Bumble App Clone Solution to Enter the Online Dating Industry


Bumble App Clone Solution to Enter the Online Dating Industry

December 07, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

Bumble App Clone

With people getting busier in their careers, they find solace in online dating. Online dating is a thing these days. Many people from different parts of the world feel comfortable on online dating apps. Dating apps like Bumble also took a lot of policies and added some new features that make people get more interested and comfortable in online dating. Bumble is the second most downloaded app in the world. In 2020, amidst the pandemic, this dating app gained 100 million users all over the world! Founded in 2014, this is one of the most popular online dating apps in today’s world.

Andrey Andreev and Whitney Wolfe Herd co-founded Bumble. This US-based online dating app recently gathered a lot of appreciation from netizens too. If we consider only the in-app purchase module, Bumble gathered around 19 million USD revenue till Jan 2021. In 2020, this app gathered around 337 million USD. With more than 1.2 million premium subscribers, this app has grown more than 40% within a year. This is a huge achievement for any dating app out there.

According to online market researchers, the online dating scenario is going to grow in the coming years. By 2024, the online dating market will bloom to 2505 million USD. If you are an app developer and looking to make an online dating app, this is the best time to launch your app. In this article, we will help you to understand the process of dating app development in detail.

What is the Bumble clone all about?

  • Bumble is a customized dating app, and it takes care of the convenience of the users in the first place. The app uses a high-end matchmaking algorithm.
  • This dating app allows a woman to move first for accepting or rejecting a match found by the app. This is the main USP of this dating app.
  • As you understand, a lot of people use the app simultaneously; it is quite tough for the app to cater to everyone’s requirements. But with a very strong admin panel, the job becomes quite easier.
  • This app also includes a lot of android and iOS apps to make the job easier. The integration of this multi-app thing becomes very easy when you have a strong developer team like Bumble.
  • Different technologies and software are used here. Programs like Kotlin, PostgreSQL, Swift, Java, etc., are used here by expert app developers.
  • People associated with different genders can choose from any of the three options given to them by the app makers; Bumble Bizz, Bumble Date, and Bumble BFF. Choose any of these, and you can start searching for your like-minded partner online.

What is an entrepreneur’s gain from this app?

  • Apart from dating online, this app has a lot to offer! If you are an entrepreneur, it is important for you to find like-minded people to expand your business. You need trustworthy people who can help you take your business further. Bumble gives you the perfect platform for that.
  • You get enough time to speak to a lot of people, and you get to know them closely. Hence, they might help you in the working field as well. You will end up bumping into people that also keep their business commitments before their personal space like you!
  • Not only from your region, but you can also find many people from different parts of the world. You can take your small business to different continents and touch the sky!
  • Bumble clones app is free of any Autobots. So, you are in safe hands. Everyone you meet on the app provides genuine information, and then only they get to enter the app. So, you are not dealing with any Autobots here.
  • If you want to get a spotlight on you, Bumble also allows you that. You can get paid subscriptions. They would call you a premium subscriber then. You will get some added benefits, which will help you to get reflected in front of many more like-minded people.

How does Bumble work?

If you are an app maker, you need to know the basic principle of a dating app. How does the Bumble app clone work? This question will benefit you while making an app like Bumble.

  • Bumble is available on all downloadable platforms like Playstore and iOS app store. The user needs to download the app and install it on their phone.
  • Now he needs to insert all the required information in the fields. Information like contact no, email id, name, DOB, etc., are needed to be put in the required fields. You can do the whole thing manually, or you can choose the automatic sign-up option provided there. The auto sign-up will take information from your social media and integrate those platforms with your Bumble ID.
  • Now multiple profiles will pop up on the screen as per the distance from the user’s place and age preference of the user. The user can either left swipe the page or right swipe it.
  • If swiped left, the profile will never be shown on your screen. If swiped right, that means the user likes the profile, and if both the users like each other’s profiles, a push message will be sent to both of them.
  • The user can start chatting with each other with the in-app chat feature. If they do not initiate within 24 hours, the chat option will be disabled.
  • Only the female user has the power to initiate the conversation. This is one of the most important security features of Bumble. The app gives women full freedom to choose their online dates. So, the male counterpart cannot text the female until she initiates a conversation.

Advantages of the premium features on the Bumble app:

  • The premium plan has a lot of added benefits on the Bumble app. You can see the full profile of everyone that swiped you left, extend the matches by another 24 hours, advanced filtering option, multiple swipes at a time, and most importantly, 5 super swipes every week. The Super swipe feature makes a user special for you. They will get a notification that you want to know them more, and they stand out in the crowd!
  • There’s a spotlight option available. This will make your profile visible to more people at the same time. You will get more attention easily.
  • You will get weekly, monthly, yearly, and daily Bumble boost options available. Upon paying for the app, you get to know about left swiped profiles, can rematch with previously ignored profiles, get to swipe an unlimited number of times, etc.
  • As we told you earlier, this Tinder app clone can give your career a much-needed push also.

Main features of dating apps like Bumble:

This segment will be beneficial for an app developer. Before creating your own dating app, you should know the functionality and advantages of dating apps like Bumble. Now you need to know the features of the app. You need to know what is there in the app and why people go gaga over this app! Read this segment minutely to know about the significant features of Bumble.

  • Login: Only one or two in every thousand people may go for manual login these days. People prefer auto sign-ups because they do not have enough time to waste. So, the dating app also offers you an option to log in through your social media profiles. This will take only a few minutes, and you are there in the app.
  • Profile registration: Putting your information one by one is very boring. When you log in through your social media profiles, Bumble will take all the necessary information about you from the social media profile itself. As an added benefit, your social media profile will be added to your Bumble profile which will help the right-swiped person to know you more once you start talking. You need to choose a profile picture here. Within a 300 character limit, you need to give your brief introduction. You have to include information like your hobby and interests. Other profiles get to see your age, location, description part, and if there are any mutual friends on social media profiles.
  • Swipe: The swipe feature is very important for a dating app. You need to include this in your app too. This will save time, and users who want to save time want this type of feature in an app. So, if you are a developer, you must include this feature in your app.
  • Location: The geolocation of the user is important for any dating app. The matches are not made in heaven here, and artificial intelligence will require a little information to match two profiles. Hence, the geolocation of the user is mandatory for a dating app.
  • Messaging and video calling: Women users can initiate a conversation once two profiles are matched. There should be an in-app messaging feature available for the user. The user might require a video call feature too to know more about each other.
  • Push notifications: It is important to add the push notification in the app too. The algorithm needs to deliver some information to the users at different points. Thus, having a push notification feature is very important.
  • Undo feature: Sometimes, people might left-swipe one user depending on different reasons. There should be an option to undo this thing. The profile can be a genuine one, and everyone needs to have a second chance.

Income features and options for the app maker:

You are developing an online dating app for different people out there. But, you need to keep an option open for you which will help you to gain some money out of the app.

  • Advertisements: Revenue earned from showing advertisements on an app is a very common and sure-shot way of earning money. You can allow Google ads and other third-party business owners to showcase their products and services on your app. You can charge them depending on the views, impressions, and clicks on the ad.
  • Subscription: Your dating app must reserve some high-end features like unlimited swipe, backtrack, etc., for premium subscribers. Make these features so lucrative that users want to get those features, and in return, they are ready to pay you money. But, do not keep unnecessary or unrealistic options available for the users. Keep something useful on the plate, and people will pay you a lot of money to experience those features.
  • In-app purchase: Online dating app is all about showcasing the best version of yours. People want to impress other users easily and effectively. Hence, you can keep in-app purchase options available for users. Offer them frames, filters, and special effects to look more beautiful and attractive on the app.
  • Sponsored ads: Different corporate houses will come up with different schemes, and if you like those, you can give them a space in your app. This will help you to earn more revenue, and your users might also like these features.

Root map for developing a dating app:

  • Understand the market: Understanding the market and requirements of the users is very important for any app maker out there. Know more about the latest trends going in the market, and this will help you in Tinder clone app development
  • What to offer: You can offer a lot when the power lies in your hands. You need to choose wisely and think more about the upcoming trends in the market. If you are active on social media sites, you know about the latest trends going in the online zone. You can assume things that are going to capture the market soon and have to plan your app accordingly.
  • Choose an app development company: Sometimes, you may have the plan chalked out, but you need a good team to help you. Now that you know everything about the app and what to put in it, you need to choose a company that might help you in developing the app. You need to keep the UI simple and user-friendly. Both the front end and back end of the app need to be designed properly. Besides all these, you need a team on which you can rely. Developing a lucrative app requires hiding a lot of information. The developing company should be trustworthy unless you might find some random guy uploading the same app with the same features before you! A lot of testing is required to keep the app free of technical glitches. You are handling information about users. So, data security and encryption are also an integral and important part of your dating app development.


If you are an app developer and want to showcase your talent to the world, start developing a dating app. The online dating app market has been flourishing recently, and if tried now, you can make a lot of money out of it. You can also make money out of the dating app clone by adding more features to it. Here we have given the detailed root map for a newbie. Suppose you want to explore the app-making market. Use the information given here and start making the app soon.

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