that is lasting and impactful, the content must focus on values of the brand and other important factors it supports like sustainability and cost efficiency.

SEO for Ecommerce matters because it provides a way to reach the target audience without having to pay hefty amounts for ads. Once you get visitors to your site, you can make them customers with your intriguing content and quality products or services. SEO for eCommerce helps attract new customers and generates sales for the company.

Developing an Ecommerce strategy-

  • Prioritise your pages- You should decide which of the content pages are likely to get the most traffic. Those pages must be focused on the specific products that your brand is trying to market in order for Search Engine Optimisation to work properly.
  • Create a flow- SEO requires your time and effort and you need to meet a lot of specific requirements like choosing keywords, adding images, and including metadata accurately.
  • Analyze your competitors- Your SEO strategy should be designed in such a way that it makes you stand out from your competitors.

If you want more traffic to your site as it will also result in increased sales, you might want to target high commercial intent keywords as part of your strategies.

Focus on Homepage SEO

The homepage is where most businesses focus their time, effort, and SEO budget. It is one of the top pages of your website that you should optimize but it is definitely not the only one you should focus on.

That said, you should optimize your homepage as well as possible. The key things you should add and optimize are included in the following.

Homepage Title Tag

One of the most important elements of on-site search optimization is the SEO title tag. It should include the name of your business along with the necessary keyword phrase you intend on targeting. You should write the title tag in less than 70 characters and in such a way that it is appealing to search visitors, as it will appear in their search results.

Homepage Meta Description

This might not be as important as the homepage title tag but is necessary nevertheless, the meta description for your homepage should be a 160-character description of your business that will also show up in search beneath the title tag. It must be written in such a way that it encourages people to visit the website.

Homepage Content

The content on your homepage should help visitors learn more about your business and the products you have to offer in a clear and concise way. Avoid spamming visitors with too much information. Consider featuring your top few products on the homepage and your unique selling proposition.

Cluttered homepages tend to confuse visitors as well as search engines. Google might struggle to identify what you sell and who you’re targeting with your products, so be specific about what your site offers

Closing lines

You have to get people to your site in order to generate sales and make them your regular customers. Beginning with eCommerce SEO is sure to help in doing so.

Checklist for eCommerce SEO:

eCommerce SEO Checklist

Pick the correct keywords

Perform competitor research

Focus on homepage SEO

Simplify the structure of your site

Optimize product pages

Use creative designs

Increase speed your pages

Create backlinks

Your Ecommerce site is sure to be ranked as one of the top ones if you follow the steps mentioned above.

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