Are You Worried And Upset By Your Fantasy Sports App Development Company? Here’s What To Do


Are You Worried And Upset By Your Fantasy Sports App Development Company? Here’s What To Do

April 23, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

Are You Worried And Upset By Your Fantasy Sports App Development Company? Here’s What To Do

These days, you’ll find a lot of fantasy sports players around the globe that means fantasy sports is a growing field where the business owners would get a great profit once their fantasy sports app becomes the talk of the town. Also, there are many corporations from all over the world including a few international as well as regional who are becoming interested in Fantasy sports app development


But, success doesn’t come in a day you need to have patience for it. Similarly, if your fantasy sports app development company isn’t going well and you are tensed for it then, let’s discuss, what are the proper ways to make a comeback in the fantasy app field?

Fantasy Sports App: Know from the Basics

The very basic question that comes to everyone’s mind is that what is a Fantasy sports app? What are its features or how much you need to spend on it? If you are new to this field and are unknown with all the answers to those questions then you are at the right place. In this article, you’ll get all the answers to the questions and about the strategies that you’ve to use for developing a successful fantasy sports application. 

As you plan to develop any fantasy sports app you need to keep in mind that the app must be created in such a way that the users could have a great experience while playing the games using the internet. You can earn millions by developing such fantasy apps but you need to know the right way and strategy. To gain a great profit in this field, you need to know few methods that you can use for great revenue:

  • You must include few in-app purchases within your fantasy sports app like game boosts, bonuses, and more
  • You can get paid for showing some advertisements on your fantasy sports app.
  • By selling various physical products and merchandise related to sports you can earn money.
  • You can earn in other means like by charging the users for participating in various contests and events.


These revenue ideas will work amazingly to gain profits only if you have an interesting app that would attract more users and will interest them in participating in new contests, competitions, and events. Many business owners are getting interested in developing fantasy sports apps so, the competition is getting way more interesting.

The demand for Fantasy Sports App 

You are already aware of the fantasy sports app “Dream11” which is one of the most popular fantasy sports mobile apps these days. So, if you are planning to run a successful fantasy sports app then, you should consider creating a fantasy sports app like Dream11. In recent years, there were more than 5.3 million active users in India that love the concept of fantasy sports and it is estimated to reach up to 9 billion in 2024 as per various researchers.  

Now, let’s talk about the factors that you must keep in mind before you invest in any potential fantasy sports app:


  • Now, looking at the difference between the female users and male users you can see there’s a huge variation as only 19% of females are fantasy sports users while 81% of males are active fantasy sports users. 
  • You need to set a target for those users and need to know which age group is the active players and that is between 18-34 years. 
  • You must set the goal towards popular sports such as football, basketball, cricket, and hockey. And, the maximum sports app marketing share is accounted for by the football segment. But, as we can see through Dream 11 that the fantasy cricket is growing rapidly. 
  • Interestingly, fantasy sports is available on two different platforms which are websites and mobile applications but mobile applications lead hugely in this field. 
  • There will a solid competition in the fantasy app development market between cricket and football. If you are wondering to launch a good fantasy app then you should go for cricket first and afterward you can bring football and other sports when it gains successful results. 


If you are looking to create a unique fantasy app then you need to start analyzing various top companies and their app features right away. You need to go through every feature they are offering, the features they include, their app design, and more without missing out on any single thing so, that you can develop a better version that will be in high demand on the market. 


Also, you must not copy what others are doing and try to bring a creative idea to the market that will interest most of the users. Also, try to make your app better with various technologies. You can try bringing both sports and technology together to create a unique fantasy sports app. 


Challenges Which Are Faced by Fantasy Sports App Developers

Every fantasy sports app developers need to face various challenges after developing the app as the competition in marketing is getting tough day by day. For your rescue, you can include FB promotions, email marketing, paid marketing, and more if nothing works.


 Let’s discuss the challenges that maximum fantasy App companies need to face:


Gaming Concept

It is crucial to have deep knowledge regarding how the game works in the app before learning further about the technical features. Although app developers are strong in their field at fantasy app, they’ll have to face quite challenges. If it is your first time developing a fantasy app as a developer then it’ll take a lot of mental aptitudes, testing arena, and a lot more. 


Therefore, the first few stages would feel like a battlefield and you must be ready to face the ups and downs, and both positive and negative reviews for your app. Hence, as a developer, you need to have a deep understanding of the game that you developed. Also, it’ll take a lot of hard work, money, and time while developing the app, testing it, and bringing it to the market. 


Data Integration:

  • It is not unknown that fantasy sports apps are becoming popular day by day with a large number of user bases. So, while working on developing a fantasy app you need to keep in mind that the app could handle more than thousands of active users at a time. So, you’ll require to deal with a large amount of data integration. 


  • Indeed it will take a lot of time during the developing phase. You need to put a lot of afford and data as data integration includes various players, teams, their physical attributes, their score, their history, and more. 


  • Vital features for fantasy apps: As a fantasy app developer you need to know that few crucial features play a primary role in developing a fantasy app. 


  • Player modules: This is one of the vital factors that you must not miss out on while creating a unique fantasy app like signing up process must be kept easy and simple, must include real-time notifications, creating & joining contests, utilize earning opportunities, and more. 


  • Admin modules: Here, it has various factors that as a developer you should not ignore such as user management, signing up or logging in as an admin, referral and bonus, various transactions and reporting, and more. 


  • Advanced modules: Some developers do not include advanced modules such as customer engagement, nurturing loyalty, Records of the players, and more in the sports app they are developing which is a crucial thing. 


If you include the above-mentioned features while developing your fantasy app then, you’ll be able to attract more users that will help to grow your company rapidly by increasing user traffic. 


Necessary features that you must include in your Fantasy Sports Apps


As cricket is becoming quite famous these days so, people are getting more engaged with this sport and fantasy cricket app development companies are gaining huge profits with their apps. So, let’s discuss what necessary features must include in your app:

  • Proper User Registration:

    User registration features are one of the most common and crucial things that are available in most android and iOS app development. You must know that only essential information must be asked on the registration page. For any fantasy sports app, the users must be asked for crucial details such as a phone number, a unique username, or email ID.

  • Attractive Landing Page or Home screen:

    After the completion of logging in and registering the user will land on a page. So, creating an attractive or well-featured landing page that includes dates, types of tournaments, matches, sport, or more is vital. 

  • The Profile:

    The users will find all their achievements, their past matches, records, rankings, reward points, and more in this section. Include an option to invite new friends and log out in this section. 

  • Good Contest:

    As a sports app developer, you need to include interesting contests in your app that will encourage the players to play more. This page will include multiple details of the user and the users must be able to filter all these according to their wish. You must include the winning amount, type of contest, the winning range, and more in this section. 

  • Well-featured Profile Settings:

    Profile settings are one of the vital features that you need to include in your app. The users will be able to customize their profile in this section by checking their reward points, bank details, bonuses, and more. 

  • Earning by invitation:

    As you must be familiar with this section as it will provide a link to the app that the users will send to their family and friends in return they will be rewarded with bonus points and credits. 

  • Wallet:

    Now, it is necessary to include a wallet that will help the users to know the total amount of points they gained as a virtual currency in their account. 

  • Better technological engagement:

    If you try bringing sports and technologies together for your fantasy sports app then, you’ll be able to create a remarkable app.

  • Include Artificial Intelligence

You must know that the potential of elevating to a better version is possible due to artificial intelligence. These days, the application of artificial intelligence is becoming common and beneficial. If you want to know the user’s expectations and behavior then, AI would be a great help that offers deep CRM analytics. 

  • Include AR/VR offering a real-life environment 

If you want to give your user a life-like environment then you need to include augmented reality and virtual reality in your fantasy app. Various sports companies will help to prove 3D projections and smart glasses to entertain users. It is possible to create computer-generated players and opportunities with augmented reality. It is also possible to create 3D demo videos for any sport. So, AR and VR are vital and beneficial features that’ll offer great entertainment in this industry. 

  • Secure Payment 

As an app developer, you need to make sure that the payment methods are safe and secure in your app whether it’s for the subscription or selling merchandise. If the blockchain is included for a secure payment then it’ll ensure to keep the information of the users safe and will increase the processing speed. 

  • Social media integration 

These days, social media has become a crucial platform for any business including app development or improving marketing, customer relations, and more. As, users from across the world are present on various social media platforms and you’ll be able to connect with them that would help to increase the user traffic, and is a much cost-effective way to promote your app. 


Wrapping Up 

We hope you’ll find this article helpful and informative regarding running a successful fantasy sports app developing business. A fantasy sports developer or fantasy sports app development company in India can help you make your business successful if they develop a unique, well-featured app that would attract the interest of sports lovers. Moreover, as a fantasy app developer, you need to add various necessary features in your app as mentioned above in the article. Being the trend in the market, the mobile app and iOS app development for fantasy sports are on the rise. You can utilize the opportunity to develop the best possible sports app in the market. 

If you’re in a search of reliable and reputed fantasy sports app development company that can develop your dream app, then Synarion IT Solutions is the right choice.

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