A Complete Guide on How to Launch a Successful Game Like Ludo- Cost & Features


A Complete Guide on How to Launch a Successful Game Like Ludo- Cost & Features

September 07, 2022 | By SYNARION IT

Have you ever wondered what the process of launching a board game might look like? Do you think its as simple as designing and printing the board, putting all the pieces together, and then selling it to whoever is interested? Well, think again.

Launching a game requires much more than that, especially if you want to sell your product to the masses. It’s not as simple as creating your version of Ludo or any other popular game (although that would be cool).

This manual will coach you through each step required to launch a board game effectively. This book covers everything you need to know before starting, from picking the best time and location to understand your audience and get them enthusiastic about your new product to building an effective marketing plan and looking into potential development.

Steps You Need To Follow For Launching Successful Ludo Game

Ludo Game Development

 Step 1: Research

Before developing your board game, you must research the industry and understand your competition. By doing so, you will be able to create a product that has the potential to exceed expectations and reach a wider audience.

Here are what you should be looking into: – Current trends – What are people currently interested in? What kind of games is trending right now? What’s in and what’s out? You must be aware, especially if you’re developing a product that will compete. – Rival businesses – They, who?

What are their advantages and disadvantages? What lessons can you draw from them? Are there any competitors who have created a product similar to what you want your game to be? If so, you must comprehend how their product is different from yours. You must be aware of your rivals’ prices for their goods. If you’re creating a competitive product, this information will help you decide where to set the price point for your game.

 Step 2: Define Your Audience and Goals

 Before creating the board game, you need to take a step back and define your audience and goals (i.e., what do you want to achieve with this product?). This step is crucial if you want to launch a successful game, as it will help you identify the best approach for creating and marketing your product.

Before creating a product worth the audience’s time and money, you need to know this information. Otherwise, you run the danger of failing instantly. What objectives do you have for this offering? Is that a monetary goal? Or perhaps you want to build brand recognition and grow your business. Your goal will influence your choice of the product’s features and design.

 Step 3: Decide on the Board Game’s Core Elements

 Now that you know who your audience is and what your goals are, it’s time to decide on the core elements of your board game. For example, if you’re creating a game with cards, you can use them for various things, such as creating a narrative story or adding a twist to the gameplay.

They can even be for advertising. Choosing the core elements wisely can make your board game more appealing to your target audience. It will also help you create a product worth the money and time of both you and your players.

 Step 4: Pick a Reliable Development Partner

 Many alternatives are available to you once you’re ready to produce your game. But which one ought you pick? That is dependent on your product and its features, though. When choosing the right development, here’s what you need to consider:

Cost – How much will your product cost? What is the development pricing structure like? Be sure to research the companies and their prices before settling on one.

Product features – Does your development partner have the expertise required to create the board game you have in mind? What materials do they use? How experienced are they in creating the type of game you want to launch?

Reputation – How long has the business been operating? Has their reputation been good? Can you find any reviews or comments from existing or previous clients online? So then, whatever will they have to offer about the maker? If you can’t find any information about the company, that might be a red flag, and you should be careful.

 Step 5: Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy

 Let’s assume that you’ve created an amazing board game. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished a lot and should be proud of your product. How to sell products? That’s where your marketing strategy comes in.

By developing an effective marketing strategy, you will be able to create brand awareness and get people interested in your product. You can do this by hosting events, attending conferences, and partnering with other like-minded brands.

Here’s what you should be looking into: –

  • The target audience – Who do you want to reach with your marketing strategy? What events do they attend? Where do they like to hang out online?
  • Find social media and engage with people. By doing so, you will be able to create brand awareness and get people interested in your product.
  • What kind of marketing budget are you willing to accept? What choices do you have? What budget should you adhere to?
  • What benefits will you receive from each marketing tactic? How much ROI can you anticipate from each marketing strategy?

 Ludo game development

If you’re creating a game similar to Ludo or any other Indian game, you must work with an Indian ludo game development company. These game development companies have experience in creating Indian games and will be able to help you create a product that’s appealing to your audience and culture.

When choosing an Indian game development company, make sure it’s reputable and has experience creating board and card games. These companies will be able to create a product that’s true to your culture and relevant to your audience.

 Ludo king game development

If you want to create a game similar to the Indian game Ludo but with a twist, you will need to work with a game development company with experience in creating card games. You may produce a product that is distinctive, interesting, and faithful to your brand by picking the right game development company.

 Ludo game development company

When choosing a game development company, ensure it’s experienced in creating a board and card games. This will ensure that the company can create a product that’s true to your brand and culture.

 Board game development

If you’re creating a game that’s completely new and doesn’t have a similar product in the market, you will need to work with a board game development company. These companies will help you create a product from scratch, offering creative solutions and suggestions throughout the process. When choosing a board game development company, make sure it’s reputable and has experience creating board games.

Features Of The App Game Ludo

Features Of Ludo Game

 The characteristics of Ludo make it distinctive and well-known worldwide. With just a 51 MB app, you may play the classic game with your buddies on your smartphone. It is a straightforward but adaptable game.

  • Online/Computer Mode:

This game can be played on a computer. This functionality allows users to play a live tournament while honing their gaming skills. The price of a Ludo game varies according to the mode of development.

  • With pals, play:

The user has the power to set up a room and play with friends. You must make a private area and communicate the code to your friends. Five friends are the maximum allowed, and two friends are the minimum. The coins that you receive can modify throughout the game.

  • Play Multiplayer Mode Globally:

 Since this game is available everywhere, you can play it with friends from various nations. The number of sites accessible affects the development costs of games like Ludo.

Successfully Completed Project: Ludo Classic Fun Board Game 👈

Ludo Game App Revenue Business Model Management

The first consideration when investing in a game’s development is how much money it will bring in. Users can choose from various paths to get the best one that meets their needs. We offer the options listed below.

  • Incentives for Referrals:

Users that recommend the game to other players increase application traffic and user numbers. You give users a set payment in exchange for their referrals. This concept offers advantages to both users and businesses. By integrating such models, the cost of developing Ludo apps rises.

  • The Model with Fixed Percentage:

The game’s creator can choose how many users have access to the game. They can offer an accessible platform up to a particular stage, just like in the beginning. They can then charge a small fee to pass a particular stage.

  •  Memory Control:

 Because of the intelligence of our software, it avoids making pointless server queries to reduce server pricing. All Android smartphones can play the game because it is stable across all applications.

 Time to build a Ludo-Style Game

 It takes 10 weeks for highly motivated creators to create a simple game like Ludo. Depending on the features, specifications, and platform compatibility, the Ludo King game creation process’s duration might expand by up to fifteen weeks.

The amount of time required can vary depending on the game’s specifications, and the more time developers invest, the better the game will turn out. The price of developing a Ludo game in India varies from business to business and service to service.

  • Cost Evaluation

 Some businesses offer app development services to aid you by taking care of your business problems and target knowledge. Top-notch gaming software that supports Android, iOS, PC, and other platforms have been created by our professional developers, who have years of experience in the field. The following are the variables influencing the growth of games like Ludo games.

  • Game Development

The Ludo King gaming application has a lovely look and is simple. The gamers can perceive the essentials correctly thanks to the face four menus. The primary screen features choices for sharing and rating the game along with standards of games like Ludo.

  • The Platform for apps:

The development costs are greatly influenced by the stage you choose. The main option is Android. For instance, Apple’s frameworks cost 10% to 15% more than competitors. At this stage, choosing a Native platform would probably result in financial difficulties.

  • Apk size

The size and functionality you want to incorporate into an app like Ludo will affect the game’s features. The small size helps to cost cost-effective and handy.

  • Testing of gaming apps

The game’s testing procedures have an impact on the overall cost as well. By reducing defects, the game’s processing is streamlined; players favour a superior testing strategy.

The Costing of Creating a Ludo Game App?

 Based on the aforementioned technological considerations, developing an app similar to Ludo King will cost INR 7 00,000. If you need a Ludo game app developed, ask companies for a free estimate and an actual price.

The price of creating a game similar to Ludo will vary depending on the firm you select and other aspects.

Due to their wide accessibility and appealing user interface, games like Ludo dominate the gaming industry. With a well-designed Ludo game, you can gain much more than your return on investment.

The cost of developing a Ludo game varies on various elements, including the platform used and testing procedures. But don’t worry, some companies provide you with the same Ludo game app on a smartphone or tablet device according to generation, so you can play conveniently anywhere in the globe with anyone and have a great time doing it.


Launching a board game is no small feat, especially if you want to reach a large and diverse audience. That’s why taking time and ensuring you’re taking all the necessary steps while creating your product is important. If you follow this guide and are willing to put in the time and effort, you can create a product that’s true to your brand and culture. And maybe most significantly, you’ll introduce a hit board game.

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