Cross-Platform App Development: Pros & Cons + Helpful Tools


Cross-Platform App Development: Pros & Cons + Helpful Tools

May 19, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

Have you ever given thought to how the millions of apps available in the Play store were create? Or whether the apps are developed for Android phones, iOS, or even both? If you did, you must have come across Cross-Platform App Development once in a while. Business owners would have the requirements for developing such an app that would increase their traffic by running on multiple platforms. Cross-platform apps fulfill such requirements as it is designed for running on multiple platforms using a single codebase.

Though cross-platform is somehow popular these days, people are still confused about choosing a native mobile app or cross-platform. Also, cross-platform languages are straightforward, clear, and straightforward; this could be an actual reason for choosing them. Interestingly, business owners would need to look for mobile apps that would work effectively on leading platforms that cross-platform development makes possible.

As we have said, there are many advantages to selecting a cross-platform mobile app, but we can’t deny the few downfalls of this development method. So, let’s discuss both the benefits and downsides of this particular method below in this article.

 What are the pros of cross-platform app development?

There are many advantages, especially for those in the business field who can immensely enjoy its benefits in no time.

  • Easy and Fast App Development: As you know, cross-platform mobile app development enables you to use one codebase for Android and iOS. You do not have to build  Android or iOS projects separately. Though the applications of cross-platform developed as a single project, they can support multiple devices. So, it enables you to build your app fast with a single codebase for your business. Also, you can reuse the codebase that makes app development quicker and easier.
  • Cost-Efficient:  If you compare the price of a native app with cross-platform then, you will find cross-platform to be 30% cheaper than the latter for developing apps for Android and iOS separately. As the app development procedure becomes faster due to a single codebase, it lowers the cost of developing the app.
  • Broad Audience Reach: The primary concern for creating an app for each developer is whether or not it would grab the market’s attention. But, at the same time, it’s vital to go for a cost-effective solution. So, cross-platform enables you to get a wider reach towards your targeted audience in both the markets of iOS and Android at the same time. Also, if you’re in a hurry to launch your product in the market, you can develop the app for one platform first.
  • Uniformity Between Platforms: You’d find a few differences while building navigation and design for Android and iOS platforms. The default manager handles the UI differences in cross-platform. You usually won’t find any differences for cross-platforms while implementing the functions as it shares a single codebase for leading platforms.

What are the cons of cross-platform app development

  • Complicated Code Design:  cross-platform mobile app development uses a single codebase for one device and many. The functionalities and techniques are develop so that they could adapt to many devices. So, the developers had to create an effective codebase that would work for multiple devices.
  • New Features Take Time: The end-users of cross-platform have to experience slower updates or wait longer for the latest updates. Also, each time it takes time for Android and iOS users to update the app to support the new features. You’d find that native apps are pretty fast in this field, and they provide new SDKs with the latest updates to provide support for the new features.
  • Performance Issues: We all want to have apps with the best performance as it is a vital characteristic of any app. If you make a little comparison between the version of cross-platform with native, you will find cross-platform a little slower than the latter even after having the same functionalities. But, it isn’t significant for simple apps.
  • Lacks Native Features:  It’s undeniable that cross-platform applications lack or do not allow access to some specific features of certain platforms.

Top cross-platform mobile app development Frameworks

We have already discussed earlier that developers using cross-platform have to create a single codebase, but it would require its development tools for that particular codebase. Although there are several tools available for cross-platforms, we would discuss a few in this article.


One of the most popular mobile app tools is Xamarin cross-platform app development tool used for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows applications. This particular tool uses the C# programming language. You’d be surprised to know that this tool is supported and developed by Microsoft.

Those looking for a specific tool to create a simple application would find this tool their best choice. Also, there are good UI design features available, and the code can be reuse for up to 70% while you adapt an application to some other platform. Also, to ensure its usage, developers can test its functionality.


This tool is one of the best cross-platform platform app development tools based on Apache Cordova. It is an open-source framework that enables developers to create platform-independent and based mobile apps based on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

For those looking to create specific apps where you do not have to make extensive use of the capabilities of your device then, this tool will fulfill your requirement. This particular tool enables various functions that help speed up the build processes of an app with proper communication with the team members. Even beginners would find this tool easy to use and the SDK available for multiple platforms.

 Wrapping Up

Hope you’ve got the complete information and help regarding cross-platform through this article.  And, considering cross-platform app developers is worthy as it would save you time and money. These days, it’s pretty easy to hire a cross-platform app developer as various sites provide experts in this field to fulfill your requirements. Moreover, the pros and cons of cross-platform have already been mention above with the tools of cross-platform so that you’d know whether it would be the best choice for you or not. 

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