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Those days are gone when people visit car centers for washing their cars and stand in a long queue for hours.  With advanced technologies and smart on-demand car wash app development, car washing becomes a convenient and hassle-free task for all.

Nowadays, car wash booking systems are gaining huge popularity that’s the reason most companies and entrepreneurs are trying their hands in the mobile car wash app development.    

Tremendous Growth of Car Wash Applications from 2018 to 2019

As per Statista, the revenue of car washing apps is continuously growing and it is predicted that in the year 2020 the revenue will reach $9186M. 

car wash

The huge demand and higher growth of the car wash business attracted many entrepreneurs to develop their own car wash applications. As per the growth in the last few years, it’s worth investing in a mobile car wash app development

So, what, you’re waiting for? Hire a Car Wash Mobile App Today and transform your business idea into a reality. 

How on-demand car wash app development is changing the future of the car wash industry?

On-demand car wash app development

The on-demand industry is getting bigger year on year; the on-demand business economy is changing the face of today’s businesses.

As per the survey in 2015, the on-demand around the globe has attracted more than 22.4 million customers and $ 57.6 billion in spending by them.

(a) Offer Automated Service Reminders

 It can save you valuable time from long queues and stressful manual follow-ups.

(b) Increases the Efficiency of Business

 On-demand car wash applications deliver the right service in a few taps on your Smartphone app and boosting the efficiency of the business.  

(c) Making it More Convenient for Users

The On-Demand Solution is making it easy for customers to take the service of car washing without standing in the long queues.

(d) Becoming Affordable For Consumers

With promotional codes and discounts on car washing services, it becomes cost-effective for customers to take the car washing services through car washing mobile apps.

What’s the Business Model of Car Washing Mobile App Development?

Car washing apps and websites are offering a platform for users to book their car washing service in an easy and hassle way. This kind of car washing application allows users to check the type of service they’re looking to take as per their requirements and the total time taken in that particular service.  

Users can schedule a car washing as per their convenience and at that time customers will visit the car washing center to avail of the services.  

How does it work?

  • Pick the service as per your requirement
  • Select the name and model of your car
  • Complete the required details like name, phone number, address, etc.
  • Choose the payment method of your choice.
  • A receipt will be generated as per your services and details submitted and sent to your email id and phone number.
  • Take the receipt along with the specific date and time and avail of the service.

Revenue Model of the Car Washing Apps

  1. Primary Revenue Source

The primary revenue model of the car washing app is the money that they get from the consumers after giving the service. The amount of car washing depends upon the type of car/ service the customer has taken from a car washing app or website.  

     2. Other Revenue Source

  • Ads & Promotions

Car washing apps can sell the banner or sidebar for ads to generate revenue from businesses looking to promote your car washing application.

  • Merchandise

Merchandise is a great way to generate revenue. They can sell relevant products to keep your car interior and exterior clean and up to date.

  •  Franchise

Every location needs a car washing place and it’s a great idea to sell your car washing app franchise to interested people who are looking to start car washing centers in their locations. In the same way, you can make a good profit with your car cleaning app development idea. 

What are the advanced features of the mobile car wash application? 

Customer Panel 

  • Signup/Registration

Users can sign up or register to avail of the car washing services using valid credentials/social media account. 

  • Car Location Selection

 The car wash’s mobile app allows users to get access to their nearby car washing centers and choose the car washing center of their choice as per their comfort zones.

  • Multiple Cars 

Users can select multiple cars for availing of car washing services.

  •  Select Multiple Services for a Car

No matter, what kind of service you’re looking for in your car?  With the help of a car wash application, you can use multiple services other than car wash. 

  •   Choose a Car Washing Package of Your Choice

As per the service required for your car, choose a car washing package of your choice that suits your budget.

  •   Check Technician Availability

You can check the availability of the technician before visiting the car wash center.

  •  Multiple Payment Methods 

 Pay using the payment method of your choice

  •  Confirmation from Email

After booking the car washing service, users will get a service confirmation mail on their email.

  • Rate Your Service

 Your customers can review or rate the services they received from the car wash application. It will help you in improving your services in the future.

  • Order Tracking

 You can track your order using the order tracking system.

  •   View History

 Customers can view their order history in this section.   

Technician Panel

  •  Technician Login
  •  Push Notifications
  •  Update Availability
  • Billing on User Request
  •  View Jobs History

Admin Panel

  •  Accept or decline new registrations
  •   Manage users, technicians, and credentials
  •   Manage User jobs, services, delivery, payments, rating, and offers. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Car Wash App Development?

Cost to car wash app development

Nowadays, car cleaning apps are gaining huge popularity and becoming very popular. That’s the reason most of the companies are looking for on-demand car wash app development services to grow their car wash app businesses.

As per the survey, there are almost 75% of car owners who accepts to take their cars to car washing centers. 

 This clearly gives the idea of the rising popularity of car washing apps around the globe.  Car owners are finding it more convenient to take their cars to car cleaning centers from professional car washing services.   

Before they make a decision of car wash app development, the first thing comes to mind is how much it will cost to develop a car washing app? 

 It’s really difficult to give the complete cost of the mobile car wash app development without knowing the client’s exact requirements.  The cost estimation of mobile car wash application development depends upon many factors. The first one is the features that you need in your car cleaning app development, the second is the size and complexity of the project, the third is the number of platforms used, and the fourth in the country that you have selected for your mobile car wash app development project.  The cost of mobile car wash app developers varies from location to location. 

Estimate Cost of Developers in Europe, USA, and India 

  1. Europe Based Developers Charge Between $40 to $140/Per Hour
  1. US Based Developers Charge Between $60 to $200 Per Hour

     3. India Based Developers Charge Between $30 to $100 Per Hour 

The cost of the On-Demand Car Wash App Development depends upon many factors and the cost will increase or decrease depends upon the features and functionalities of the car washing application. 

For a complete idea about the car washing app development, Get in touch with us!

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