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Car wash mobile app development

In the contemporary era, transportation and means to go back and forth have drastically evolved, all thanks to new emerging technologies. Having a personal vehicle, especially a four-wheeler is gradually becoming more of a prerequisite and less of luxury. But an on-demand car washes mobile app has come as an asset for the car owners.

As we speak of technology, everything works on just a finger snap – from inquiring about your dream car to maintaining it. Similarly, getting your car wash on just a single click. So, if you’re having an idea popping in your mind of getting your own car wash app we’ve got your back!

In this blog, Synarion IT Solutions, the well-known web and app development company has brought you in-depth information about On-Demand Car Wash App Development. So do not miss further reading!

$5.8 Billion revenue generation of car washes ! 

Growth Trends And Stats of Car Wash App

The car wash industry is incredibly dynamic and productive. This industry has been growing and changing considerably in recent decades, and consequently, it is filled with exciting opportunities for entry and innovations.

Meanwhile, the growth that’s being seen in the car wash industry is really noteworthy. Let’s take a look :

  • In an estimation, 8 million vehicles a day are washed at car washes.
  • The annual revenue of the car wash industry raised up to $48 billion.
  • In the last 15 years, a 69% increase has occurred in car owners using car wash facilities rather than washing their car themselves.
  • The United state alone, there are 16,000 car washes establishments whose combined annual revenue is about $9 billion.

There are 3 types of users in terms of car wash :

car wash mobile app development of all car washes.

  • Heavy Users: refers to those who use a car wash at least certain times per month.
  • Medium Users: refers to those who go for a car wash every couple of months.
  • Light Users: refers to those who are going every 6 months, or less frequently for the car wash.

Types of Car Wash Facilities

The following car wash facility types are offered throughout the world-

  1. Full-service car washes
  2. Exterior conveyor washes
  3. Self-serve car washes
  4. In-bay automatic car washes

Features Of On-Demand Car Wash Mobile App

To understand the key features of a car wash mobile app thoroughly we need to divide it into 3 major segments/panels –

car wash features

  • Customer (the service seeker)
  • Technician (service engineer)
  • Admin (business/provider)

Customer Panel

  • Sign Up or Log In

This is the first section which the user will face. They can register themselves into the app with the social media account or email account details.

  • Placing service request

Customers can place the service request for car washing according to their own requirements.

  • Choose car location

Customers can choose a suitable location for the car wash. So that accordingly, service engineers can make the provisions for cleaning.

  • Check availability of technician/service

This feature enables the user to check whether the technicians for their service are available or not.

  • Choose car wash package and services

Users can select the packages and services that are offered by different service providers and choose the best one that fits with their budget.

  • Payment module

The customer has several methods for making the payment. That means through debit or credit card, through the wallet or even cash as per their convenience.

  • View order details/history

It enables customers to keep track of their order history. They can view how many times have their car been for the wash, to which service provider and when. Then accordingly they can make the new requests for car washing.

Detailer Panel

  • Sign-up

Just like the customer, the detailer also has to log in with the app using the credentials(username and password) provided by the admin.

  • Push Notifications

The detailers can send the notification to the customer about the order has been received or about the service completed.

  • Feed the location

Detailers can add their location to allow the customers to know about their nearby centers. This enables users to get an idea about their closest centers and drop off their cars at those centers.

  • Accept/decline Service

If the detailer has already scheduled enough services, he can decline the service request by the user. In other words, a detailer can accept or reject the service according to their comfort.

  • Track job history

The detailer can track the number of jobs completed per day or in a week or in a month so as to figure out his working ability.

  • Request payment from admin

On the basis of a number of request completed and the packages of those services, the detailer can send the request to the admin for making the payment.

Admin Panel

  • Technician Registration

Admin can track all the technicians along with their name, the number of years of experience, physical location. Services provided by service engineers and charges will be managed by admin.

  • Manage Services and Timezones

All the car washing services assigned to the users, at what time and when will it be completed is all managed and monitored by the admin only.

  • Manage the payment

The admin can manage the payments to be made to the detailers and also the payment to be received from the users via different online methods.

  • Manage Ratings and Feedback

Admin can manage and answer the ratings and feedbacks given by the users to the detailer about the service.

How Exactly Does A Car Wash App Works?

  • Firstly, register and login to the car wash app.
  • The user sends the car washing request by placing service request in car wash app.
    • The admin receives the user request
    • Right after that, it starts showing the nearby car washing detailer to the user.
  • The user gets all the nearby available car washer options to select one
  • The user then picks one of the car washers and the admin sends the request to the detailers.
  • After that, the car washer then goes to the user location.
  • The detailers then wash the car as per the package selected by the customer.
  • Once the car is washed, the customer makes the payment to the admin. If you have any coupon code or discount, you can apply it while making payment.
  • The admin then makes the payment to the detailers.

In addition, Android app development has made the process of a car wash at great ease. This stunning and feature-rich car wash app makes all the services available on just a single click.

Synarion IT can provide an advanced technology lucrative app to save time and efforts. This app functions well with both Android and iOS platforms.


There has been a rapid increase in the on-demand industry for the past few years. Therefore, If you as a startup have an idea of developing an app for a car wash, then you just need to cross-verify your app idea with any on-demand car wash app development company or hire an android or iPhone developer, who has expertise in developing mobile apps for various categories.

Still, have some query in mind? If it is so, feels free to get in touch with us. One of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

The consultation is absolutely free of cost!

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