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Diwali- The Festival That will going to Boom Online Betting and Fantasy Sports Development in India

Diwali- The Festival That will be going to Boom Online Betting and Fantasy Sports Development in India

Diwali which generally people also called “Deepavali” is one of the national festivals which is celebrated by almost everyone in India. Diwali the festival of lights is the most popular festival among Hinduism which symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.” 

Indian banks are also preparing themselves by stocking up all the ATMs throughout India because Diwali is a religious festival and all the public will be in full mood to just spending the money. Generally, the money which people spend is on food, especially sweets, drinks, presents and in the decoration of their house and vehicles and some cash is saved aside for betting games. 

As it was all in the past, now it’s 2019 and everyone is having knowledge of the internet and because of which most of the people are going for online betting games and other Fantasy sports Development

Diwali Festival Sees Boom in Virtual Sports Betting Development

There is a great tradition of betting and gambling at the time of the Diwali festival in India and it is thinking of the people that the Goddess Laxmi, the deity of wealth, utterly approves the occasional punt. Because of this reason, it is thought that by gambling over the festival of Diwali, goddess Laxmi will bring prosperity throughout the year.

Sports Betting games and online bettings and any game related to gambling like Satta Matka, online sports betting, Teen Patti, Blackjack, Casino, Poker, Slot machine game, etc are usually illegal in India. But most states, especially Arunachal Pradesh which is situated in the Northern-East part of India, for these 5 days of Diwali the law related sports betting websites and gambling are reversed and gambling licenses are issued.

Along with the above gambling games, there are many fantasy sports websites in India which have fantasy games for the sports enthusiasts like fantasy kabaddi, fantasy cricket, fantasy hockey, fantasy rugby and many more which are not illegal in India and in the occasion of the festival like Diwali, families meet and enjoy these games.

As we are talking about the sports betting games and fantasy sports games, Let’s discuss some of them and how these games are impacting betting app developers and fantasy sports app developers in India this Diwali. 

Some Famous Online Betting and Fantasy Sports Games:

1) Satta Matka- The Most popular one on each Diwali:

Satta Matka- The Most popular one on each Diwali

Satta Matka is a type of lottery. The original form of game betting took place on the opening and closing rates of cotton provided by the New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay cotton exchange through teleprinters. But in 1961 New York Cotton Exchange ceased the practice.

Currently, Satta Matka is the most trending sports betting game. Most of the people who are attracted to this game are betting players in the market. As we have discussed Satta Matka is a game of chance and luck and contemplated as a lottery game. Because of the popularity of this betting game many online sports betting app developers and sports betting game development companies get attracted to this game and now this game is online and has its presence as Satta Matka online available for Android and iOS.

This online betting game has a proper schedule and has a particular time of opening and closing. During that time period, a number is announced that is to be a result and many times those numbers collaborate and become double-digit numbers known as Jodi. The Satta Matka is the online betting game which is played the most in India is the most popular gambling games at the time of Diwali. 

2) Teen Patti- Online gaming on this Diwali

Teen Patti which also has an alternative name Tri-Card originated in the Indian subcontinent and is popular throughout South Asia.

The game is started by one of the players who is dealing with the cards and he distributes 3 cards to every player. There is usually an amount which we can say boot amount which is put on the table and after that betting starts by the player next to the dealer.

Teen Patti is a very popular game in India and it is played by most of the people in the country as fun and entertainment. At the time of Diwali, all the friends and family members join together and play this game. 

Today there are many sports betting mobile app development companies who are developing sports betting games like Teen Patti where they don’t even have to bet in real money and they are provided with some virtual money in the game only.

3) Ludo:

Ludo is a game of two or four players in which every player has 4 tokens. Each player rolls a single dice and moves the token according to the number arrived on dice which may be from 1 to 6, and they have to reach from start to finish and the one who reaches first is the winner of the game. Ludo is a very old game and used to be known as “Pachisi” which was discovered in India in the 6th century.

Today the scenario has changed and now Ludo does not need any game board as it has become online and now you can play it on your mobile phones. Now you don’t even need anyone physically to play the game. You can find your partner online. 

Today there is a great competition between the App development companies regarding the ludo game development because of the demand for the game. This time is perfect if you want to develop a game like Ludo.  

4) Blackjack:

Blackjack is a game of unknown origin and was having a different name “Twenty-One”. It is one of the most famous games which is generally played in casinos. It is a game in which cards are compared between 2 or more players and the dealer. In this game, players do not compete with each other rather they compete against the dealer. The game is generally played with one or more decks of 52 cards.

As this is a gambling game so it is exclusively illegal in India but in the states like Andhra Pradesh, this game is played by the people at the time of the Diwali festival and the government generally grants a license for the same for that specified period.

Presently there are Sports Betting Mobile App development companies who are providing Online sports Betting software for the game which assists the players in managing their game well in terms of beating the dealer. Now there is no need to sit physically with every player now sports betting services have made the game very flexible and you can play it from anywhere on your mobile phones or on desktop.

5) Casino Games- Now available online for this Diwali:

Let’s explain the casino games in a simple language. Games that are available in most casinos and are played by the players there are commonly called Casino Games. Casino games are also actively played even outside the casinos for entertainment purposes like in kitty parties and college competition. 

Casino games are also available online but only in the countries where permitted by their law. Online casinos are in so much demand in the current scenario. Online casino is also called as Virtual or Internet Casinos and is an online version of old casinos. 

As online sports betting games has taken a huge popularity in the digital era of India. As a result of that sports betting websites development companies in India got active in this field and because of that the competition has also increased. People in India and especially at the time of Diwali when the family members meet together they now play the casino and other sports betting games on their mobile for entertainment purposes. 

6) Poker- The Most Demanding on Diwali Fest:

Poker was developed in the early 19th century in the United States and the game has grown and got popular on the globe. Poker game is a type of sports betting game and family of card games. 

It is the combination of gambling, strategies, different skills and techniques. In every poker, game betting belongs naturally as a part of the play and the winner of each hand is determined by the combination of player cards, some of which remain invisible until the end of the hand.

The sports betting game development industry is now heading towards poker games. The reason being now the game entrepreneurs wants to try something new in the industry of games and their main focus is now on Poker and other related online sports betting games

So now everyone is planning to develop a game like a poker because it is getting famous in India and the demand for it will going to raise in this Diwali festival as people like to play this type of sports betting online game. So if you are an entrepreneur and planning to invest somewhere then you can reach a good mobile app development company and can discuss the same.

7) Slot Machines:

Before discussing the slot game let’s have some talk about the slot machine and the traditional form of the same. 

The slot machine has various names like fruit machines in British English, puggy in Scottish English, the slots in Candian and poker machines or pokies in Australian and New Zealand English which is a casino gambling machine which is a game of chance and luck for its customers. This gambling machine was developed in the year 1891 by two persons from New York with the name Sittman and Pitt. The player has to insert a nickel or a coin in the machine and the display of it shows three or more reels that rotate when the player pulls the lever. The player will win according to the combination which he/she gets when the rotation stops.

Now everything has changed and the Slot machine is available in the online form and even in varieties of online slot machines. The online slot machine is a type of sports betting game which can be confusing, particularly when you are new to it. There are so many different online slot machines but the basics regarding it is the same. 

An online slot machine is now hit on sports betting online games and betting app developers in India daily think something unique about the game so that they can develop a slot machine that can give a unique form in the market full of competitors.

8) Fantasy Cricket- Growing Fantasy Sport on this Diwali:

Fantasy Cricket- Growing Fantasy Sports on this Diwali

Fantasy Cricket is a growing fantasy sport on this Diwali

Fantasy cricket games app like Dream11 is fun and a good legal form of making some extra money. The fantasy sports app development companies make sure that the app has the proper feature of calendar linked with international cricket calendar making sure that almost every day there is a game somewhere on the globe giving people lots of chance to participate and earn prizes in the form of money or in another form.

As people are crazy about cricket in India and the fantasy cricket game is also legal in the country and on the coming Diwali the game will going to touch a new height reason being everyone in India will be free in that time period and they will going to have fun through the game. 

So this is the right time where you can invest in fantasy cricket app development. To meet the best fantasy sports development company and discuss the same.

9) Video Games Like PUBG:

A lot has happened in the gaming world this year. The full form of the game is “Player Unknown’s Battleground”. The game concept and design were developed by Brendan Greene and the game was released on December 20, 2017. It is an online multiplayer fight royale game that got famous in the whole world in a night. 

In India, PUBG is played by most of the youth and it is available both on iOS and Android software and you can also play the same on desktop or laptop. After the release of the game the fantasy sports app development companies in India get active and started the research regarding it. And now there are many game development companies in India that are developing the game like PUBG with good user experience. 

So if you want to start your dream business in the game field then fantasy sports software development companies can help you with it.

10) Fantasy Kabaddi:

The exact origin of Kabaddi is arguable because according to the history of kabaddi it originated either Vedic period of ancient India or ancient region of Iran. But most of the people believe that it originated in Tamil Nadu, the subcontinent of India.

Kabaddi is a game of teamwork and it is played between two teams having seven players on each team. The purpose or objective of the game is for only one player on offense and he has to run into the area of the opposition team’s half-court has to tag as many players as he can and has to run back in his area in a single breath.

Earlier Kabaddi was not so famous and was limited to the southern part of India and was used to be played in the small places but after the coming of the Pro Kabaddi league the game is in the eyes of everyone in India and even outside India. And because of its popularity, many entrepreneurs started their business by launching white label fantasy kabaddi games. 

Because of this the fans of the game can make their own team and can win prizes in the form of money or otherwise. Many software development companies have started providing fantasy sports software solutions related to the app like Dream11.    

End Words

The games which were used to be particularly popular at the time of Diwali are Satta Matka, Teen Patti, and Poker. But after the coming of the Online Sports Betting and fantasy sports apps like Dream11, all the above games are played throughout the year. 

Now the time has changed and all the games are available online and as the festival of lights is coming and everyone has already started saving so that they can enjoy their holidays on sports betting online games. 

This is the best time when you can also start your own sports betting game and fantasy sports website like dream11 and can earn a lot with the same. So stop thinking and hire a good fantasy sports development company that can create a unique game for you.


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