AI In HealthCare – How Artificial Intelligence Help In Health Care Industry


AI In HealthCare – How Artificial Intelligence Help In Health Care Industry

August 04, 2020 | By SYNARION IT

AI In HealthCare – How Artificial Intellegence Help in Health Care Industry

In recent times, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a popular trend to bring about transformation in every industry. Starting from the chatbots to autonomous vehicles, AI has revolutionized every field and is growing at a rapid pace. It is no surprise that AI is also creating immense opportunities for the healthcare industry. Various hospitals and clinics are increasingly adopting AI to manage healthcare operations efficiently and enhance patient experiences. 

Among all the uses of Artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector, an AI-based doctor appointment is the most prominent one. For the hospitals having to deal with huge volumes of transactions on a daily basis, scheduling appointments for the patients becomes stressful. However, with the AI-based doctor appointments, the process gets automated and makes the task easier for the hospital administrators.

Top 5 Benefits of Using AI in the Healthcare Industry

1. Adapt Doctor’s Schedule to the Needs of Patient 

Scheduling the doctor’s appointment for the patient often seems to be laborious for the care teams. Sometimes it is also not able to match the true needs of the patients. However, with the use of AI in healthcare, it is possible to overcome this problem.

On the basis of the data relating to the type as well as the number of medical appointments, AI can help in optimizing the time slots of the doctors. It suggests the administrators of the hospital about how the schedule of the doctors should be in order to meet the patient’s needs. The more the data the system is able to collect, the better will be the suggestion of AI to adapt to the doctor’s schedule to the patient needs. 

2. Saves Time

Traditionally, the patients had to visit or call the hospital and speak to the individual at the reception desk. The person then checks the availability of the doctors, time slots, convenience of the patients, and finally schedules an appointment. This process consumes a lot of time for the hospital staff as well as the patients. 

By the time the appointment has been fixed, the needs of the patient may have changed. In order to avoid such a problem, an AI-based doctor appointment service is the ideal solution. It equally saves the time of the hospital staff and patients and enables efficient management of the appointments.

3. Effective Determination of Appropriate Appointment Length

While most hospitals have a set appointment length, it rarely meets the actual needs of the patients. In order to ensure the appropriate appointment length for every patient, it is important to use the AI-based doctor appointment service. With the use of data like patient history, patient records, and habits of the doctor, AI helps in setting the right appointment length. 

With the help of predictive analytics, AI gains a deeper understanding of the patients and determines the actual appointment length required by the patients. The accurate estimations enable the hospitals to serve the patients better. With the right appointment times, the hospital can have a predictable schedule and reduced waiting times. Moreover, AI-based appointments help in enhancing the satisfaction of patients, thereby increasing the number of patients for the hospital.

4. Appropriate Prediction of No-Shows and Cancellations

Managing the no-shows and rescheduling the doctor’s appointments due to canceling is one of the stressful tasks for the hospital staff. Due to the unexpected cancellations and no-shows, hospitals may have to suffer lost revenues and reduced access to new patients. However, by leveraging the capabilities of AI, planning for the unexpected becomes easy for the hospitals. The artificial intelligence-based doctor appointments can help in predicting the cancellations and no-shows easily. 

AI makes use of information like patient demographics, past patient data, location, chief complaints, and environmental factors. Using all these factors, AI makes predictions about the patients, who will cancel, who will arrive late, and the patients with no-show tendency. 

The predictive analytics not only makes the hospital staff alert but also enhances patient throughput. Moreover, by flagging the no-show patients, the hospitals can deliver quality care to the patients who are actually in need. AI-based doctor appointments help in optimizing the schedule for better efficiency and enhanced outcomes for the hospitals. 

5. More Focus on Patient Care

Traditionally, the hospital administrators, as well as the healthcare managers, were more occupied with scheduling, canceling, extending, or rescheduling the doctor appointments. This restricted them from focusing more on the healthcare needs of the patients. However, with AI technology in healthcare, it is possible to overcome this issue. As AI automates all the workflows of the hospital like scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling, it provides the hospital staff to focus more on patient care. While AI handles the doctor’s appointment and scheduling tasks, it can treat the patients better and improve the quality of care.

AI is the optimum solution to take into consideration the real needs of the hospital as well as the patients. While analyzing the patient’s needs and doctor availability, and accordingly scheduling doctor appointments can be difficult on the part of humans, AI makes it simple and easy. 

Implementing the AI-based approach in hospitals allows the AI-based scheduling agent to handle the scenarios like planning, scheduling, allocating, and rescheduling. Making use of Along with facilitating efficient patient access to the doctors, AI also helps in saving the precious time of the healthcare professionals. AI-based doctor appointment service can enable hospitals to make a big difference in terms of patient care and patient satisfaction.


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