How Lybrate, Practo Clone Will Help You To Quick-start Your medical Business


How Lybrate, Practo Clone Will Help You To Quick-start Your medical Business

June 14, 2019 | By SYNARION IT

In the contemporary era, our generation has become more tech-savvy. As in this era, booking each and everything from movie tickets to hotels has become a more convenient way by just a few clicks on our smartphone. Due to some online doctor booking app like Lybrate and Practo, getting a doctor’s appointment is as easy as taking a pill.

Moreover, with unlimited access to technologically smart devices, patients can now avail the same benefits when it comes to booking medical appointments online. Many app development companies, offers a cost-effective range of Medical app development solutions.

Therefore, patients can now avail the same benefits when it comes to booking medical appointments online.

The global mHealth market can reach USD 111.8 billion by 2025 says new reports

Rising Demand for Online Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

The demand for the Practo clone is increasing day by day. Because app similar to Practo allows the users to book and monitor doctor appointment criteria with great ease and convenience.

So, this has made them a prime category in the Healthcare mobile app development industry.

Here’s a short infographic to justify the demand from numbers and statistics-

Survey Data:  Approx 67 percent of the folks were able to make an appointment inside of standard business hours.

online Doctor appointment graph

Given the chance to schedule doctor appointments online 24×7, about 34.3 percent of new users were able to make an online appointment during closing hours.

Question: Would you prefer to book your appointment with your doctor from a website or mobile app, without having to call the doctor’s clinic or hospital?

online Doctor appointment graph

Nearly half (42 percent) of survey respondents say they would like online appointment scheduling, rather than scheduling by calling the hospital.

According to a survey, when patients have access to schedule their doctor’s appointment online the following data came out on show-

online Doctor appointment graph

  • 6 % of the appointments are scheduled online for the same day slots.
  • 20.1 % are for next day slots.
  • 74 percent of the appointments are for some other day slots.

We’re not the only ones advocating doctor online appointment booking system. There are many other key findings and predictions by Accenture and many other famous industries-

  • 66% of U.S. health systems will provide online scheduling.
  • 64% of the patients will schedule appointments online.
  • 986 million doctor’s appointments will be scheduled independently.
  • Value of online appointment scheduling: $3.2 billion.
  • The global mHealth market is projected to reach USD 111.8 billion by 2025.
  • It is growing at a CAGR of 44.2%

Top Players in Doctor Appointment Booking App Industry

Top Players in Doctor Appointment Booking App Industry

While Practo and Lybrate are the two major doctor online appointment booking apps that are ruling the healthcare app domain. Also, there are a number of other apps that are performing equally well in the industry-

  1. Practo
  2. Otboo
  3. Setmore
  4. Healthtap
  5. Lybrate

Above all, there are a number of factors that have contributed to making these apps the best in doctor appointment class. But the one dominant factor present in them all is the set of Features that are present in all the apps.

The features that have now become a must-have lot for healthcare brands pursuing constant growth and demand from all the involved stakeholders.

Let us have a look at those features.

Must-Have Features of Successful Doctors Appointment App

Following are the key features of Practo clone script as well as Lybrate clone script

1. Doctor and Clinic Search

One of the must-have features in the list is the Search option.

  • The patient panel should be given an option to search for doctors and clinics on the basis of different parameters like- the specialization, the clinic’s or doctor’s name, visitation charges, the wait time, etc.
  • Opt for having a wide search filter menu to offer the best services to the users.

2. Stakeholders’ Profiles

There are two primary sides of the Doctor online appointment app development-

  1. Doctor’s profile
  2. User Profile
  • The doctor’s profile will have details like name and surname and their area of specialization such as cardiologist, gynecologist or general physician, etc. Location of their clinic, timings, names of hospitals they are associated with, and the visitation charges.
  • While the user profile will have users’ names, ages, gender, etc.
  • Apart from that, you can also ask basic medical details like height, weight, blood group, hereditary disease, etc.

3. Appointment Booking

As it goes without saying, this feature is one of the most basic features of your app to find doctors.

  • This feature makes the whole process of finding a doctor and confirming a time slab for booking the appointment very easy and hassle-free.
  • You should give the patients the option to select a convenient date for the appointment.
  • Meanwhile, you should also give the doctors, a functionality to accept or reject the appointment in real-time as per their availability.

4. Geo-Location Search

Geo-location is a blessing in times of emergency when there is a life-risking situation.

  • It is a necessary feature that must be included in a healthcare app or medical app for sure.
  • It helps the users or patients to reach the doctor’s clinic or the concerned hospital using the shortest possible route and within minimum time.

5. In-built Payment Option

As we are moving forward with a cashless system, you should build the online payment gateway option. So that the user can easily pay the charges hassle-free.

  • It would include payment made through various online methods like debit or credit cards.
  • Users can also use their electronic wallet and pay through apps like Apple Pay, Paytm, Google Wallet or Braintree, etc.

6. Live Video Conference or Telemedicine Option

Using this feature, your app will be an asset to the users. In this way, you are offering the patients a facility of live chatting or video calling with the doctor.

  • The patients will have one-to-one interaction directly with their doctors for which they don’t have to pay a visit all the way to the clinic.
  • In addition, not only with the patients, but 44% of doctors also communicate with the staff and nurses to give them the necessary assistance.

7. Doctor Review

Doctors’ rating and review is the one feature that will make the patient side of the users’ get engaged in your Android or iPhone mobile app for finding doctors.

  • For your healthcare app, you will have to ensure that you have genuine ratings and reviews for your stakeholder doctors.

Above all, are all the key features that you should include in your Android or iPhone healthcare app.

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Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs an Online Appointment Booking Mobile Application

Reasons why you need an online doctors appointment booking app

You know, the Practo clone script app allows you from registering to discharging the patient, it can help you throughout performing different operations easily and effectively.

If you are still being skeptical, and wondering how an app can quick start your medical business or boost your hospital functionality, have a look at the following points that provides you-

  • Hassle-Free Appointment Booking
  • Easier Access to Reports
  • Effective Promotion
  • Convenient Bill Payments
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Brand Reputation

In 2017, there were 325,000 mobile health apps available on Android and various play stores and healthcare providers now tend to get more engaged in Doctor appointment app development.


The merits of online doctor appointment booking app are going beyond convenience for patients well as users. And we can say without any doubt that it is beneficial for organizations too. So what are you waiting for now??

Synarion IT Solutions is the right place where you can get a lucrative solution for online doctor appointment booking app development for your hospital or medical business. You can also get a Lybrate clone script or Practo clone script for your Android or iPhone app development.

Contact us and our team of professionals will make an estimation of your app project and provide you with all the information you need.

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