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Cost to Make On Demand Food Delivery App Solution

Cost To Make On-Demand Food Delivery App Like Swiggy, Zomato

Nowadays everyone is attracted to food. Having a family-time, organizing a party, having lots of guests, but worried about food? But why you are worried, as we are in the 21st century, wherewith only two clicks you can order your food at any time and from anywhere while being in your comfy zone. All this is possible only because of the food delivery app like Swiggy and Zomato.

In this blog, we will cover why you should choose the food delivery app, growing market statistics, feature list that one must have in their apps  If you’re having such ideas then do not miss further reading as we will all tell you the food delivery app development cost.

Why Go for Online Food – Delivery app?

The on-demand food delivery app is striking the market of the food delivery industry way beyond the verge. As a result of a survey, restaurants that are having link-ups with various online food delivery apps (eg.  Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda and many more) get more than 47% of their business from them as compared to their non-link-up ones.

Let’s Take a Look at Growing Trends of Food-Delivery Mobile Apps

In 2019, Revenue in the Online Food Delivery industry in India amounts to US$7,092m

We are living in a modern era in which we are basically doing everything online – including eating. And we have the online food delivery stats to prove it.

  • Revenue in the Online Food Delivery industry amounts to US$7,092m in 2019.
  • Online ordering of food has helped the restaurants on a wide range to increase their average basket sizes by 27%
  • 61% of the customer’s order delivery from a table service restaurant if the service the restaurant offers the services.
  • On-demand food delivery is projected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 9.9%, resulting in a market volume of US$10,363m by 2023.
  • By the end of 2019, payments made online through food apps will reach $210.45 billion.

Famous Food Delivery Apps

The most popular mobile apps for food delivery in India that are helping to serve tastier lives at home.  

  • Swiggy is one of the top-rated On-demand Food Delivery App in India. Swiggy is one amongst best food delivery apps Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur and other top cities in India. With over 10,000,000+ downloads in the play store, Swiggy rated as No. 1 online food ordering app in India.
  • On the other hand, Zomato is an online food ordering service that was launched by Popular restaurant finder Zomato. Zomato operating in nearly 23 countries across the world including India, Australia, United States. With colossal popularity in a swift span of time, Zomato is the biggest rival for Swiggy in India.

Develop a Food Delivery App like Swiggy, Zomato

There’s no doubt about the fact that Swiggy and Zomato is one of the most successful ventures. I inspired thousands of other young budding minds to think innovatively.

Swiggy and Zomato are the most widely downloaded food apps across the globe. An experienced Food App Developer must be familiar with the fact that these apps are predominantly found on both the popular platforms – Android as well as iOS. Although the cost will vary on both platforms.

So, if you’re having an idea to commence Swiggy clone or Zomato clone with your own customizations and unique features, you basically need to focus on three crucial domains that include:

  • The Customer Side App
  • The Owner/ Restaurant Dashboard
  • The Admin or Control Panel

Why Developing an On-Demand Food Delivery App with Synarion IT Solutions?

Synarion IT is one of the most trusted Software Development Company when it approaches to build an application/website for Restaurants and Food firms.

Right from creating the UI/UX design to construct the whole backend system, Synarion IT has a blend of professionals, dedicated and experienced developers who have expertise in developing apps/websites for the Food or Restaurants industry.

Our aim is to make your app flawless, smooth and as fast as possible inclusive of payment systems, menu processing, and order selection according to customer’s requirements.

Here is a glimpse of readymade food delivery app solution by Synarion IT Solutions.

Product By Synarion IT Solutions


Feature list we offer in On-Demand Food Delivery App Solutions

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel
  • Restaurant Panel
  • Staff Panel

Above all, you have just undergone the vital features that you can’t bear to avoid before developing an on-demand food delivery app. If you have made up your mind then you can cross verify the steps with us.

Technologies we are working with –

  • JavaScript Framework
  • Web Technologies
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Database
  • UI/UX

The cost to make Food Delivery App like Swiggy and Zomato

Well, we can’t tell you the exact cost of the food delivery app, in fact, no one can tell you as it all depends upon your requirements and need. Different features integration has different prices but the basic module cost around $ 3,500 – $ 9,500.

Moreover, the integration of different features like Push Notification, Live Chat, support, and Live chat adds additionally.

The Food Delivery App Development Cost depends on the requirements of your food business.


In conclusion, If you have an idea to start your own food ordering/delivery app, then choose the best food delivery app development company. Synarion IT Solutions are the leaders in Web & Mobile App Development Company based in Jaipur, India.

And still, if you’re having any query or confusion related to Restaurant/Food App, then you can get in touch with us on

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