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Cost and Features of Fantasy Sports Software Development

Sports play an important role in people’s lives around the globe. Everyone has their own choice when it comes to sports, Some like Cricket whereas others like Basketball, Tennis, Soccer or Football. If you’re a sports lover and looking for your own Fantasy Sports Software Development then you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we’re going to tell you about everything that will help you in making your dream into a reality in the form of your own Fantasy Sports Website Development.

Cost and Features of Fantasy Sports Software Development

According to the latest study, Fantasy Sports Market will reach the US $26400 Million by 2025. As per this report, we can take an idea about the popularity of Fantasy Sports App and Website Development.

Around 89% of users play Fantasy Sports in a month.

As per the Market Watch, America is leading in the market share of Fantasy Sports with 58% in 2017 and Europe comes second in the list with a market share of 14% share in 2017. 

Due to its higher demand for Fantasy Sports Cricket Website around the globe, the development of a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream 11 is the smart investment.

Why Investing in a Fantasy Sports Software Development is a great idea?

Thinking of Investing in a Fantasy Sports Software Development?

  • Business Growth

From a business point of view, Fantasy Sports Software Development is worth investment as you can see instant growth in the market in just a couple of years.

  • Easy Funding

The fantasy Sports business is a billion-dollar business. You don’t need to struggle to explain your business idea to everyone as investors are aware of the rapid growth of Fantasy Sports Cricket Websites Like Dream 11.

As you can take the idea of Fantasy Sports business growth from National Football League’s Annual Revenue in America is nearly $13 billion which is expected to grow to $25 billion in upcoming years.

  • Endless Chances

From Cricket Series, Football Matches to Kabaddi Leagues, there are many sports leagues organized every year and the scope of your application to work is very high.

  •  Less Competition

Since the idea of developing its own fantasy sports cricket website, the fantasy sports kabaddi website is new in the market and hence there is lesser competition in Fantasy Sports App Development Like a Dream 11.

We can say that in the upcoming years the competition will be very high in the Fantasy Sports business as more and more people are planning to enter in the world of fantasy sports. So, if you’re serious about your investment in Fantasy Sports App Development then execute your plan as soon as possible. It will not only help you in developing a successful Fantasy Sports Website but also you will get time to grow your business in less time.

What are the Popular Features and Functionalities of Fantasy Sports Software?

Popular Features and Functionalities of Fantasy Sports Software.

Application User/ Contestant

Registration of New user/ Login of Existing Users- Interested users can register to Fantasy Sports Software using their Phone Number, Email id, and set a password whereas Existing users can log in using their registered phone number, email id, and password. Also, new users can add referral code, if they are referred by their friends or family members. 

Home Screen:

It is where users will land after logging into Fantasy Software App. Entire details of sports they will get here like they can filter the search by sports type and match type. Also, they will be able to see match listing that includes Tournament Name, Team 1 (With relevant images), Team 2 (with relevant images) and Match Schedule ( Date & Time)

* Once the user has selected the match of his/her choice, then they will be redirected to the contest screen.


On this page, users can access all contest details like filter by contest, Entry Fee Range, Contest Fee Range, Winning Amount, Winners Count and Total Team Count. After that, the user can choose a contest of his choice and can join the match.

Join the Contest:

In this way, the user can join the contest after paying the required fees.

Payment Options:

Users can pay their contest fees by using Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Payment Wallets/ or using referral cash or bonus points.

Create Your Contest:

With a single tap on your smartphone, users can easily create their own contents by adding the relevant details like Contest Name, Total Winning Amount, Contest Size, allow multiple teams (Y/N), Entry Fees. Content Creator needs to join the contest first that the user has created and then the user can invite their friends or contacts to participate in the contest.

My Contest Details:

Under this section, you can see the details of the participants who had joined the contest. Here users can edit their selected players and filter search by their categories like upcoming matches, live scores, and results.

Dashboard or Profile:

In this you will see your personal details, earned amounts, reward points; you can add card details for adding payment, Accounts details and can withdraw an amount that you have in your account. 


In the setting section, you can view other important features of the Fantasy Sports Website App such as:

Invite and Earn Reward Points

In this section, you can share the URL of the Fantasy Sports Software with your friends and contact lists. Whenever they will join the contest using your shared url you will earn reward points. Along with that the user who joined the contest will receive some cash bonus in their wallet.

Admin User

Admin Logins:

In this section admin of the Fantasy Sports Application can log in to their account using the username and password.

The dashboard of the Fantasy Sports Software:

When the admin logins to the app and click on the dashboard details, the admin will get statistics of Matches. Details such as upcoming matches, Ongoing Matches, played matches)

User Manager:

In this section, the admin can manage all user accounts like Edit/Add/Delete/Inactive Accounts/Active Accounts.

Games Categories Management:

In this section, the admin can manage all the details of the games.

Contest Management:

In this section, the admin will get control over contests like Add/Edit/Delete/Deactivate Match Contests.


Admin can view the earnings from these sections using all sorts of filters.

Management of Payment:

Here, the admin can view the various modes of payments of the application.

Reward Points Management:

In this section, all reward points offered to the users can be managed.

Cash Bonus Management:

In this section of Cash Bonus Management, admin can manage cash bonus offered to the users.

Report Management:

In this panel, admin can able to generate contest reports, participant reports, match reports, earnings reports, player ranking reports, and others.

Bank Details Management:

In this section, the admin will manage all requests from the contestants. Requests related to withdrawing their payments in their respective banks. Admin is authorized to accept/reject bank details, pan card details and other relevant details related to the release of their payment.

Which are the additional features/Functionalities of Fantasy Sports Cricket Website?

  • Live Match Score Board

Users will be able to see the latest match live scores, Expert Analysis and Match Highlights.

  • API Integration for Live Scoreboard

Live Scoreboard API Integration allows you the most current data and allows developers to easily integrate into any platforms.

  • Push Notifications

Push Notification in terms of alerts and notifications plays an important role. It informs users about upcoming matches and the right time of making the team.

  • Custom Mail Reminder System

This mail will be sent to targeted users who are not participating in the contests but registered. Also, it can be very helpful to inform existing users via mail about upcoming matches and contests.

  • Easy Payment Procedures 

There are easy payment procedures where users can make payments in a simpler and hassle-free way. They can use Debit Card/Credit Card/ Payment Wallets and Net Banking.

After understanding the demands and features of Fantasy Sports Website, it’s really important to understand what’s the Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports Website?

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports Website/Software

According to FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association), the Fantasy Sports business is growing at a rapid pace and it is worth 10 billion worldwide. 

Fantasy Sports Websites are growing year on year if you’re looking to invest in a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11, then this right time to transform your dreams into reality. 

The cost of any Software or Website depends upon its designs, features, and functionalities; it’s really difficult to give an actual cost of the products without knowing the requirements of clients.

Generally, the cost of Developing Fantasy Sports Software Development , websites and Apps comes in between USD 5000 to USD 9000. Rest, cost can be decrease or increase depends upon the number of sports and additional features you’ve selected.

Final Note

Fantasy Sports lovers are growing at a rapid pace around the globe, so it’s a smart investment for anyone to develop a Fantasy Sports software development like Dream 11.

If you have any doubts or questions related to Fantasy Sports Web App Development, Features and Cost, feel free to book a free consultation at Synarion IT Solutions! We would love to hear from you all!

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